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Divine Love

Sadhana through Love and Devotion
God - Poem by Sri Aurobindo
Divine Love and Psychic Love
Quotes on Divine Love
Question and Answer
What should be done to receive the Divine love?
Empowering lines from Savitri
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November 3, 1912

Let Thy Light be in me like a Fire that makes all alive; let Thy divine Love penetrate me. I aspire with all my being for Thy reign as sovereign and master of my mind and heart and body; let them be Thy docile instruments and Thy faithful servitors.

Prayers and Meditations

Sadhana through Love and Devotion

Letters on Yoga
Volume 2 - Part Two
To bring the Divine Love and Beauty and Ananda into the world is, indeed, the whole crown and essence of our yoga. But it has always seemed to me impossible unless there comes as its support and foundation and guard the Divine Truth – what I call the supramental – and its Divine Power. Otherwise Love itself blinded by the confusions of this present consciousness may stumble in its human receptacles and, even otherwise, may find itself unrecognised, rejected or rapidly degenerating and lost in the frailty of man's inferior nature. But when it comes in the divine truth and power, Divine Love descends first as something transcendent and universal and out of that transcendence and universality it applies itself to persons according to the Divine Truth and Will, creating a vaster, greater, purer personal love than any the human mind or heart can now imagine. It is when one has felt this descent that one can be really an instrument for the birth and action of the Divine Love in the world.

God - Poem by Sri Aurobindo

Thou who prevadest all the worlds below,
     Yest sists above,
Master of all who work and rule and know,
     Servant of Love!

Thou who disdainest not the worm to be
      Nor even the clod,
Therefore we know by that humility
     That thou art God.

Divine Love and Psychic Love

The Divine's love is that which comes from above poured down from the Divine Oneness and its Ananda on the being – psychic love is a form taken by divine love in the human being according to the need and possibilities of the human consciousness.

- Sri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga II
Page 336

Q: So, divine Love need not be sought and known apart from the psychic being?

The Mother: No, find your psychic being and you will understand what divine Love is. Do not try to come into direct contact with divine Love because this will yet again be a vital desire pushing you; you will perhaps not be aware of it, but it will be a vital desire.

You must make an effort to come into touch with your psychic being, to become aware and free in the consciousness of your psychic being, and then, quite naturally, spontaneously, you will know what divine Love is.

24 March 1951
Questions and Answers 1950-51
Reminiscences & Organ Music

Quotes on Divine Love

In the Divine's love we always find all support and all consolation.
7 May 1954  

When you reach the contact with the Divine's love you see this love in everything and all circumstances.
 20 July 1954

The Divine's love and knowledge must always govern our thoughts and actions.
24 July 1954

May the Divine's love dwell as the sovereign Master of our hearts and the Divine's knowledge never leave our thoughts.
29 October 1954

The Divine's love can generate in all peace and the satisfaction that comes from benevolence.
27 November 1954

The Divine's love is an eternal truth.
21 July 1955
When one has found divine Love, it is the Divine that one loves in all beings. There is no longer any division.
May 1967

Once one has found divine Love, all other loves, which are nothing but disguises, can lose their deformities and become pure ― then it is the Divine that one loves in everyone and everything.
6 May 1967

True love, that which fulfills and illumines, is not the love one receives but the love one gives.
And the supreme Love is a love without any definite object ― the love which loves because it cannot do other than to love.
15 May 1968
Divine Love, true love, finds its delight and its satisfaction in itself; it has no need to be received and appreciated, nor to be shared ― it loves for the sake of loving, as a flower blooms.
To feel this love in oneself is to possess an immutable happiness.
 21 June 1971
Question and Answer - The Mother
Where does love come from?
Where does love come from? From the Origin of the universe. Besides, I say that there. That’s what I say. I say that love is a supreme force which the Eternal Consciousness has emanated in order to send it into the world. Love comes from that. (Mother takes the Bulletin of August 1953 and reads a passage from “The Four Austerities and the Four Liberations”.) 

Love is, in its essence, the joy of identity: it finds its supreme expression in the bliss of union. Between the two there are all the phases of its universal manifestation.”

First, it is the joy of identity. Something must be there already which can become conscious of the identity, and that precisely is love. Then comes the manifestation of love. And in its supreme form, that is, when it returns to its source crossing all the phases of its manifestation, it becomes the bliss of union. For the feeling of union comes as a consequence of the feeling of separation. The passage through the whole manifested universe gives the feeling of separation from the Origin; and the return to the Origin is the bliss of union, that is, the two things that were separated are united once again. And it is still Love; it is Love after the great circuit of the manifestation. When it returns to its Origin, it becomes the bliss of union. 

 Question and Answers, Volume-5, page no.237-238

What should be done to receive the Divine Love?

The divine Love is there, with all its intensity, all its power, a formidable power, but who is aware of it ? Most people do not feel anything. What they feel is exclusively proportional to what they are, to their receptive capacity.

Just imagine! You are literally bathing in an atmosphere altogether vibrant with divine Love and you are not aware of it! Sometimes, rarely, for a few seconds, you have the impression of something and you say : "Divine Love came to me !" But it is not that at all. You had an opening, as small sometimes as a pinhead, and the Love rushed into you, because it is like an active atmosphere : whenever there is a possibility of its being received, it rushes in.

Not only Love, but all the divine things are there, all of them, constantly in their full intensity. Only you do not receive them, for you are shut up, blocked, occupied most of the time with other things.

Most of the time you are full of yourself. The whole universe exists as a function of your ego. You are at the centre and the universe moves around you. If you look closely at yourself, you will see it is like that; your vision of the universe is that you are at the centre and the universe all around. It is not the universe that you see, it is you whom you see in the universe. Then, as you are full of yourself, there is no room for the Divine.

But he is there always.

And all the wonderful things that are there around you, do you see them ? Sometimes, at a moment when you are a little more receptive or in sleep when you are less exclusively preoccupied with your little affairs, you may have a glimpse of something, and you see and feel something. But generally, the moment you wake up, all that is obliterated by the formidable ego that is full of itself to the brim.

First of all, you must be able to come out of your ego. Then you begin to see things as they are, from a place little higher up. And to see things as they truly are, you must be absolutely like a mirror; silent, peaceful, motionless, impartial, without any preference and in a state of full receptivity. If you are like that, then you will see that many things that you were not aware of, but which existed there begin to be active in you. And you could be in the midst of such things instead of being shut up exclusively within that tiny point that you are in the universe.

Questions and Answers, 1959

Empowering lines from Savitri

Only when thou hast climbed above thy mind
And liv’st in the calm vastness of the One
Can love be eternal in the eternal bliss
And love divine replace the human tie.

Savitri, Book 6, Canto 1, p. 434

Upcoming Events & Activities

Fall Retreat: The Significance of Flowers
On Saturday, October 12th at 4:00 pm will be our fall retreat, The Spiritual Significance of Flowers. We will have a short program of readings, music and a collective meditation followed by Prasad. Feel free to bring a dish to share.

Divine Love
A flower reputed to bloom even in the desert.

Punica granatum
Medium-sized double orange red flower with innumerable tightly held crinkled petals; borne singly or in small clusters. A spiny shrub or small tree with many stems and glossy leaves.

In Gratitude

I would like to share a personal experience which made me realize just how grateful I am to have Sri Aurobindo and The Mother watching over me. We all go through difficult times at different junctures and experience hardships in different ways. We may be plagued by moments of anger, irritation, negative thoughts. A few months ago, I found myself spiraling into a vortex of negative thoughts and was feeling quite overwhelmed with the situations in my life.

In a moment of anguish, I held a blessing packet of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother close to my heart, closed my eyes and began to meditate. Slowly, I felt a deep peace emanate from the very depths of my being; 
I could sense a vibration shift in my energies. Thoughts began to dissolve, a vast calm washed over, and it greatly helped to sooth the turbulent waters of my mind; it brought about the sense of calm and quietude that I so desperately needed. The whole experience must have lasted no more than 15 minutes in real time, but it felt like an eternity had passed. I was reminded, in very concrete and practical terms, of the power of a call to the Divine. If one reaches out with a truly sincere plea, that power can affect change almost instantaneously.

All of us who have the Faith, all who tread the spiritual path, should remind ourselves in moments of despair: no matter where we may be and no matter how alone we may feel, we are always surrounded by Their presence, and under the powerful protection of the Divine Force.

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