Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Nodes on the Networks:
Bitcoin: 10,193 | Ethereum 8,610 | Litecoin 210 | Bitcoin Cash 1,554 | Dash: 4,720 | Monero: 1,513 | Zcash: 389

In addition the the much-anticipated stablecoin project that Facebook will launch, called Libra, the social network's cryptocurrency project will also include a second token, CoinDesk reports; the “Libra investment token” is not a current and not available to the general public; it is a security, according to Facebook, that will only be made available to the founding corporate members of the project’s governing consortium, known as the Libra Association, and accredited investors; Facebook is also launching a mobile wallet called Calibra alongside the Libra cryptocurrency Link
You can read the Facebook white paper here, and the Libra technical white paper here

French minister Bruno Le Maire has called for the Group of Seven central bank governors to review Facebook's Libra token saying the token "can’t and it must not happen" Libra's launch received criticism from other European officials like European Parliament member Markus Ferber who called Libra the beginnings of a shadow banking system Link

Binance has released a Bitcoin-pegged token, BTCB, on its DEX Binance Chain to increase liquidity and volume; Binance noted that the use of Bitcoin decreased decentralization on the DEX but increases auditing capabilities versus other ledger styles Link

📚   Bitcoin mining can solve the earliest oil mining problem: seeping and screaming natural gas vents. As the byproduct of oil mining, natural gas can be difficult to monetize in small amounts. This stranded energy can be put to work for Bitcoin mining with portable mining centers that can move within a mere hours notice. In Canada, these wells earn 15x the market rate with no sunk costs. If the well dries, pack up and ship ou Link

David Marcus formally announced Facebook's Libra project in a tweetstorm early Tuesday morning; tn the thread, Marcus explained the motivations behind creating Libra and it's accompanying wallet product Calibra Link

Pure proof-of-stake protocol Algorand continues to open source project material with the release of its node repository information, according to CoinDesk; Algorand recently open sourced its Verifiable Random Function and Developer SDKs Link

Ripple has agreed to invest $30M into remittance firm MoneyGram with an option for another $20M in the next two years; the deal will see Ripple invest at $4.10 per share, a significant premium to MoneyGram's last closing price of $1.4; for Ripple the partnership will allow them to integrate their XRapid technology, which leverages the XRP token Link

Google Play's recent security enhancement measures were circumvented by phishing apps that impersonated the Turkish cryptocurrency exchange BtcTurk, The Next Web reports; the applications were able to phish users' login credentials and intercept 2FA notifications on the users' devices and dismiss notifications that prevented users from noticing the account activity as it happenedLink

Five major South Korean crypto exchanges, including Bithumb, have agreed to be held liable for any lost assets, when either willfully or grossly negligent; the change comes after a Fair Trade Commission recommendation last year Link

ConsenSys-backed Monerium, a blockchain-based e-money, has been approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland (FME) to become the first tradable European e-money; “Monerium e-money encompasses the benefits of programmable money on blockchain," Monerium co-founder Jon H. Egilsson told CoinDesk, "in addition to being the closest form of central bank money there is – based on a proven EU regulatory framework” Link

In a series of tweets, Coinbase Custody revealed it has $1.3B in assets under custody with expectations of reaching $2B in the near future, although it did not specify a timeline; the firms CEO and CISO recently attended a meeting in the UK to discuss the firms position within the custodial market, touting itself as the only institutional grade offering Link

ETH 2.0 is set to launch Jan. 3rd 2020 according to Ethereum developer Justin Drake, 11 years to the date of the Bitcoin genesis block mining; Co-founder Vitalik Buterin says the launch should follow similarly to Eth 1.0's launch, with plans to rev up following Devcon in early October Link

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