Keep your child safe: if absent, please contact the office before 9:30am

He mihi tenei kia koutou nga matua, me nga kaitiaki o a tatou tamariki. Tena koutou katoa

Thursday 2 May 2019

Term 2, Week 1                                 


Welcome to Term 2 at Kenakena School, especially to families who are new to the school. 
We have 8 children new to Kenakena, bringing our school roll to 548

This is also the term where winter sports are in full swing.  If you’re a spectator parent, please set a good example. Fun is by far the most prevalent reason given for children’s participation in sport.
“Be a Sport. Show your Support”

  • Encourage your child, and other people’s children, in their efforts in sport

  • Insist that your child plays within the rules and plays fairly

  • Respect your child’s efforts the same regardless of whether s/he has won or lost

  • Display self-control on the sideline.  Always be positive.  Do not ridicule players or shout at them in a negative fashion.

  • Watch your child play and let him/her enjoy the game 

                                                           A photo from the 2018 Netball Final

Touch Rugby


I would also like to acknowledge and thank the parents who coached our touch rugby teams throughout the local competition in Term 4, 2018 and Term 1 this year. 
Thanks to Katie Magalogo for coordinating Kenakena’s involvement in the competition.
Many children I talked to at school about their involvement in touch were very excited and positive about it.





The twelve artists flanked by teacher Janine McDonald (left) and Dutch Teacher Trainee and Intern,Lotte Zindel.


Cassie Busing and Lisa Digovich, two of the twelve artists have written this about our new mural:
You may have seen a new mural in school. If not, then it is being displayed on the back of room 6!
Twelve children were chosen from Rm 24 and Rm 25 to complete this task of a mural, and have succeeded.
The revealing was yesterday, so thank you to all the people who were able to turn up. The mural is called ‘Exploring Aotearoa’ or ‘Te Tirotiro i Aotearoa’, and represents three special birds of New Zealand: the Tui, the Fantail, and the Kiwi; all well painted into this mural!
The whole mural is six different panels (2 people to each), and three different colour themes, (one colour for each bird). All the students that have taken part in this mural have totally developed it themselves, along with the help of Janine Mc Donald, and Lotte Zindel.
Overall, it has been a great project and we hope you enjoy the new mural - ‘Te Tirotiro i Aotearoa’.




The 2019 Kenakena School Boys’ Mentoring Programme gets under way this term.  An information evening for the parents of Year 6 boys took place at the end of last term as a prelude to the programme, which is managed by Ryan Jackson and Andy Jenkins.
The programme targets Year 6 boys (predominantly 10 year-olds) as we would like to prepare them for the transition from boyhood to manhood with the onset of puberty and their entry to the Year 7&8 area of our school where we expect them to be leaders, role-models and mentors for younger children.
The goal of the programme will be to develop the following:

  • Social skills (including, communication, helping others and being part of a team)

  • Confidence and self esteem

  • Self-management (including goal-setting, self-discipline, self-awareness personal organisation and responsibility)

  • Leadership


The activities the boys are involved in during the programme are directly related to these goals.  The mentoring programme is part of a home-school partnership that includes parent involvement, ‘before’ and ‘after’ data collection and analysis from the boys, their parents and their teachers.
The long-term outcome we are hoping for is for boys to grow into positive, confident and non-violent young men who will contribute to the long-term betterment of our community.  As young men are over-represented in crime and suicide statistics, we believe we can do something positive to counter this trend.
The established programme has been very successful.




Paid Union Meetings for Primary Teachers and Principals in the Kapiti area are being held from 1.30pm to 3.00pm on Tuesday May 7 and Thursday May 9. 
To minimize disruption, 50% of Kenakena teaching staff will be attending the Tuesday 7 meeting and 50% will attend the Thursday 9 meeting.

What will this mean for your children?
Remaining teachers in each teaching team will supervise children.  Half of the teachers in each teaching team will remain each day to supervise children from classes in that team whose teachers are attending the meeting.
What will your children be doing at school on those afternoons?
Our teachers are planning to run each afternoon similar to the very successful Global Play Day on February 7.
Can you pick your children up from school at 12.45pm and take them home for the afternoon?
Teachers would be happy if you were to do that, given that they are doubling up on supervision.  Please email your children’s teachers if you are planning to keep them at home for the afternoon. 
The reason Kenakena has chosen to split our teachers’ attendance over the two meetings is to avoid disruption to parents who are in employment. 
Why are paid union meetings being held?
You will recall the stalled negotiations between education sector union NZEI and the Ministry of Education that led to strike action in 2018.  NZEI and the Ministry of Education have been back at the negotiating table this year. You may recall the paid union meetings that were to be held in March being rescheduled following the Christchurch terror attack. The upcoming meetings will involve teachers and principals and to vote on next steps following the rejection of the Ministry of Education’s latest contract offer.
Children need teachers with enough time to teach so they can give your children the attention they deserve, and children need talented and inspiring people to be attracted to teaching. Children are missing opportunities to learn because teachers are bogged down in administration or are struggling to get enough support for children with additional learning needs. It’s Time to address these issues.
I have been a school principal since 1990 and have seen a steady increase in bureaucratic compliance and under-resourcing that has affected the ability of educators to do what we a trained to do.  The current Minister of Education has commissioned a wide-ranging review of the whole education system, which I hope will address some of the inhibitors that affect our ability to do the best for your children.
There are also issues with the pay and working conditions of teachers and other school staff that need addressing if we are to attract and retain the best people. 
The Kenakena School Board of Trustees, as the employer of the school’s staff and the trustees for the education of your children, is supportive of teachers attending the Paid Union Meetings, which are held in accordance with Section 26 of the Employment Relations Act (2000).




Please be aware that the time before 8.30am is teacher preparation time.  Please do not send your children to school prior to 8.30am, as they will not be supervised.
I look forward to another exciting, motivating and positive term at Kenakena School.
Bruce McDonald


School News


School Photo Day has been re-scheduled, now on Tuesday 11 June 19(Week 7, Term 2). 
As last year your children will bring home an individual code AFTER the photos have been taken and you will be able to view them online BEFORE having to order and pay. 

The only exception is for family/sibling photos which need to be ordered and paid for (no eftpos sorry) by 8.30am on Monday 10 June. They can also be paid online, no need for the envelope, at



Tuesdays for 4 weeks 
Dates are:  11, 18, 25 June & 2 July 2019.

On these days, please send your Year 5 & 6 child to school wearing comfortable clothes and wearing sock.
The students will be taken by bus from School to Kapiti Gymnastics, Mazengarb Road.
There will be a small cost involved to cover transport
Cost per student will be confirmed soon.


Nikau Foundation grant to the Dyslexia Programme

The dyslexia programme has received a $5000 grant through the generosity of Nikau Foundation. This follows grants over the past two years – last year’s funding allowed us to run an accelerated reading programme for children on the dyslexia programme, which helped those children make huge progress over a short period of time. This year’s grant will fund more one-on-one reading time as part of the dyslexia programme. Nikau Foundation provides funding to a range of causes on the Kapiti Coast - you can find out more at Kenakena is grateful for the continuing relationship we have with Nikau Foundation and its donors in its support of the dyslexia programme.

Treat your mum to a home grown beauty!

Kenakena’s keen gardeners will be selling produce as available on Friday afternoons, by the juicy stand.
Look out for Earlicheer jonquils and geraniums.

Lovely flowers just in time for Mother’s Day.

All proceeds support the Kenakena Vegetable Garden


Emergency Report 


Thank you to the families that have donated cans of food to be used if we have to keep your child at school for an extended period of time.
We do require more cans and would really appreciate you sending one can of any suitable food eg- spaghetti, baked beans, fruit.
Many thanks.
Tina Buchanan
Assistant Principal

New Contact Details?

Please let us know if you have changed address, phone numbers or email addresses so that we can keep in contact with you.


Parent Feedback on Movin’March:

Movin’March was a month-long event organised by Greater Wellington Regional and local Councils to encourage students to walk or wheel to school.  To help us improve our programme, please complete Greater Wellington’s parent survey before it closes on Monday 20th May.  Respondents can go in the draw to win a $100 Prezzy card! 
We appreciate your help - your comments will help us encourage more students to walk and wheel to school.


Seesaw Accounts

Please be advised that you can access Teachers Syndicate Newsletters, Notices and also see some of your child's class work posts on your child's Seesaw account. If you have not already done so, why not sign up now. Please email you child's teacher if you need guidance on how to sign up.


Heelys - Avoid Those Tears!

The school recommends that children DO NOT wear "Heelys" shoes to school due to the high number of injuries they cause wearers.

Tiaki Card Winners 

Tiaki card winners will be drawn soon .

The lucky winners will receive a free Friday lunch voucher thanks to our School Parent Network.

Be Prepared for Winter 


Spare Clothes 
It is getting cooler and wetter at this time of year, so please consider sending your child with a change of clothes, particularly spare socks & pants as they are likely to jump & play in the puddles :) 

If your child suffers from Asthma / Seasonal Asthma, could you send your childs inhaler to school with them or we are more than happy to keep it for them at the school office. 
The children are also training for the cross country run at the moments and we have had a steady stream of kids coming to the medical room needing to borrow an inhaler.  

House of Sound In-School Music Lessons 

House of Sound provides professional but fun, curriculum based music lessons during the School day. Classes are 25 minutes long and are in groups of 3 - 5. Options available are: Mean Beats (Percussion and Drums), Six String All-Stars (Guitar), Cool Keys (Keyboards) and Star Finders which is an introduction to music for year 2 & 3 Students covering Piano, Ukulele and Percussion. Mean Beats, Six String All Stars & Cool Keys  are only available for years 4 and up.
To enroll your child in these fabulous music lessons grab an enrolment form from the office or go to and click the “enrol for in-school music lessons” button. 
For more information please  email:

Board of Trustees Elections

Board of Trustees Elections Coming Up!

Next term (June 7th), we will be holding our Board of Trustees elections.  More information will be provided closer to the time, but in the meantime if you are thinking about standing please look at the following website for more information


Netball Uniforms will be handed out tomorrow. 

Please urgently return any sports uniforms that needed to be handed back to the school library. Several are still outstanding. 

Kapiti Basketball Association Kiwi Hoops  

Info at
Register here 
Mixed Adult Scrimmages on Sundays


Futsal - Term 2

  Info here 


Paraparaumu Junior Badminton starts Monday 29th April at Kapiti College old gymnasium.
School years 4 - 7 runs from 5 til 6pm, school years 8 and above runs from 6 til 7pm.
Cost $3 per night or $25 for the term.
Contact Mike - 027 2824589

School Parent Network News

FRIDAY LUNCH ORDERS – Only available to be ordered on KINDO Starting from THIS Friday, So NO cash or eftpos orders.   

Due to the lack of support to count lunch money on Friday mornings, ALL orders will have to be placed online through the KINDO school shop, starting in Now, Term 2.

Instructions for making payments to school through KINDO are here
Questions?  email or phone the helpdesk 0508 4KINDO (0508 454636)

Entertainment Book Fundraiser

Kenakena School is fundraising with Entertainment!

We now have a few hard copies of the new book available to purchase at the school office for $65.

Your support really helps our School.

                                  SUPPORT US NOW!

View the Wellington book here


Parent Network Meeting Dates for 2019

13 May

10 June

5 August

9 September

21 October

M&M Master Butchers Fundraiser

When you make a purchase at M&M Master Butchers, Paraparaumu Beach, show your M&M/Kenakena School card and have your receipt stamped.  Put all your stamped receipts in the special box in the school office and the school will receive a 5% rebate of the total of all receipts.  Cards are available from the school office. 


Koromiko Trip to Island Bay - Term 2 (Y3 & 4)

This trip can be paid for in full or installments on KINDO under Fees & Donations

It's Easy to Order Friday Lunches on KINDO!

Instructions for making payments to school through KINDO are here
Questions?  email or phone the helpdesk 0508 4KINDO (0508 454636)


Dates to Remember
Tuesday 7th May 
Primary Teachers Union Meetings 
12.45 pm  - you may collect your child from school and take them home without affect to their attendance record. Alternatively students may remain at school for play activity afternoon until 3pm.

Thursday 9th May 
Primary Teachers Union Meetings 
12.45 pm  - you may collect your child from school and take them home without affect to their attendance record. Alternatively students may remain at school for play activity afternoon until 3pm.

Monday 20th May
Board of Trustees Meeting 7.30pm

Friday 24th May
Rms 1,2,4 Trip to Island Bay

Tuesday 4th June
Rms 11,15,18 Trip to Island Bay

Tuesday 28th May
School Cross Country

Tuesday 11 June
School Photo Day

Wednesday 12th June
Inter-School Cross Country

Tuesday 18th June
Year 7 Boostrix Immunisation

Thursday 20th June
Paraparaumu College - YR 8 Orientation Day 

Tuesday 25th June
Kapiti College - YR 8 Orientation Day 


Wednesday 23rd October
Parent Teacher Interviews
School finishes at 2pm

Thursday 24th October
Parent Teacher Interviews
School finishes at 2pm

Tuesday 29th October
Year 8 Gardisil (final dose)

Saturday 9th November
Festival of Fun

Friday 22nd November
Teacher Only Day

Monday 16th December
Year 8 Graduation

Tuesday 17th December
School Finishes 12 midday

Term Dates for 2019
Term 1: Thursday January 31 - Friday April 12
Easter Holiday & Anzac Day are during the holidays
Term 2: Monday April 29 - Friday July 5
Term 3: Monday July 22 - Friday September 27
Term 4: Monday October 14 - Tuesday December 17
Lunch Menus

School Parent Network Friday Only Lunches - NEW Order Forms

Juicies are BACK!!  Order & Pay on Kindo or line up at 3 pm on Fridays 

You can pre purchase your jucies for just $1 with your child's lunch order on Fridays.

Children will receive a stamp (or similar) to indicate they have pre purchased a juicie.

Your child will then be able to collect their juicie from outside the hall on Friday from 3pm. 

The' juicie ladies' will have a list of names of those who have pre purchased.

It will also be possible to purchase from outside the hall at 3pm on Fridays.

Friday Lunch Orders

Please be reminded that ALL Firday Lunch Orders must now be placed and paid via KINDO.
Please be advised if you placed your child’s lunch order through Kindo and then for some reason they will not be at school for lunch that day, you can cancel the order and the payment will be credited to your account.  You must do it before 9am on Friday though.  To cancel the order, go to “My Orders” on Kindo and select “cancel” next to the order.  If you do not cancel the order, we cannot do it for you and we cannot credit your account.
Community Notices

Traffic Safety

At Kenakena the majority of parents are considerate in their driving, parking, and helping get children to and from school.  However, we feel it is timely for us to remind everyone of the correct traffic behaviour when dropping off and collecting children from school to ensure everyone’s safety.
With thoughtfulness, common sense, patience and courtesy we are sure we can continually improve traffic congestion, parking, and the safety of our children whilst getting to or from school.  Thank you for your anticipated co-operation and support for this.
Please ensure that anyone else involved in helping get your children to or from school reads these notes.
The below is flyer shows what fines that can be issued around schools if drivers choose to park unsafely, on broken Yellow lines, Bus stops, Disability parking spaces without an appropriate permit and over or within one metre of residents driveways.  Please give everyone a fair go and above all keep our kids and everyone safe.
Bruce Johnston
Transport Safety coordinator
Kapiti Coast District Council



Courses include:
✔ deportment and ramp modelling
✔ photographic modelling
✔ developing your style
✔ wardrobe planning and colour co-ordination
✔ make-up and skincare
✔ hair care and styling
✔ social and professional etiquette 
✔ confidence building and self esteem. 
✔ fashion show involvement and photo shoots

The 6 month course runs along school time table and will include a fashion show, photo shoot and end in a glitzy GRADUATION ceremony where models will be awarded their certificates. Open to male and females 3 years upwards.
COST OF THE COURSE- JUNIOR DEPORTMENT & GROOMING,$20 per week plus a once of registration and application fee of $30.
*photoshoots and Graduation will have a separate fee payable, however the breakdowns and further information will be given at the OPEN DAY, Friday 3rd May.

FRIDAY 3RD MAY 2019      Between 4PM & 6PM 
VENUE: Te Newhanga Kāpiti Community Centre

For more info contact Stacey 021 025 17781


Interested in Chess? Every Tuesday at 7pm, the Kapiti Chess Club runs a coaching session for kids. Open to everyone, regardless of level, this is a great way to learn and improve chess from an expert coach, and have some fun playing with others. We meet at the Salvation Army rear hall at 41 Bluegum Road, Paraparaumu.
Kapiti Region Schools Tournament: Saturday 25th May, at the above address, this tournament open to all primary and secondary school students, with both individual and team prizes. See here for more details.
Club Contact:

Sea Scouts

Information here

Mother's Day 5km Fun Run/Walk 

Proceeds go to the Heart Foundation to help support New Zealanders number one killer disease.
Locations – Aotea Lagoon, Porirua  AND Otaihanga Domain, Paraparaumu
Registrations – Complete an online registration and your Dick Frizzel tee shirt is couriered to you for free.  See flyer here


Mary Potter Hospice

Seeking volunteers for their upcoming Annual Street Appeal in May. We are looking for volunteers who can help us collect on the May 17th and 18th. 

Kapiti Fruit and Vege Co-op.  

The co-op is a partnership between Regional Public Health, Wesley Community Action and local community organisations to see good quality fruit and veges made available to our neighbourhoods at reasonable cost each week.

Dirt School Kids Fun Bike Race

With lots of adult encouragement and support. fun on a bike is set up for kids to have “racing”


Crawshaw Music School Information

Kapiti Music Centre Trust Information

English Lessons

Kapiti and Horowhenua for adult migrants and refugees
2 hour classes
Individual tuition by trained volunteers for 1-2 hours per week
 These services are open to permanent residents and holders of work visas. They are FREE.
Contact David at English Language Partners Horowhenua Kapiti Inc.
Ph (06) 368 6062 from Horowhenua and Otaki
Ph 0800 639 5494 from Kapiti
Upstairs NZ Post Building, corner Queen and Oxford Sts, Levin


'INFLATABLE KINGDOM - GLOW NIGHT' has sold out every year, dont miss out!


  • Poetry Competition:


GirlGuiding NZ is New Zealand’s largest girl-only organisation and it’s our vision to see that all girls and young women are inspired and empowered to take action to change their world.
Fortunately, Pippins, Brownies, Guides and Rangers now have spaces available, so girls in your area have the chance to join in. GirlGuiding NZ is for girls aged from 5-17 years old. Groups meet in the local area on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night, although more options are available.
For more information about check out our website or register your interest here. If you have any questions or would like to set up a visit, feel free to contact Georgia on or call 0800 22 22 92.

College Open Days

Open Days this year are on the following days:

Paraparaumu College

Thursday 20 June 2019 - All day 
YEAR 8 - Orientation Day 

Kapiti College

Tuesday 25 June 2019 (Hall)       
Morning session 9.30am-11.30am
Afternoon session 12.30pm-2.30pm
Wednesday 26 June 2019 (Hall)   
Morning session 9.30am-11.30am
Afternoon session 12.30pm-2.30pm
Parent Evening will be on Wednesday 26 June in the Hall 7pm and finish by 9pm.


Phone +64 4 234 1070
Fax +64 4 234 6999
2 Starboard Lane, Whitby 5024

A Marsden Whitby education for your son/daughter in Year 9, 2020
Open Day, SCHOLARSHIPS and enrolment information
You are invited to the Samuel Marsden Collegiate School Whitby Open Day, Sunday 5 May, 11am-1pm. This is a great opportunity to see the Marsden Whitby campus and find out about Marsden’s Visible WellbeingTM approach. There will be staff and students to talk to and our students look forward to showing you around.
For more information and to register visit
Scholarships - Academic Scholarships for entry into Year 9 in 2020 are now open, applications close 16 May.
Information and applications are online.
Enrolments – Apply to enrol for entry in 2020 by the end of Term 2.
For a personal tour or time in class for your son or daughter please call Lorraine Rose 04 234 1070

 After School Care & Tuition

After School Art Classes

Info here


Denise Walker Dance Academy

Do what you love!  Enrol now for Term 2.
Ballet (RAD), jazz/funk, contemporary, preschool ballet/jazz plus all new hip hop for juniors. Waikanae, Raumati & Otaki.
or contact Denise on 027 454 4073 or



sKids Kenakena - 

  sKids Kapiti/Kenakena specialises in delivering quality before school, after school and holiday programmes. We strive to create a fun and safe environment that our kids just love! Limited places available for term 1 and we are now taking bookings for term 2.  For more information on our action-packed summer holiday programme, run from Kapiti Primary School Hall, please call Jools Da Silva on 021 0254 3249 or email


FunZone Kenakena Information (Click Here)

 ‘Letting Kids Be Kids’

. For information go to or contact us on 0800 543 9696.

            New After School Care

              OPEN NOW

      (Kenakena School Hall 3-7pm) or 0800 5439696             

Annette’s Place

Annette’s Place offers one-on-one weekly teaching in a quiet place with the parent present. Just right for those children who require special care in order to learn or just need a bit of extra teaching time. This service is available for children aged 4 to 8 years. They may have a diagnosis, such as dyspraxia or autism, or may be prematurely born, or may just be having some difficulties with learning or fine motor skills.

Annette has had many years’ experience and is well qualified. She offers a free initial consultation. Contact her by phoning    021 2997 456   or emailing

As this is a school community newsletter, please let the school office know of any successes that your child/children may have had outside the school.   We are only too happy to share their achievements.

The Board of Trustees in no way validates or endorses services/products advertised.


12 Donovan Road, P.O. Box 1441, Paraparaumu Beach

Phone: 04 298 4011  Cell: 027 7818315

Check out our website

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