March 14, 2021

Hi Parents!

We're excited for R/Kids Online this week! Our ministry is all about partnering with families in the mission of our church, to make disciples of all nations. We think this incredible call to families starts in the home. Our hope is that this content will equip parents to take an active part in discipling your kids through singing & learning, considering & applying, and playing together.

Jesus said, “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word” (John 14:23). James reminded believers to be doers of the word. Jesus rescues us from sin and frees us to live a life that honors God. By doing what is good and right, people who trust Jesus can show that they really believe in Him.

Family Worship: "The Fruit" by Seeds Family Worship

Our Kids Video Lessons for this week is "Doers of the Word"

Memory Verse through March 14th
"We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another."
Romans 12:5

Ask the following questions and Lead to discussion:

  1. If you take care of people in need and show kindness to others, but do not trust Jesus, are you saved? 
    Remind kids that faith is necessary to salvation. We cannot earn salvation by good works.

  2. Why is faith without works useless? 
    Guide kids to understand that a person who claims faith but shows no outward signs of loving and obeying God’s Word probably does not have true faith. Explain that saving faith is marked by the Holy Spirit’s presence in a person’s life. He transforms people to live more and more like Jesus; a person who isn’t being transformed likely doesn’t have the Holy Spirit in his life.

  3. What are some ways we can do good works through faith? 
    Help kids brainstorm practical ways they can live on mission, such as sharing their lunch with a friend, showing kindness to someone they don’t normally get along with, and telling their friends about Jesus.

SAY • James’ letter was written mostly to Jewish believers. He wanted them to be prepared for hard times, and he wanted them to honor God with their actions, not just their words. James said faith without works is useless. We know that the Holy Spirit helps us do good works for God’s glory.

1) A printable activity & coloring sheet : Finders of the Word

2) Faith and works paper planes

Instruct kids to create paper airplanes, and write the word FAITH on one wing, and WORKS on the other. Help kids who may still be learning to write. Invite kids to line up and see whose airplane will fly the farthest. Then, instruct kids to cut off one wing of the airplane, whichever wing they choose. Then invite the kids to compete again.

SAY •These airplanes sure flew a lot farther with both wings, didn’t they? Airplanes need both wings to fly. In the same way, Christians need both faith and works to please God. You can’t have an airplane without two wings, and you can’t have true faith without also obeying God and having good works.


Tyler James, Family Pastor

Emmi Payne, R/Kids Coordinator
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