February 14,  2021

Hi Parents!

We're excited for R/Kids Online this week! Our ministry is all about partnering with families in the mission of our church, to make disciples of all nations. We think this incredible call to families starts in the home. Our hope is that this content will equip parents to take an active part in discipling your kids through singing & learning, considering & applying, and playing together

Jesus lived a perfect life and died the death we deserve for our sin. When we trust in Jesus, God forgives our sins and changes our hearts. Jesus calls and empowers His followers to live like Him.

Family Worship: "More than Conquerors" by Seeds Family Worship

Our Kids Video Lessons for this week is "Living Like Jesus"

Memory Verse through February 14
"His Divine Power has given us everything required for life and godliness through the knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness." 
2 Peter 1:3
Video: "Questions From Kids"
  1. Did the two disciples know Jesus was talking with them?
    (no, Luke 24:16)

  2. What had the people hoped Jesus would do?
    (redeem Israel, Luke 24:21)

  3. What did Jesus use to teach about Himself?
    (all of the Scriptures, Luke 24:27)

  4. What is your favorite Old Testament story, and how does it point to Jesus?
     Guide kids to discuss stories they enjoyed learning about from the Old Testament. Consider using the Small Group Timeline to point out specific stories your group has covered. Help the kids remember how those stories connect to the one big story of Jesus.

  5. When do you feel most excited about Jesus and the gospel? 
    Encourage the kids to be honest about their feelings. Some kids may feel most excited when learning new things about the Bible. Other kids may feel most excited when doing good deeds to honor Jesus with their lives. And still others may feel most excited when they are singing praises or praying to Him. Help kids see that all three are normal, good responses to the truth of Jesus.

  6. How can we be a part of the story of Jesus? 
    Guide kids to think about the ways we can live on mission and allow God’s power to work through us. Discuss the importance of using our time, talents, and resources to glorify Jesus in the world.

SAY • Jesus taught that all the Scriptures point to Him. When we study the Old Testament, it helps us understand much more about God when we look at it the way Jesus did. Knowing the truth about Jesus helps us worship and obey Him out of love

1) A printable activity & coloring sheet 2) Game Idea: "Blind Toss"
  • Instruct the kids to form a line. Place an empty basket opposite the kids. Blindfold the first kid in line and give her a tennis ball. Invite her to toss the ball into the basket. Allow each kid to take a turn. Consider awarding points to kids who successfully land the ball in the basket. You may play additional rounds without the blindfold for comparison.
  • SAY • After Jesus rose from the dead, different people saw Him at different times, but some of them were still spiritually blind to the truth about Him found in God’s Word. Today we will learn about a time Jesus helped two disciples better understand the full truth about Himself.


Tyler James, Family Pastor
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