Can I Get A Witness: Live Webinar

I'm honored to be speaking at this live web event on Saturday, August 8th, 2020. I'll be joining a dynamic group of speakers, many of whom I'm proud to call colleagues and friends. 

My presentation, which will be at the beginning of the day, is called Gender Identity Ideology: The Hijacking of Adolescent Development 


Event Details

WHAT: Can I Get A Witness: voices from the trenches.
An online conference that takes gender ideology head-on with perspectives from journalists, lesbians, filmmakers, detransitioners, activists, medical professionals, and everyday people 

WHEN: August 8th, 9:00am to 10:00pm PST

WHERE: virtual conference hosted through Zoom

WHO: Featuring 20+ speakers from 6 countries

TICKETS: Ticket link | $20 early bird price (ending 7/31) / $30 regular price, live chat tickets $5 

Who we are: Can I Get A Witness is a secular, privately funded project giving voice to those who have either been silenced, experienced job loss, had their reputations trashed, been de-platformed, received death threats or experienced violence first-hand from radical trans activists. Others who’ve experienced various forms of harassment or fear of loss of income by simply attempting to question out loud (online or in real life) gender identity ideology will be given voice as these citizens rarely receive a more mainstream outlet and are a good fit for this project.

What we are doing: Educating the public by offering disparate voices a forum for sharing their research, analysis and stories regarding the subject of gender identity ideology.


Event Description

Can I Get A Witness takes gender ideology head-on with voices from the trenches, including journalists, lesbians, filmmakers, disillusioned detransitioners, activists, medical professionals, and everyday people who’ve awoken to the dangers posed by the false and deeply sexist belief that gender stereotypes are more real than our physical sex and that our bodies can be remade as the opposite sex if we don’t fit into regressive gender roles (just as in Iran gay men and lesbian women are forced to transition or face death for their sexuality). Our freedom to talk about the reality of our physical sex, especially as women, is rapidly being curtailed. Gender non-conforming girls (and boys) are being pressured to transition—rather than embrace their bodies and personalities as they—in some cases by parents who’d rather have their child undergo hormone therapy and/or surgery (which often results in sterility) than accept them as lesbian or gay. We must talk about this. 

You’ll hear from over 20 different people from across the globe, including Brazil, England, the US, Canada, and Sweden. Each speaker session is about 30 minutes long. You can pop in and out of the conference throughout the day, taking breaks from our 13–hour long marathon of speakers to mingle (virtually) with other attendees, just like at a conference with a physical location. 

Additional Information

Availability of streaming on other platforms: 
Although the entire event will be recorded, it will not be until later in the fall of 2020 that a channel will be created of the same name - Can I Get A Witness - that will house clips of the event. When they do, there will be a minor paywall attached for rental. NOTE: Due to contractual arrangements, there are a few *surprises* that can ONLY be seen during the LIVE BROADCAST that will not appear anywhere online later.


For viewers in Europe/UK: 
We realize that this event will start up as you are likely getting ready for dinner! So very sorry but what we can suggest is the following: grab your laptop, tablet or whatever, a blanket, some snacks and get cozy! You're in for an all-nighter! It's Saturday after all and unless you had to work, experiencing this one-of-a-kind *firsts* will bring a smile to you all day Sunday!


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