April 25th, 2021

Hi Parents!

We're excited for R/Kids Online this week! Our ministry is all about partnering with families in the mission of our church, to make disciples of all nations. We think this incredible call to families starts in the home. Our hope is that this content will equip parents to take an active part in discipling your kids through singing & learning, considering & applying, and playing together.

Jesus appeared to Paul and changed him inside and out. Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. (1 Timothy 1:15) Jesus called Paul, who was once an enemy to Christians, to spend the rest of his life telling people the gospel and leading them to trust in Jesus.

Family Worship: "Take Heart" by Seeds Family Worship

Our Kids Video Lessons for this week is "Paul Met Jesus"

Memory Verse through May 9th

"He is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent."
Colossians 1:18
  1. Why do you think God chose to use Paul to spread

    the gospel? Help the kids think through what we
    learn about God’s power from His choice to use Paul. Discuss our tendency to see some people as “too bad” for salvation. Remind them that all have sinned, and God’s power and love are greater than the power of sin in our lives. Choosing Paul was a way for God to show His power and control of all things.

  2. Can you think of anyone you would be shocked to learn became a Christian? Encourage kids to be honest and open about their thoughts. Remind them that God loves each person, and that Jesus came to save all sinners. Help them see that all sin is enough to earn death and separation from God.

  3. What are ways you think you need to change to be more like Jesus? Lead kids to discuss their own need for grace and mercy. Help them talk through their flaws and remind them that the Holy Spirit changes all believers over time to be more like Jesus.

SAY • Jesus saved Paul and chose him to spread the gospel. Paul hated Christians and wanted to see all of them arrested and even killed. When Jesus changed his heart, he became a wonderful tool in God’s hands, and spread the gospel all over. How might God use us in His plan to reach the world?

Game: Red light, green light

Select a kid to be It. They will stand facing the rest of the group at the far side of the room and announce when the “light” is red or green. The other kids may only move when the light is green. Any kids caught moving when the light is red must return to the starting side of the room. You may add in other light colors with different rules, such as: yellow light–move in slow motion; blue light–hop; purple light– dance; black light–walk backwards.

SAY • It might have felt frustrating to be on your way across the room when a red light stopped you. Today we will learn about a time Paul, also known as Saul, was stopped in the middle of his journey. Who do you think stopped him, and why?

Reflection and prayer 

Distribute a sheet of paper to each child. Ask the kids to write about or draw a picture to answer the following questions:

•What does this story teach me about God or about the gospel?

•What does this story teach me about myself?

•Whom can I tell about this story?


Tyler James, Family Pastor

Emmi Payne, R/Kids Coordinator
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