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The Supramental Manifestation Upon Earth

29 February 1956


During the Common Meditation on Wednesday.

"This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. I had a form of living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door which separated the world from the Divine.

As I looked at the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of consciousness, that the time has come, and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow, one single blow on the door and the door was shuttered to pieces.

Then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow."

On February 29, 1956 the Mother also announced:

"The greatest thing that can ever be, the most marvelous thing since the beginning of creation, the Miracle has happened... A new world, yes, a completely new world is born and here. Yet even now, there are very few people who are aware of its birth and of the difference it brings into the world."

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A new world is born
On the Supramental manifestation
The Supramental substance on earth
We are at an exceptional hour
Flower of Supramental Manifestation
What is the Supermind
Action of the Supramental in the world
Receiving the love of the Divine
Empowering lines from Savitri

Happy Reading.

Events & Activities                         Home

On Jan 1, we held a program sharing readings, music and recitals from children. It was a soulful gathering expressing our aspiration to start the new year by remembering Her and receiving Her blessings. 

The renovation of the Center continued in the month of January. We have completed the installation of new windows and blinds, new entrance door, fixing the sewer pipes underground, and other miscellaneous repairs and renovation work.

On Saturday, February 22, 4:00 p.m. we will hold a program for Mother's Birthday, and on Sat, Feb 29 at 4:00 p.m. there will be a continuous reading of Savitri.

We invite you all to join us for the following events and activities at the Center:

Savitri Reading - Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Tai Chi - Saturdays,  3:00-3:45 p.m. 
Satsangs - Saturdays,  5:00-7:00 p.m. 

A New world is born.                              Home

"Lord, Thou hast willed, and I execute:

A new light breaks upon the earth,

A new world is born.

The things that were promised are fulfilled"

The Mother 1956   Feb 29 - March 29

On the Supramental Manifestation  Home

24 April 1956

The manifestation of the Supramental upon earth is no more a promise but a living fact, a reality.

It is at work here, and one day will come when the most blind, the most unconscious, even the most unwilling shall be obliged to recognise it.

The Mother

The Supramental Substance on earth   Home

Nov 1958

I may say that by the very fact that you live upon earth at this moment… you absorb with the air that you breathe this new supramental substance which is spreading in earth’s atmosphere and it is preparing in you things you will manifest all of a sudden, as soon as you have taken the decisive step.

The Mother

May 1958

The new substance that is spreading and acting in the world contains a warmth, a power, a joy so intense that all intellectual activity seems cold and dry beside it. And that is why the less one talks about these things, the better it is. A single instant, a single impulse of deep and true love, a single minute of deep communion with the divine Grace brings you much closer to the goal than all possible explanations.

The Mother

We are at an exceptional hour.              Home

July 1957

People sleep, they forget, they take life easy – they forget, forget all the time.…But if we could remember…that we are at an exceptional hour, a unique time, that we have this immense good fortune, this invaluable privilege of being present at the birth of a new world, we could easily get rid of everything that impedes and hinders our progress..

The Mother

Flower: Supramental Manifestation  Home

It will be welcome. - The Mother 

Common Name: Blood lily
Botanical Name: Salvia farinacea
Spiritual Name: Supramental Manifestation

The Golden Day Home

The Supramental by its very definition is Truth Consciousness, Truth in possession of itself and fulfilling itself by its own power.
—Sri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga - I: Descent and Transformation

The Supermind is in its very essence a truth-consciousness, a consciousness always free from the Ignorance which is the foundation of our present natural or evolutionary existence and from which nature in us is trying to arrive at self-knowledge and world-knowledge and a right consciousness and the right use of our existence in the universe. The Supermind, because it is a truth-consciousness, has this knowledge inherent in it and this power of true existence; its course is straight and can go direct to its aim, its field is wide and can even be made illimitable. This is because its very nature is knowledge: it has not to acquire knowledge but possesses it in its own right…
—Sri Aurobindo
Essays in Philosophy and Yoga: Supermind and the Life Divine

Action of the Supramental in the world           Home

May 6, 1972 (Agenda)

I think I already told you, there’s a kind of golden Force pressing down (gesture); it has no material substantiality, and yet it feels terribly heavy….

… It presses down on Matter, to force it, to compel it to turn INWARDLY to the Divine – not an external flight (pointing above) but inwardly turning to the Divine. And the apparent outcome seems to be inevitable catastrophes. But along with this sense of inevitable catastrophe, there come solutions to situations or events that look simply miraculous.

As if both extremes were becoming more extreme: the good getting better and the bad worse. Like that. And a stupendous Power PRESSING down on the world. Such is my impression.

Yes, it’s as tangible as this (Mother feels the air between her fingers). And even in life circumstances, many things otherwise indifferent are becoming suddenly acute – acute situations, acute differences, acute ill wills – and at the same time, singular miracles. Singular. People on the verge of death are saved, inextricable situations are suddenly untangled.

And the same for individuals too.

Those who know how to turn to … (how shall I put it?) who SINCERELY call upon the Divine, who feel it’s the only salvation, the only way out, and who sincerely offer themselves, then … (gesture of bursting open) within a few minutes, it becomes a wonder – for the least little thing: there’s no big or small, important or unimportant, it’s all the same.

The whole scale of values changes.

The vision of the world is as though changed.

This gives an idea of the change brought about in the world by the supramental Descent. Things that were insignificant are becoming quite categorical: a small mistake becomes categorical in its consequences while a little sincerity, a true little aspiration becomes miraculous in its results. The values are intensified in people. Even materially, the least little error has huge consequences, while the slightest sincerity of aspiration has extraordinary results. The values are intensified, they stand out more.

Descent                                                      Home

All my cells thrill swept by a surge of splendour,
Soul and body stir with a mighty rapture,
Light and still more light like an ocean billows
Over me, round me.
Rigid, stone-like, fixed like a hill or statue,
Vast my body feels and upbears the world’s weight;
Dire the large descent of the Godhead enters
Limbs that are mortal.
Voiceless, thronged, Infinity crowds upon me;
Presses down a glory of power eternal;
Mind and heart grow one with the cosmic wideness;
Stilled are earth’s murmurs.

Swiftly, swiftly crossing the golden spaces
Knowledge leaps, a torrent of rapid lightnings;
Thoughts that left the Ineffable’s flaming mansions,
Blaze in my spirit.
Slow the heart-beats’ rhythm like a giant hammer’s;
Missioned voices drive to me from God’s doorway
Words that live not save upon Nature’s summits,
Ecstasy’s chariots.
All the world is changed to a single oneness;
Souls undying, infinite forces, meeting,
Join in God-dance weaving a seamless Nature,
Rhythm of the Deathless.
Mind and heart and body, one harp of being,
Cry that anthem, finding the notes eternal,–
Light and might and bliss and immortal wisdom
Clasping for ever.

Receiving the Love of the Divine                       Home

My love is always with you; if then you do not feel it, it is because you are not capable of receiving it. It is your receptivity that is lacking and should be increased; for this you must open yourself, and one opens oneself only if one gives oneself. Surely you are trying more or less consciously to draw the forces and the divine love towards you. The method is bad. Give yourself without calculating and without expecting anything in return, and then you will become capable of receiving.

– The Mother

Q: How can we know that we are receptive?

Mother: When we feel the urge to give and the joy of giving to the Divine’s work, then we can be sure that we have become receptive.

 12 July 1965


To be receptive

To be receptive is to feel the urge to give and the joy of giving to the Divine’s Work all one has, all one is, all one does. 

– The Mother

Empowering lines from Savitri  Home

In Matter shall be lit the spirit’s glow,
In body and body kindled the sacred birth;
Night shall awake to the anthem of the stars,
The days become a happy pilgrim march,
Our will a force of the Eternal’s power,
And thought the rays of a spiritual sun. 

A few shall see what none yet understands;
God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep;
For man shall not know the coming till its hour
And belief shall be not till the work is done.

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