March 21, 2021

Hi Parents!

We're excited for R/Kids Online this week! Our ministry is all about partnering with families in the mission of our church, to make disciples of all nations. We think this incredible call to families starts in the home. Our hope is that this content will equip parents to take an active part in discipling your kids through singing & learning, considering & applying, and playing together.

This week we are starting our Easter Curriculum! Starting with the Last Supper today and ending with the Ascension on April 11th!

Jesus knows he is going to be killed; it is part of the rescue plan.  In our story today Jesus explains more about his death and this rescue plan. 

Family Worship: "Servant of All" by Seeds Family Worship

Our Kids Video Lessons for this week is "The Servant King"

Memory Verse through April 11th
"Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”
John 11:25-26
PRINT OUT: The Servant King

Four Corners: 
With your children, label four corners of the room with "Feet washing", "30 Pieces of Silver", "Passover", "The Last Supper".
Explain the game: You will stand in the center of the circle and close your eyes. You will say “Go!” Everyone should choose one of the four corners and run to that corner. You will call out the name of one of the corners and then open your eyes. All the children standing in that corner are “out” and sit back down in the circle. You will say “Go!” again. The children who are still standing run to another corner. You will call out the name of a corner with your eyes closed, and so on until everyone is out.

At the end of the allocated time, ask the children to sit back down in the circle.
Say: “Feet washing, 30 pieces of silver, Passover, the Last Supper — each of those things tells us something about Jesus’ death. Do we remember the story and how they apply?”

What do we know about Jesus’ death from feet washing, 30 pieces of silver, Passover, and the Last Supper? You have drawn some great answers. We know from the feet washing that Jesus is the Servant King. We know Judas was given 30 pieces of silver to help the leaders capture Jesus. We know that Jesus the Lamb died instead of us. And we know that Jesus’ body is broken and his blood poured out for us on the cross.


Tyler James, Family Pastor

Emmi Payne, R/Kids Coordinator
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