Thursday, November 1, 2018
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Consensys announced the successful implementation of EIP1337 tokens which enable recurring transactions on the Ethereum blockchain; this is a major milestone since it enables the user experience to naturally transition from Web2 to Web3 architecture, while enabling blockchain startups to monetize through being user-focused instead of relying on speculation; users are able to stop any subscription at anytime. EIP1337 was first proposed by Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin in April of this year as ERC-948, later to stem into the former - Link
A British financial task force advises regulatory action against ICOs and certain other crypto-based products; the UK finance ministry, Bank of England, and Financial Conduct Authority collaborated on the report, noting some existing rules may already apply to crypto assets; the task force is set to publish draft guidance by the end of the year; the UK government will then explore its options further - Link
Space asteroid mining company Planetary Resources Inc. has been acquired by Consensys; to date, it has launched a pair of satellites into Earth orbit, including a successful test of an infrared imager on its Arkyd-6 craft. However, the company has had financial difficulties after failing to secure a new round of funding this past June; the acquisition came in the form of purchase of its assets; further details about the acquisition remain confidential. According to a blog post by Planetary Resources, ConsenSys will operate its space initiatives out of Planetary Resources’ former facility in Redmond, WA - Link
Global Web Index (GWI) report finds that 5.4% of the global internet population own cryptocurrency; GWI's targeted U.S. and UK cryptocurrency poll suggests the majority are casual consumers, since 54% of the U.S. sample owned less than $500 at the time of fieldwork, and 60% of the UK sample owned less than £500 - Link
Ethereum multi-token wallet MetaMask showcased its mobile application at DevCon; MetaMask has become the go-to wallet to make Ethereum transactions and run Ethereum dApps in browsers without running a full Ethereum node. Many MetaMask users have asked for a mobile client of the wallet, as the vast majority of Ethereum users have started to rely on MetaMask as the main ETH and token wallet - Link
Littlstar Media announces the launch of Ara, a new blockchain-based platform designed to give creators and artists more control over their content; the company has raised up to $10.5M in 4 funding rounds led by Sony and Disney; the platform enables artist to prove ownership of their creation and monetize their usage on the blockchain without relying on centralized tech platforms; Ara is connected through a suite of protocols which enables interoperability between DCDN, AraID, and the Ethereum Blockchain - Link
ASB, a subsidiary of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank, says it has conducted New Zealand’s first “bank blockchain” trade; this is a first with a new blockchain-based service used to organize a meat export trade deal; the transaction was a landmark because the blockchain-based service meant digital payment and paperwork for the deal were wrapped up in an hour - compared to the two to four days it would take to process using more traditional means - Link
A new report by the United Press International (UPI) revealed that North Korea is still actively injecting Monero miners in personal computers; this comes after reports earlier this year of North Korea state back hacking group Lazarus gained $571M in 2018; the group appears to be deploying malware that is hi-jacking host computers to mine Monero - Link
South Korea's top cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has signed a deal with a US fintech company, SeriesOne, to set up a security token exchange in the US; SeriesOne will establish the exchange in the U.S. during the first half of 2019, while Bithumb provides investment and the necessary technical support for operating the exchange. Earlier this month, Bithumb announced that it would launch a global decentralized crypto exchange - Link
The head of trading at Coinbase, Hunter Merghart, has resigned from the U.S. crypto exchange and wallet provider after just six months on the job; this comes following reports of Coinbase's let go of its remote staff. Earlier this month, Coinbase confirmed it had shut down an index fund geared toward institutional investors, just four months after it went live - Link
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A letter from Ross Ulbricht on Bitcoin's 10 year anniversary; Ross Ulbricht is a Bitcoin advocate who is serving a double life sentence without parole, for all non-violent charges, for his role in the Silk Road website; He writes this guest piece for Bitcoin Magazine - Ross Ulbricht
The Dark Side of the Chain: Blockchain viruses and decentralized autonomous crime organizations; How twisted can things get when an anonymous piece of code harms people but can’t be stopped? Two cinematic masterpieces offer us devastating answers and lots of food for thought; Dr. Strangelove (1965) and Black Mirror S03 E03 (2016) - hackernoon
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