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 Our virtual cooking competition is off to a great start! It is going to be quite exciting! 
Our chefs have been cooking these past two weeks and  have created delicious, unique and beautiful meals! 

Special thanks to Florescent Farms of Livermore for supplying all of the
beautiful organic produce used by the chefs to create their dishes

We are grateful to our special guests who will be speaking during our event: 
Michael Lim of Kaiser Permanente and Katheryn Darlington of Stanford Health Care Valleycare.

And you will not want to miss our pre-event music attractions (starting at 5:30p):
The Bell Brothers of San Francisco ( and
Michael Beck of Livermore (

Awesome news about our auction - it will now be onLine for anyone who would like to
participate! You can place a bid on any/all of our fabulous auction items, including
trips to beautiful vacation homes, movie nights, whiskey tastings and more!

Stay tuned for more information on this coming soon!

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