Spring Woos 2020
Moonsong Malamute Rescue is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to assisting Alaskan Malamutes when in crisis throughout the Intermountain West.
Note from the President
The past several months have been a challenge to say the least.  Having lost my mentor, the indomitable Katy Flanagan, I've felt at a loss. Some days the grief can seem unbearable.  I sat with Katy on her last day here on Earth and was blessed to share with her the impact she'd had on me and my life over the years I've been involved with Moonsong Malamute Rescue.  She quite simply changed my life and for that I am forever grateful.

There are days that I question if I can continue this work, days I feel exhilarated, days I'm exhausted, days of joy - these are the emotions of dog rescue for me.  Some days, actually a lot of days, I feel lost without Katy. No longer can I pick up the phone or stop by her house to talk.  I struggle with decisions that must be made, the right thing to do for every dog we are contacted about, the struggle to find foster homes, the urgency of every situation.  I try to think "what would Katy do" and sometimes the answer comes to me and other times I do the best I can and hope and pray that is enough.  

My husband and I've had Mals for over 35 years.  They are the most stubborn, aloof yet loving, silly, physically strong, high energy yet couch potato dogs ever, and they have enriched our lives beyond what words can convey.  I cannot imagine my life without my rescued dogs Timber and Miley and those that came before these two Bear, Neko and Lexie. We have Moonsong to thank for bringing Timber, Miley, and Lexie into our lives. 

With the amazing support of the other Board of Directors, Andrea Allen, Freddie Qualls, Lorran Carlston, Steve Carlston and our newest Board member, April Hanich, we will do our best to continue Katy's legacy. I hope you will continue to support our work and spread the word about Moonsong Malamute Rescue. We are here to rescue these dogs and give them a chance for the lives they deserve.

In gratitude and service,
Gina Day-Price - President
With your support Moonsong Malamute Rescue Inc., rescued 32 dogs and adopted out 27 dogs in 2019.  Thank woo to our volunteers, supporters, foster homes, and adopter's!  We couldn't do this work without each and every one of you.

Here are some of the lucky dogs that were adopted!
Farewell, Katy
On December 31, 2019, the Alaskan Malamute lost a major advocate.  Katy Flanagan was a woman who, while slight in build, had a mountainous presence with an indomitable personality. All who worked with her witnessed her determination to provide a better world when needy dogs crossed her path. She began working with Lynn Murdoch and her husband Brian when they were known as Intermountain Malamute Assistance League. Katy and her husband Gary were instrumental in giving the rescue a strong web presence; renaming the Idaho based rescue Moonsong Malamute Rescue (MMR) and developing the logo, which they fashioned after their own two dogs. She recruited volunteers far and wide and established MMR as a 501(c)3. Lynn was happy to have Katy at the helm driving MMR and helping it grow.  Katy soon assumed the President's role, a position that she held until 2018, at which time she became Vice President after the sudden passing of her husband Gary.  Moonsong Malamute Rescue has helped hundreds of malamutes or "mal-enough" pups as Katy lovingly called them largely in part to her dedication.

In 2010, Katy and other MMR volunteers received the Christensen Award for the "8 Above" project. This was the rescue of eight senior malamutes whose owner had suddenly passed away leaving the dogs stranded in a very remote area in Montana. Katy and other rescuers had to ski in to access the dogs and ski and snowshoe them back out. In a few short days they arranged rescue, veterinary care, and housing for the dogs. Katy had previously skied in to climb Denali in McKinley National Park, which is a 100 mile ski to the base of the mountain, towing a sled in addition to her fully loaded backpack in temperatures that dropped to minus 35 degrees.  She of course summited on that climb so skiing in and out for the "8 Above" was a walk in the park for her.

Katy was instrumental in the organization and support for the Aluk malamutes in Helena, MT.  Everyone who worked on that rescue has said it would have failed without her intricate spreadsheets and detailed record keeping.  She made the drive from Boise to "Malamute Village" in Helena, every weekend she was able. She brought other volunteers along to help walk the dogs, support those who were in the trenches with the dogs day-in and day-out, and take photos so the dogs could be networked. Many lasting friendships were forged during walks with the dogs, dinners and strategy sessions about dog placement and transport.

Katy was a role model and dear friend to many. She was an activist for the good in everything, ALWAYS supplying a thank you to those who volunteered and helped our beloved breed. Now, Moonsong must shoulder the legacy into which she threw her heart and soul, and do all we can to make her proud. She was a true guardian angel most deserving of her welcome at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Andrea Allen
Vice President MMR
President - Alaskan Malamute Assistance League
Planning a Road Trip with Your Dog?
Thinking of taking a road trip with your dog? Road trips can be a lot of fun and are a great way to see new and out-of-the-way parts of the country. Road trips with dogs bring unique challenges and require dog-specific prep but are a great way to spend time with your best friend. I just finished a coast-to-coast road trip with my three dogs (and three cats) to move from Brooklyn, New York, to Portland, Oregon. Our road trip took us a total of seven days, and the dogs were relaxed and having fun coast to coast! Here are a few tips and strategies for how to road trip safely with your dogs.  Courtesy of Whole Dog Journal 

Stop Urine Marking in the House

Tinkle, tinkle, little Pug, must you mark upon my rug? Or the side of the couch? Or the leg of the coffee table?

Many dog owners are familiar with a dog’s unwanted usage of “pee mail,” more accurately known as “urine marking.” While this leg lifting is a perfectly normal behavior, “normal” does not mean “acceptable” when it comes to the peaceful cohabitation of humans and canines.

Marking is different from urination; a dog urinates to relieve his bladder of the sensation of feeling full. In contrast, marking does not involve full evacuation of the bladder; instead, the dog releases a small amount of urine as a communication strategy. Urine contains pheromones, chemicals that provide critical information regarding a dog’s age, gender, health, and reproductive status – all very interesting and important olfactory reading if you’re a dog. This is why dogs are so intent on smelling where other dogs have fully eliminated or marked.  Courtesy of Whole Dog Journal

Adoption Updates

Kodi is doing very well, healthy and happy.  He will be 10 this June; a handsome senior male, classic black with white highlights and a set of intense cinnamon eyes that look through you.  We’re coming up soon on our first year together, 10 March.  He’s been through a lot, all things considered, with a new home, mountain environment, and major dental surgery (removal of 3 incisors, expected when adopted). He’s also becoming very talkative, affectionate and loves his belly rubs. Friends and neighbors love the big lug. I love the guy.

From what I can determine, I am his third human. He was adopted May 2018 by a family in Bozeman.  Koda (his given name) was involved in incidents involving a 9-year old, some nipping and jumping upon events.  His family made the difficult decision to surrender Koda back to Moonsong.  Around that time, I was searching for another Malamute, a senior preferred, as my current Mal of 10 years was on a physical decline from bi-lateral Achilles’s failure and Stage 3 Sarcoma. He, Bodie, passed shortly after Koda arrived. I miss him terribly.  Koda popped up on the Moonsong website.  I offered my interest in Koda to Moonsong and on March 10 trekked to Sheridan to meet his adoptive family, then returned to northern Colorado with Koda. Note, Colorado is not on the Moonsong radar of potential Malamute homes, yet here he is. I appreciate the trust Moonsong has given us.

Kodi is now his daily name, a morphed version of Bodie my previous Mal. Kodi loves attention and I am happy to oblige him. He can be fussy about meals, or offered treats, or that whirring vacuum cleaner…in short he is a Malamute. He has his standards and unwilling to adapt…Malamute. He demands my attention…Malamute. He is affectionate and accepting of my weak and odd human ways…Malamute. And yet, I can wrestle Kodi down and scrub his belly, mess with his precious paws and do all sorts of human invasive acts without him freaking out. He is after-all a Malamute.

Recently, I was contacted by Polaris about fostering a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees that was rescued from a Mal breeding operation. She is beautiful (and JUMBO!) and settling into her new world well. Katy (named for Katy Flanagan) and Kodi live in separate kennels and get their facetime through iron gates and panels. Come spring we will return to neighborhood walkabouts.


I am blessed with the breed and those Mals with whom I have shared my life.
Kelly, Kodi and Katy.

Olaf has been part of our pack for approximately six months! In these short six months, we have thoroughly enjoyed his PURE DOG personality and strength.  He can easily jump a 5 foot snow bank!  We have discovered he absolutely loves toys and will easily destroy a squeaky toy within minutes. He's been on several road trips and has visited Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin already!. He's living the life when he is going for car rides; you can see the pure joy on his face! He has brought so much excitement into our house with his loving attitude and playful personality. He is a morning snuggler and if he is allowed on the couch, he acts like a King on his throne. We've also learned how much he thoroughly enjoys watching TV. When he gets the pleasure of being a couch potato his favorite movies are Eight Below and Togo. He likes to root for sports on TV, especially football (Go Pack Go!). It took him some time to warm up to us, but now that he has, he's the sweetest boy. We are so appreciative for all the work that Moonsong does for these dogs!

Lars, Tiffany, and Olaf
Rikki & Dakota

Hi there! It’s me Rikki. I’m sure you remember me!  It was a little over a year ago that my hoomans totally failed at fostering and I am became a full-fledged part of my furever family. And boy has it been a crazy year! Me, my bro, Dakota, and my sis, Bambou, (oh and those hoomans) moved from Boise to Santa Rosa, CA where I learned to take luxurious sun baths in the backyard and sniff the pretty flowers my mom planted. They said I was a pushy girl, but really I’m just a sassy pants princess. My parents think this is pretty funny…most of the time. They are good at setting boundaries though, so this helps make sure I stay safe and healthy. I am a super cuddly girl, I love to snuggle up with my mom and dad. I also love to give lots of kisses. I really like food so that makes training a blast and I like to take walks while we train, so that is super fun. Me and Dakota also do a lot of wrestling and playing and that keeps us both pretty happy dogs. When I’m just hanging out at home, I like to look out the window and make sure everything is good in the neighborhood, sleep on my special dog bed, or sometimes crawl in the bathtub for some quiet time. At least that’s how it worked in California. We just recently changed houses again and are now living in Reno, NV. I guess my dad got a new job there or something like that. I’m really excited to move back to a place with 4 seasons and where it snows sometimes…I missed that in California. And I hear there are lots of days of sunshine here, so I won’t have to give up bathing in the sun – Woo Woo!

Hey, what’s up? Dakota here. So, I hear that Moonsong would like an update to hear how I’m doing. Well, I’m great! It’s been two years since my parents adopted me and I found my furever home. It took me a little while to adjust to living with them. They kept trying to put up tall gates and close the door to my crate. I wasn’t really cool with those situations, so I just let myself out of my crate or climbed over the gates and then went where I wanted in the house. Eventually my people figured out that I was fine in the house during the day as long as I could go out the doggie door for some outside time and the door to my crate was always open for a nap. Since then it’s been great. I am a little naughty sometimes because there’s this thing called counter surfing and I am SO amazing at it. My people don’t seem to like it as much as me though, so they keep putting things in the oven and the microwave even when they don’t cook them. I’m still trying to figure that out. My favorite thing though is toilet paper – Yum! I really like it when my parents forget to close the bathroom door and I get to play with a fresh roll. They usually close the door though, so I guess I’m training them well to keep those doors closed. Thanks to our continued training I walk really great on leash and only pull a bit when I’m super excited. I’m a pretty mellow dude and really easy going at home. I like to stretch out and sleep with my belly in the air. I also like to get head scratches from my mom and dad. Like my sister, Rikki, I love sun baths in the back yard and often fall asleep out there. We’ve had a lot of change this last year moving to California and now Nevada, but I just roll with it. As long as my people are with me, I’m good.

Love Elyssia, Dean, Dakota and Rikki
Kira and I became a family in December 2019.  She was a very quiet dog at first, but she's found her voice since coming to live with me.  First thing in the morning and every evening, she talks, talks, talks.  She loves to go for walks or rides in the car, anything to get out of the house with me.  Her aches and pains are under control with medication, with a few challenging days but more good days than bad.  Kira has one brother "Chevy" a pit bull and "Tard" the cat. They all get alone great!  I believe she loves me as much as I love her.  She is GREAT.  Thank you Moonsong for bringing her into my life.

Kay, Kira, Chevy and Tard
When we received Thunder he was an extremely traumatized dog from a puppy mill/hoarding situation.  The good news is he now doing great!  He’s very intelligent and knows our children and grandchildren by name and is thrilled when they come to visit.  He’s also very brave, having chased off a bear by barking at it when it visited our house last year. It’s hard to believe, despite weighing over 75 lbs, he loves sitting on my lap.  He usually squishes the heck out of me but he obviously is very affectionate.  
We’re very grateful to all the Moonsong volunteers who helped get Thunder from Wyoming to our house in east King Co, WA. He’s very happy to have a doggy buddy to share our home on acreage with and has a great life with us thanks to Moonsong.  

Love, Jean, Dave, Foxy and Thunder
Nacho is doing well and has blended into the family perfectly.  He's met a few of his human nieces and nephews and did wonderful with them. He's starting to come of out of his shell more and more every day.  He takes up the entire love-seat when he hangs out inside, but really loves the cool air outside.  Last night, he snuggled with me for a quite a while before I went to bed, which melted my heart.  We're both just over the moon with how well he's doing and feel like we won the lottery with him.  We've learned he is house trained, crate trained, and knows how to sit and shake as well.  He's starting to get more familiar with our routines and pick up on words like "hungry", "bed", and "work".  We're looking forward to taking him camping and seeing how he does in the mountains.  We've been walking him daily and I've been spoiling him with making meatballs and veggies to supplement his food.  He loves his mealtime, for sure, but we're monitoring his weight to make sure he doesn't gain weight.  He's also a great help when I'm baking dog biscuits, although, he has no "personal space" a few times I almost fell over him because he was laying right behind my feet. 

Love, Debi, Dustin and Nacho
Nanook and Teeko
Nanook and Teeko are doing good.  It took a few months and a few fights to get them to like each other, but they have become really good friends.  We've had Nanook for 3 months and Teeko for 15 months. They love to go running 4-5 times a week and like to go outside together and play "King of the Hole" with one of the numerous holes they have dug.  Nanook is very loving and sweet.  She loves to cuddle and is starting to give kisses.  Teeko is the sweetest boy.  He loves his runs and going for car rides.  They both love our family as much as we love them.  We are so GRATEFUL to Moonsong for all you do and blessing us with our 2 beautiful dogs!!!

Love always,
Sean, Shelley, Teeko and Nanook
Woos'N Brews
Thank woo to everyone who attended the Woo's N Brews fund raising event at Edge Brewing on 10th St.  With generous donations from Habitat Veterinary Hospital, Divine Massage, Bark'n Purr, The Royal S'Paw, Camp Wow Bow, Edge Brewing, Barbarian Brewing, Boise Brewing, Lost Grove, Mad Swede, Bier 30, RePOP, Banana Ink, The Chocolate Bar, Stillwater Float Center, Txikiteo and more, Moonsong raised a over $1,600!!!
Gone But Not Forgotten
Our condolences to Freddie and John who fostered Fluff.
Our condolences to Evelina Haglof who was adopted by Coda 10 years ago. Coda, who passed away last year, was a wonderful dog and was loved by many. 
Looking For Our Furever Home! 
Click on the picture to read the dog's bio.
Get your Spring bulbs from Three Rivers Wreath and Plant Company! A portion of the sales are donated to Moonsong!
Upcoming Events
Mally Rally - every other Sunday.
Next rally is Sunday, March 15, 10:30am - 11:30am at Ann Morrison Park. Enter at the Americana Blvd. entrance and park left of the pond. Additional details are available on our Facebook Event page.
Donated to your favorite Idaho non-profit on Idaho Gives, the 24-hour day of online giving celebrating Idaho’s nonprofit.
Join us for the Military Appreciation Block Party sponsored by Camp Bow Wow on Saturday, May 16, noon-4pm at 3430 South T.K. Ave., Boise. Radio remote with live DJ broadcast, vendors, raffle giveaways, food trucks, mobile microchipping, dog costume contest, Parade of Homes Dog Raffle and Auction of 20 dogs houses and more!  Hope to see WOO there!
Moonsong Malamute Rescue operates solely on donations and volunteer time. Please consider becoming a member of the Moonsong Musher's Club with a monthly tax-deductible donation.
Moonsong Malamute Rescue, Inc.
President, Gina Day-Price
Vice President, Andrea Allen
Treasurer, Fredell Qualls
Secretary, Lorran Carlston
Director, Steve Carlston
Director, April Hanich
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