Date: January 26, 2023

NAFEC Membership Packet
County Committee (COC) ballot counting is behind us, but organizational meetings are upon us. As you have your organizational meeting this month, it is a good time to talk about the National Association of Farmer Elected Committees (NAFEC).

Since 1965, NAFEC and NASCOE have jointly worked to support the COC system of government. NAFEC officers and directors from all across the U.S. regularly visit and work with NASCOE’s leaders on issues and concerns that require working with FSA Management at the state and national level. Working on behalf of FSA COC’s and FSA County Office Employees, NAFEC and NASCOE can jointly accomplish more, for the benefit of agriculture.

Strong membership is one way to ensure goals are met. As your office has their organizational meeting, we urge you to put NAFEC on your agenda. Inform your COC about the association that can be a powerful ally. With NAFEC on their side, your COC is protected, reinforced, and strengthened.

Today you are receiving a NAFEC membership packet and a fact sheet with more specific information concerning NAFEC and the COC system. NAFEC believes in our COC system of government and is committed to keeping it strong, useful, powerful, and meaningful. We encourage you to make it a point to include NAFEC on your January COC meeting agenda.

Click here for the NAFEC Membership Packet

Morgan Limmer, COAC Committee Chair