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VaHi Safety Team Report

September 4, 2019

Table of Contents

Burglary Suspect Arrested

This is a long article, but the details give you a good idea of how residents assisted police in connecting the dots to arrest this repeat offender.

A subject by the name of Terry Noble was arrested and charged with the crimes listed below.  He is being investigated for similar crimes that have occurred in this and nearby neighborhoods. Noble has a long history including two prison sentences for crimes in Fulton and Haralson Counties. He was on probation at the time of his arrest and current charges include robbery, burglary, criminal trespass, battery, home invasion, kidnapping and false imprisonment. He is currently charged with eight felonies and so far has not been given bail. We have requested that this case be monitored by CourtWatch and will ask for representatives of the neighborhood to attend upcoming hearings as more information becomes available. 

Burglary / Assault – 500 Block Orme Circle
On August 1st at approximately 11:38 am, police responded to a burglary call in the 500 block of Amsterdam Ave NE.  The suspect description matched a suspicious person call from a nearby property on the same block. The first caller who reported the suspicious person observed the suspect tossing a silver or grey bicycle over a 6-foot high fence and exiting through a side gate then departing with the bicycle.
Upon arrival at the site of the burglary, police met with the victim who reported that she was dropped off at the home around 11:00 am.  The victim was visiting from out of town.  Upon arrival, she noticed that the house was tossed about, but did not think anything of it because her sister in law had advised her prior to arrival that the house would be “a little messy” and not to “judge her.”  The victim and her 11 year old daughter were inside the house long enough for them both to use the bathroom.  As the victim walked to the rear of the house to use the washer and dryer, she noticed that the laundry room window was broken out and a large stone was on the floor, at which point she suspected foul play and called her sister-in-law. 

As she walked back toward the front room of the house to find her daughter, the victim came face to face with the suspect near the bedroom / hallway area.  Victim advised that the male must have been hiding when he heard the noise of their arrival and tried to make an exit when he felt the way was clear.  The victim stated that the male assaulted her with his hands, pushing her to the floor as he moved past her.  The victim asked the suspect not to hurt them, and he replied “I’m not going to hurt you, just got in the middle of a bad situation.”  The victim and her daughter then ran from the home through the front door and stopped the nearest passerby to call 911. 

Police conducted a search of the home to clear it and confirmed no suspects were inside.  Grady EMS responded to the scene to treat the victim for a cut finger and bumped head from being pushed to the floor.  Crime scene technicians recovered fingerprints from a spoon where the suspect had been eating a bowl of cereal and from a can of Coke.  The home owner arrived and was able to walk through the scene and identify what was missing or damaged – stating that around $400 cash was stolen from the living room TV stand drawer but no other items were obviously missing.

Burglary – 700 Block Elkmont Dr (related incident)
On August 1, police responded to a residential burglary in the 700-block of Elkmont Dr.  The victim stated that she was upstairs doing laundry with music on so she could not hear what was going on downstairs, until she heard her refrigerator beeping because the door was open.  As she walked near the back door, she noticed items from her purse on the ground.  She walked outside and saw four of her credit cards laying in the driveway on the ground, along with a can of beer from her refrigerator thrown in the bushes.  The victim went to her neighbor’s house to see if he had footage and after she saw it, she called police.  Victim advised that there was no damage to her property, and she believed that the unknown male suspect entered through the back door which must have been left unlocked.  The victim’s black wallet, and key fob to her car were also missing and were subsequently retrieved inside her neighbor’s house, which had also been burglarized.  A white gold ring and a silver ring from inside her purse were also missing.  Police lifted fingerprints from the back doors and lower left side window panel and off the refrigerator.

Burglary/Robbery  – 700 Block Elkmont Dr (related incident)
On August 1 at approximately 1:45 pm, police responded to a home invasion call from the 700 block of Elkmont Dr.  The victim advised that around 11:15 am he walked into his living room and surprised an unknown black male grabbing his wallet and cellphone.  The victim described the suspect as mid-30s age, bald headed, approximately 6’ 0” tall wearing a gray shirt and black shorts.  The victim stated that the suspect was holding a kitchen knife in his hand.  The suspect walked toward the victim brandishing the knife and instructed the victim to grab his vehicle keys and take him back to the “hood.”  The victim stated that he was intimidated by the suspect’s demands and did everything exactly as he was asked.

The victim drove the suspect somewhere near the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta.  The victim was not able to be specific about the multiple locations since he is not familiar with this area.  The victim observed that the suspect appeared to be under the influence of some kind of drugs and was sweating profusely while also appearing fatigued. 

While en route to downtown Atlanta, the suspect twice instructed the victim to stop by two different ladies that were standing on the side of the street at different locations.  The suspect verbally engaged both females with the intent to hire them for sex.  The second female solicited by the suspect got into the vehicle in the rear passenger seat with the suspect while the victim continued driving.  At that time the suspect placed the knife down between the passenger seat and center console and tried to act like it was a normal encounter with the victim and lady inside the vehicle  Eventually the suspect instructed the victim to drop him off near a vacant building, and the suspect and female companion exited the vehicle and walked away at a normal pace without any hesitation.  Prior to exiting the vehicle, the suspect handed the victim a wallet and said “here is your neighbor’s wallet.”  It was subsequently confirmed that the wallet did in fact belong to a neighbor whose house was burglarized.  After the suspect left the vehicle, the victim drove back to his residence where he called 911.

The victim was able to identify a photo of the suspect as the same person involved in a residential burglary on Amsterdam Ave, a larceny / assault on Orme Circle and a burglary attempt on Elkmont Dr, where he left behind a gray bicycle in the back driveway.  Investigators received information that the suspect is known to hang out around the “Castleberry” area in downtown.  The suspect’s photo was disseminated city wide and Zone 6 units canvassed multiple locations in an attempt to locate the suspect.

Animal Cruelty Case

Jesse James Collins  was arrested on August 31st for aggravated animal cruelty in the death of a small dog. Warning: the details of this story may be difficult to hear. You can find more information about the incident in this 11Alive news story.

Unfortunately Collins is already out on bail - $2,500 signature bond. We have been in touch with the Fulton County District Attorney's office and have requested that this case also be monitored by CourtWatch and that we receive notification of his court dates.

Involved residents have advised via Nextdoor that APD Zone 6 Investigator Latosky (470) 421-7956 has asked that we watch out for this individual and if noted, report suspicious behavior. We would add that it is best not to engage with this man if seen, and if he appears to be involved in behavior that you perceive to be a danger to yourself or others, call 911 first and then notify Investigator Latosky. 

Quick Notes

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New Street captain needed for Virginia Circle Belinda Morgan, the long time street captain for Virginia Circle is ready to retire from that responsibility, so we are looking for a replacement. If you are interested this is a great way to get to know your neighbors better and make a contribution to you community. The role is not time consuming but is a very important way we reach out to the broadest group of residents possible. People who know each other tend to look out for each other. Just send a note to and we will get you information about your responsibilities.

Zone 6 Appreciation Meals
On Tuesday August 27th the VHCA Safety Committee provided meals for all three shifts at the Zone 6 Precinct. Day watch had barbecue with fixins, evening watch had pizza and morning watch received snack bags with drinks, energy and candy bars, and fruit. We try to show our appreciation in this way at least once a year, and it is always a hit with officers. Something will be planned to thank our firefighters at Station #19 in the near future. 

Crime Statistics

August 2019
  Beat 601 Zone 6
Aggravated Assault -- 16
Auto Theft 2 34
Burglary Non-Residential 1 13
Burglary Residential 1 16
Larceny From Vehicle 19 238
Larceny Non-Vehicle 2 101
Homicide -- --
Rape -- --
Robbery Commercial -- 4
Robbery Pedestrian -- 5
Robbery Residential 1 3

Vehicles were entered on Amsterdam (2). Briarcliff Place, Elkmont, Greenwood (3), Highland View, Lanier, Monroe, N. Highland (5) Ponce de Leon Ave. (4), St. Charles Ave., and Virginia (2)
August 2019
     601   602   613   614
Aggravated Assault   -- -- 2 --
Auto Theft 2 5 1 1
Burglary Non-Residential 1 1 -- --
Burglary Residential 1 3 -- --
Larceny From Vehicle 19 50 25 10
Larceny Non-Vehicle 2 11 6 7
Homicide -- -- -- --
Rape -- -- -- --
Robbery Commercial -- -- -- --
Robbery Pedestrian -- -- -- --
Robbery Residential 1 -- -- --
Beat 601 = all of Virginia-Highland

Beat 602 = Poncey-Highland and Inman Park

Beat 613 = Morningside and parts of Piedmont Heights and Lindridge Martin Manor

Beat 614 = Part of Midtown East including the Garden District
If you are a resident and not connected with your street captain, please send a message to to be introduced.

If you are not a resident but would like to be added to the distribution for these reports, please send a message to me at with your name, email address, and affiliation. Thanks.
Stay Safe!
Kay Stephenson
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