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August 2019
Moonsong Malamute Rescue is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to assisting Alaskan Malamutes when in crisis. We assist in Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and N Nevada.
Dog Stung By A Bee? Here's How To Treat It
Flowers, grasses, and trees are blooming, and the pollinators are out in force. This is great news for plants, and less great news for our canine friends. Dogs are more prone to being stung by insects than we are, given that they aren’t always aware that some of the buzzing, flying insects they love to chase can hurt!
The most likely sting suspects are the Hymenopteraspecies, which include bees, wasps, hornets, and fire ants. As an emergency veterinarian, I often treated dogs who suffered bee and wasp stings, with reactions ranging from very mild localized swelling and pain to anaphylactic shock. These symptoms were sometimes caused by a direct sting to the muzzle or paw, but in some cases, they occurred when a dog ingested a bee! It’s important to know what is normal and what is not when this happens. Courtesy of Whole Dog Journal

Annual Dog Vaccines: Are They Necessary?

Day after day, we hear stories about the dangers of annual dog vaccines and the harm they do to our dogs. Over-vaccination can cause your dog problems ranging from immediate allergic reactions to life-long chronic disease and even death.

Despite the fact that your dog doesn’t need boosters to protect him, far too many vets (as many as 60% of US vets, according to some sources) are still vaccinating their patients annually …

And they’re doing it without bothering to inform dog owners that boosters are usually unnecessary – and they’re also risky. Dog owners trust their vets and often don’t question their recommendations. Courtesy of Whole Dog Journal

Adoption Updates
Lani Sue, AKA Lani Fani. 
She is the biggest blessing to us, and brings such joy and happiness to our world. Moonsong may have rescued her, but she most definitely rescued us when we adopted her!!!
She makes us laugh constantly, comforts us (and very much dislikes) when we are sad or crying, and loves loves loves to play chase and "keep away". She also lives for bike rides, where she runs with a giant smile on her face the entire time. Her personality is so hilarious, and she constantly has us laughing aloud. 
Lani's favorite snack is raw carrots, so much so, these have become her treats/biscuits. We buy large juicing bags of organic carrots and they don't last long!! A healthy alternative I must say!! 
Lani also loves children and gets so very excited when they come to visit. Although she is extremely big, she is conscious of her size, never mowing the little ones over. She loves to have the kids chase her around the yard, smiling the entire time! (Of course under constant adult supervision)
Lani has a fellow malamute male in the neighborhood that is her "boyfriend". His name is Buck. It's quite cute actually. They howl to each other from their yards, and go absolutely crazy when one walks by the others yard. Cover your ears because the howling gets loud and intense with love.
Although not fond of baths, Lani loves to wade in the river in the summer and absolutely loves the snow in the winter, running and shoving her face through the new powder. Again, that giant smile beaming through. She loves to catch snowballs in mid air. She sometimes forgets the snow can be slippery or icy, runs too fast, and takes a face plant in the snow. Again, making us laugh. She shakes it off, just to do it again. 
What can we say, we love her to the moon and back. She is amazing!!!

Suzette and Kadi
Miki and Kira
Kira and Miki have both come a long way since the early days of coming to live with us.  When Kira first came to us, it didn't seem like a very auspicious start. She hid in the back of the yard and didn't want to come in and some days she didn't want to go out. When Miki came to us, he was super thin and recovering from giardia. Fast forward a couple of months and now the two of them rip around the backyard. Miki has filled out and he’s helped Kira feel surer of herself, less fearful of noises and the unknown.
Kira, a malagator, enjoys all water, except for the bathwater of course! She has an astonishing ability to find mud too. Miki seems less sure of this water stuff and doesn't enjoy running through the sprinkler in the same way as Kira.  Although Kira is friendly, she does not enjoy going to the vet; whereas, Miki is always happy to meet new people and animals--even at the vets.
Kira won over our cats quickly as she likes to lick their heads and nibble their ears, grooming them. Helping Miki become cat friendly has been more work. Though he didn't think they were lunch, he was pretty sure that the cats were toys and thought it was wonderful that mama had gotten him such fun moving toys to chase! The cats were not amused. Thank goodness he has gotten much better and the cats are mollified. 
Kira and Miki enjoy going for long walks and we’re fortunate to live where there are lots of walking trails nearby.
It is such a joy to see how far they've both come. They are a wonderful and joyful addition to our lives. When we come home from having been gone running errands, before we even get in the house, they start a chorus of howling that sounds more like we have an entire pack waiting for us then just two.
I have never seen a dog happier to greet the morning than Miki. I am not a morning person, but he is so happy to greet me in the morning, wagging his curly tail with a big smile, and then Kira comes over wagging her big fluffy tail and it is hard not to smile back. We are happy that they are part of our family, so a big thanks to Moonsong for bringing us together!
Cat, Dan, Miki and Kira
It has been eleven months since Nyssa came into our lives. She continues to amaze and amuse.

For a while there, I thought Bud was talking to himself. No, he was talking to Nyssa in a soft-sweet voice. We believe she understands even though she does exhibit selective hearing (mala-tude). Here favorite words are walk and eat.

We have come to the conclusion that she really doesn't like to ride. She will reluctantly "load up."

She has selected her sleeping place, the lower bunk in the guest bedroom or the area rug in the same room. Come 8:00, she heads up the stairs, if her joints are not "barking" to settle in for the night.

When she hears me in the kitchen, rattling pots and pans, she assumes her position on her rugs (one next to the dining table and one in the door way to the mud room, which is adjacent the stove. She is always the lady and waits until we can get her meal plated and served.

We think she misses the snow, but now her favorite mud hole is visible.

When she walks, the neighbors fuss over her. Tell her how pretty she is. She talks to them too.

A while back, we went to appointments and left her with a dental chew. When we returned, she had split the chew and attempted to hide the pieces in the corners of the couch.

Since Nyssa has joined the household, Bud and I have increased our exercise time because we are always stepping around, and over her to get to our destination.

We are very thankful that Nyssa found us.
Bud and Paulette
Hi Nikki here, checking in to tell you about my new life with my Mastiff brother and Border Collie/Husky/??? sister.  We all live with our human mom who spoils us a lot with loves, cuddles, walks, brushing and yummy meals - but not as many treats as I'd like to eat.

Speaking of eating it seems I have a bad habit of eating anything that passes in front of my nose and have had to go to the doctor a couple times for xrays to be sure I didn't eat things that would hurt me. I use to really itch a lot all over but luckily that stopped a bit ago when I decided mom was going to keep me with her and I was in my for always home.

Now when Mom goes to work though I get very anxious and have chewed up some of the drawers in the kitchen trying to find the treats. I don't think Mom was very happy with me because now the kitchen has a cage around everything and the treats are on the fridge where I can't get to them. But, I don't get in trouble when she comes home and she tells me what a good boy I am! 

To show her I love her and I am a good hunter I bring her squirrels and birds and mice that I catch; I used to eat them but mom says ick and takes them away. 

We all greet mom every time she comes home with quite a song of woo-woo's, woof-woof's and bark-bark's - we make her laugh.

I have two favorite times everyday: when we all go for our morning walks and especially when I get on mom's bed after she makes it and we have our morning cuddle time. Life is happy with my new pack; I'm no longer afraid to go outside after dark or that I will be locked outside.  Woo-woo! Woo-woo!!! I love to talk! Woo-woo!!

Love, Diana, Nikki, Mojave and Nayla
Koda Bear
Koda (fna Sonny) came to our fur-ever family four months ago and we don’t know what we ever did without him! He is such a perfect boy.  He and the cat have become pretty good friends and he plays well with our daughter’s dog that is staying with us long term. He loves to go several times a week to play in the pond at the hollow that is less than a mile away from our house.  He is a real maligator! He is so playful and loving.  He thinks he is one of the kids.  He plays in their blanket forts and jumps on the trampoline with them every time they go out.  In fact, he thinks we bought the trampoline for him.  It makes an excellent dog bed and just his size.  Koda likes to cuddle on his terms, meaning he can lay or lean on you, but you better not lean back.  Morning cuddles and belly rubs are the best!  He’s very talkative and always lets us know what he wants.  Zoomies in the backyard (and occasionally the house) are so fun.  He’s an excellent camper and loves to sleep in the tent.  Thank woo Moonsong for taking such good care of him and working so hard to find him a family that is the perfect fit! We love our Koda Bear so much!

Love, Kim and family

A huge THANK WOO to Bark n' Purr and Zignature for their generous donation of food for our foster dogs.

"There's nothing we love more at Zignature than lending a helping "paw" to animals. We all understand how vital excellent nutrition is to our health and well-being. Everything we do starts with good nutrition. The same goes for animals."
Gone But Not Forgotten
Our condolences to Linda Heymering and family who were loved by Tika.
Big Max
Big Max passed away on Easter Sunday. He was an extraordinary friend, always happy and ready for fun. Our condolences to Cara and family.
Our condolences to Michelle Gamroth on the passing of Bandit.
Looking For Our Furever Home! 
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Fall is coming! Spruce up your yard with bulbs from Three Rivers Wreath and Plant Company. 
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