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-LBCA Executive Director Laurie Hutcheson
One LBCA Patient Advocate Pleads for More ILC Research


LBCA patient advocate Diane Mapes' recently published piece in Healthline Media, Inc. decries the fact that ILC is still so understudied, and calls for action. Read her piece on our website and think about joining the LBCA effort to help change that.

"Hidden, 'no lump' lobular is the most common breast cancer you’ve never heard of"

You can help spread the word about this sneaky type of breast cancer to help patients by sharing this article and supporting LBCA’s work to educate and advance research for lobular breast cancer. Contact us about volunteering, consider making a donation, and find LBCA on Twitter @LobularBCA and Facebook.

Check Out LBCA's Research Library with References to the Most Important and Current ILC Research

LBCA's Library On ILC is the Go-To Resource for the Most Important and Current ILC Studies  

LBCA's easily searchable library contains a comprehensive reference list of ILC research and studies related to lobular breast cancer including studies on detection, characteristics, risk of recurrence, locations of recurrence and clinical trials. In some cases, it contains full, downloadable versions of landmark studies and reviews such as Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer as a Distinct Disease: Implications for Therapeutic Strategy - by Luveta, and Metzger's Retrospective study: Mixed Invasive Ductal and Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast: Prognosis and the importance of Histologic Grade.  We we are routinely updating it to ensure we have the most current and important ILC research. 

Visit the LBCA Research Library
View LBCA Scientific Advisor Dr. Rachel Jankowitz's Presentation on Metastatic Lobular Breast Cancer

Presented at LBBC's virtual conference on metastatic breast cancer in June.

View on LBCA's website
LBCA Needs Your Help!  
As COVID-19 keeps so much of our lives shut down, diagnoses of lobular breast cancer continue every day. The need for information and guidance about how to self-advocate and for more research and clinical trials persists is also growing as the number of LBCA subscribers - patients with ILC and their loved ones - increases. The need for more research is becoming increasingly urgent, LBCA needs your help to continue our efforts to disseminate the most current information about lobular and start to more actively promote ILC research.   

Please consider making a donation or running a personal fundraiser today to help us sustain our important work!
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