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VaHi Safety Team Report

July 3, 2019

Table of Contents

Meet & Greet with New Zone 6 Commander, Major Rick Vasquez

Major Vasquez & Captain Clay with community leadersOn Saturday June 29th Major Rick Vasquez invited safety leaders from across the zone to attend a meet and greet at the precinct on Hosea L Williams Drive. Close to thirty representatives from neighborhoods throughout the zone attended including John Wolfinger and Kay Stephenson from Virginia-Highland beat 601. 

We discussed current crime trends in the zone, how the Major is deploying officers including the two new beats (613 which includes Morningside and parts of Piedmont Heights and Lindridge Martin Manor, and 614 which covers parts of Midtown East including the Garden District). We also raised issues specific to the neighborhoods and shared ideas about how residents can help the police. Major Vasquez specifically mentioned CourtWatch and asked that we become involved to help our community prosecutors obtain appropriate sentencing for repeat offenders. 

It is the major's intent to hold these meetings once per quarter. 

Residential Burglary Briarcliff Terrace

The following report was shared with Virginia-Highland Security Patrol members in the monthly newsletter. You can join the patrol by clicking the link below. 

On June 21, police were dispatched to a residential burglary call at an apartment on the 800-block of Briarcliff Terrace NE.  A female victim advised that she left town around 3:30 pm on June 18 and returned on June 21 around 3:00 pm.  When she entered her apartment, she noticed things out of place. Her blinds were on top of the couch instead of tucked into the window ledge, and one of her pillows was on the floor.  The victim advised that no one else had keys or permission to access her home.  When she checked her window, the victim discovered that it had been pushed in, off the track.  On further investigation, the victim discovered that two HP Pavilion laptops were stolen – one grey in color and one silver.  She also discovered a spare car key missing, along with six pairs of shoes, a MGM purse (cream color), Louis Vuitton duffel bag (white), a black 50 lb safe that was in her closet, a black machete that she hid under her sofa cushion, and a Sony Soundbar.  Police were unable to retrieve fingerprints from the window.

If you have any information that would be helpful in solving this crime, please contact the APD investigations unit at (404) 373-5331.

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Share Video and Other Info with APD

From the MLPA Security Patrol Report

If you have new information about a particular crime incident (for example camera videos, serial numbers of stolen property, photographs of stolen items), you can email these to the police at; be sure to include the address the incident, the date of the crime, and the incident number if you have it.  Such information may be helpful to the police for solving a crime.

Crime Statistics

  Beat 601 Zone 6
Aggravated Assault 2 0
Auto Theft 2 5
Burglary Non-Residential 1 0
Burglary Residential 0 1
Homicide 0 0
Rape 0 0
Larceny From Vehicle 41 18
Larceny Non-Vehicle 17 7
Robbery Commercial 1 0
Robbery Pedestrian 0 0
Robbery Residential 0 0

Vehicles were entered on Amsterdam, Briarcliff Terrace, Drewry, Frederica, Greenwood, Los Angles, North Highland (3), and Ponce de Leon Ave. (9). Note that seven of the nine thefts on Ponce occurred at #758 (The Local). 
Comparison with Nearby Neighborhoods
  601   602   613   614  
Aggravated Assault 0 2 1 0
Auto Theft 5 2 3 0
Burglary Non-Residential 0 1 2 0
Burglary Residential 1 0 2 0
Homicide 0 0 0 0
Rape 0 0 0 0
Larceny From Vehicle 18 41 9 11
Larceny Non-Vehicle 7 17 3 13
Robbery Commercial 0 1 1 1
Robbery Pedestrian 0 0 0 0
Robbery Residential 0 0 0 0

Beat 602 = Poncey-Highland and Inman Park

Beat 613 = Morningside and parts of Piedmont Heights and Lindridge Martin Manor

Beat 614 = Part of Midtown East including the Garden District

Beat 601 = all of Virginia-Highland
If you are a resident and not connected with your street captain, please send a message to to be introduced.

If you are not a resident but would like to be added to the distribution for these reports, please send a message to me at with your name, email address, and affiliation. Thanks.
Stay Safe!
Kay Stephenson
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