May 2nd, 2021

Hi Parents!

We're excited for R/Kids Online this week! Our ministry is all about partnering with families in the mission of our church, to make disciples of all nations. We think this incredible call to families starts in the home. Our hope is that this content will equip parents to take an active part in discipling your kids through singing & learning, considering & applying, and playing together.

God changes us when we trust in Jesus. He adopts us into His family and makes us new! Jesus calls us to turn away from our sinful ways and live in a way that honors Him.

Family Worship: "Take Heart" by Seeds Family Worship

Our Kids Video Lessons for this week is "New Life in Jesus"

Memory Verse through May 9th

"He is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent."
Colossians 1:18
  • How does God make us new? Discuss the immediate change that takes place in our standing before God when we believe the gospel. Remind kids that there is also a gradual change in our lives as the Holy Spirit makes us more and more like Jesus over time. Teach the kids the words justification and sanctification to describe these changes, the immediate and the gradual, respectively.
  • Why does God make us new? Talk kids through God’s desire to show us love and mercy. Remind them that we were created to glorify God by enjoying His goodness. Explain that sin prevents us from doing what we were made to do. God makes us new so that we can glorify Him as we were supposed to all along. That is how we experience the most joy in life.

  • Why is love so important for believers? Guide kids to think through the ways all of God’s commands center on loving Him and loving people. Love for God motivates us to love people. Remind them that when we love others, we want what is best for them; we will want them to live with God as we do

    SAY • Jesus gives new life to people who trust in Him. The life Jesus gives is the only way to experience true joy and peace. The Holy Spirit helps us to live in a way that honors God.  


Game: Focus pocus

Use masking tape to make a target shape on the floor. Provide each kid with a scrap of paper. Kids will write their name on the paper, then wad it up and use it as a ball.

In the first round of the game, ask each kid to toss their ball onto the target while facing away from the target. Use
a small bit of tape to record where each kid’s paper wad landed. In the next round, allow the kids to aim by looking at the target while they toss their wads. Note which kids were able to get closer to the center of the target in the second round.

SAY • If you don’t focus on the target, it is nearly impossible to hit the target. That seems simple enough, right? In our lives, we often forget to focus on Jesus, and then wonder why it is difficult to live our lives for His glory. Paul reminded believers that they needed to focus on Jesus, setting their minds on things above— things that have to do with God and His commands. We must do the same.

We set our minds on things above when we study our Bibles, pray, and learn about God with the church community. When we have faith in Jesus, obeying Him becomes easier the more we focus on Him.

Reflection and prayer 

Distribute a sheet of paper to each child. Ask the kids to write about or draw a picture to answer the following questions:

•What does this story teach me about God or about the gospel?

•What does this story teach me about myself?

•Whom can I tell about this story?


Tyler James, Family Pastor

Emmi Payne, R/Kids Coordinator
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