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He mihi tenei kia koutou nga matua, me nga kaitiaki o a tatou tamariki. Tena koutou katoa

Thursday 21 February 2019

Term 1, Week 4                                 

Notices gone home this week:

Koromiko - Oral Presentations
Whole School - Movin' March

Congratulations to the eight Year 8 students chosen to be our 2019 School Tour Guides. The tour guide roll is an ambassadorial as well as functional role. The role was advertised to our Year 8 students and attracted 26 applicants for eight positions. The applicants responded to a job description, completed a job application form and attended an interview as part of the application process: real world experience!



Whakawhaungatanga/Introductions  Meetings

51% of children are being represented at this week’s parent-teacher meetings. Thanks for keeping the important home-school partnership strong.


The Ministry of Education’s website has useful information for parents on guidance for assisting your children with their learning at home:


Thanks to your children’s teachers for hosting the meetings so well at the end of two very long days.


Annual Year 8 Kapiti Island Visits

Kenakena is the closest school to Kapiti Island and is closely linked to the history of the island through the land the school stands on (historically as Kenakena Pa) and the famous Ngati Toa chief, Te Rauparaha.


Our Year 8 students visit Kapiti Island annually as an important learning experience. The island is internationally renowned as a wildlife refuge, which we are so fortunate to have on our ‘doorstep’. Visits to the island for our Year 8 students begin on Friday, March 8 with students from Rooms 23 and 16. On Friday, March 14 students from Rooms 14, 24 and 25 will visit. They will listen to an introductory talk from the Department of Conservation ranger, where they will learn about the history of the island and the features of many of the birds for whom the island is a sanctuary. They will then climb to the summit to take in the some fantastic views (if the weather allows), seeing and hearing many of New Zealand’s endangered species along the way.


The channel between Kapiti Island and the mainland is named the Rau-o-te-Rangi Channel after Kahe Te Rau o te Rangi who, as a young woman, swam from the island to Kenakena in the early 1820’s with her baby strapped to her back to raise the alarm of an impending attack from waka (canoes) full of warriors from rival tribes coming from the north. Her epic swim is depicted on our carved waharoa (gateway) at the Donovan Road entrance to Kenakena School and also on the fabulous mural on the wall of Room 12. Kahe was a woman of great mana and strength and was one of 15 women to sign the Treaty of Waitangi.



Information on Kahe-te-rau-o-te-Rangi can be found at:


Joan Returns

Joan Hodgins, who generously funded ‘Joan’s Big Day Out’ for a group of deserving students in November last year, is visiting Kenakena next Friday, 1st March. Joan will tour the school, visit our Dyslexia Programme in action, meet students from the Big Day Out and have afternoon tea with the staff.



Bruce McDonald


School News

School Sores Often Make An Appearance At This Time Of Year 

School sores is the common name for impetigo, which is a skin condition caused by the bacteria staphylococcus (`staph’) or streptococcus (`strep’) and is easily spread around school age children.

It appears as pimples, with blisters that scab. It is common in children over one year and often appears in late summer and autumn.

In the early stages it is often confused with cold sores, but the conditions require different treatment. Impetigo is highly infectious, so you need to keep your child away from school until the condition has cleared.

What are the signs and symptoms?

Impetigo normally begins around the nose or mouth but can appear anywhere on the body, including the arms and legs and moist areas such as the armpit or groin. In babies impetigo can appear in the nappy area. The condition spreads rapidly.
  • It first appears as reddened skin
  • Red pimples then appear
  • Blisters of pus develop that eventually burst – these leave patches of yellow-crusted rash in older children.
  • If the blister is rubbed off, it leaves raw areas exposed.
  • Your child may also develop swollen lymph glands in the neck, armpit and groin

What is the treatment?

Take your child to the doctor. Although the condition is not serious, it needs to be dealt with as it spreads easily and is contagious.

Antibiotics will be prescribed in the form of cream/ointment or an oral antibiotic preparation. Ensure your child finishes the dose of oral antibiotics and do not use the antibiotic cream/ointment on anyone else.

Some areas may need a dressing.

Home care primarily involves hygiene practices to keep your child clean and to prevent the impetigo spreading.

What can I do?

Home care for your child focuses on keeping them clean, comfortable and avoiding the spread of impetigo to other family members.
  • Be meticulous with hygiene, gently washing away crusted impetigo areas with warm water and then patting dry (use paper or kitchen towels or disposable face cloths that will not be re-used).
  • Do not force the crusts off the skin, just cleanse away if they slide off easily. Do not pop blisters. Any raw areas should be left exposed to the air to help them dry out.
  • Apply antibiotic cream with a cotton swab or put directly onto a clean dressing – do not squeeze the cream directly onto the sore from the tube, as this will transfer the infection to the tube.
  • Keep a close eye on any new patches of impetigo and if you find them, start treating immediately.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after treating the impetigo and discard old dressings and cotton swabs carefully.
  • Discourage your child from touching or picking at impetigo and get them to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly. Keep their nails trimmed short.
  • Wash towels, flannels, pyjamas, sheets, pillowslips and clothes in hot water and change regularly. Launder their clothes and linen separately to other family members’ – and do not allow them to share towels or other linens.
  • Ensure your child bathes once or twice a day
  • Keep eating utensils separate from those used by others in the family.
  • To keep children comfortable, put them in loose clothing and at night try to ensure sheets or pyjamas are not irritating the skin.
  • Keep your child away from other children and babies until the condition has cleared. No children should be sent to school with school sores.
  • All family members need to be meticulous about hand washing and cleanliness to ensure no cross infection occurs.

How to reduce the risk of school sores

  • Keep finger nails short
  • Bath or shower daily to keep skin clean
  • Keep any bites or cuts covered while kids are playing outside or at school, to prevent infection entering the body by this route
  • Ensure your children do not share swimming towels with friends
  • Change bedding after sleep overs


Kapiti Basketball Association Kiwi Hoops - Term 1, 2019 

Info at
Register here 

Waikanae Football Club

2019 season registrations for children aged 4-13 open early February.
Premier Team trials 10th and 19th of February for 10th grade and above.
Contact or see for more details.

Real Madrid Clinics NZ April 2019 info here

School Parent Network News

Moola Small Change Fundraiser

Parent Network Meeting Dates for 2019

11 March

8 April

13 May

10 June

5 August

9 September

21 October

M&M Master Butchers Fundraiser


When you make a purchase at M&M Master Butchers, Paraparaumu Beach, show your M&M/Kenakena School card and have your receipt stamped.  Put all your stamped receipts in the special box in the school office and the school will receive a 5% rebate of the total of all receipts.  Cards are available from the school office. 

Dates to Remember

Thursday 21st February
Introductions Meetings

Friday 1st March
Event for New Families

Wednesday 6th March
Year 5/6 Camp until 8th

Friday 8th March
Year 8 Kapiti Island Trip for Rms 23, 16

Friday 15th March
Year 8 Kapiti Island Trip for Rms 14,24,25

Monday 19th March
Board of Trustees Meeting 7.30pm

Wednesday 27th March
Years 5-8 Swimming Festival
Coastlands Aquatic Centre

Monday 29th April
Board of Trustees Meeting 7.30pm

Tuesday 30th April
Year 8 Gardisil Vaccination

Tuesday 7th May
School Photo Day

Wednesday 12th June
Inter-School Cross Country

Tuesday 29th October
Year 8 Gardisil (final dose)

Saturday 9th November
Festival of Fun

Friday 22nd November
Teacher Only Day

Monday 16th December
Year 8 Graduation

Tuesday 17th December
School Finishes 12 midday

Term Dates for 2019
Term 1: Thursday January 31 - Friday April 12
Easter Holiday & Anzac Day are during the holidays
Term 2: Monday April 29 - Friday July 5
Term 3: Monday July 22 - Friday September 27
Term 4: Monday October 14 - Tuesday December 17

Tiaki Card Winners 

This Tiaki card winners from our last assembly were Jesse Roberts Room 11; Jahstani Rerekura-Tamaiva Room 10; Taylah McLardy Room 23; Jude Matthews Room 23; Charlie Bazley Room 21; Gregan Hughes Room 12; Saoirse Owens Room 8; Kyla Simms Room 15; Jack Robbie Room 9; and Sophie Bryant Room 10.

These lucky winners will receive a free Friday lunch voucher thanks to our School Parent Network.



Remember How Easy it is to Order Friday Lunches on KINDO!

It also saves our wonderful parent volunteers a lot of time counting cash on Friday mornings.

Instructions for making payments to school through KINDO are here
Questions?  email or phone the helpdesk 0508 4KINDO (0508 454636)

House of Sound In-School Music Lessons 

House of Sound provides professional but fun, curriculum based music lessons during the School day. Classes are 25 minutes long and are in groups of 3 - 5. Options available are: Mean Beats (Percussion and Drums), Six String All-Stars (Guitar), Cool Keys (Keyboards) and Star Finders which is an introduction to music for year 2 & 3 Students covering Piano, Ukulele and Percussion. Mean Beats, Six String All Stars & Cool Keys  are only available for years 4 and up.
To enroll your child in these fabulous music lessons grab an enrolment form from the office or go to and click the “enrol for in-school music lessons” button. 
For more information please  email:

New Contact Details?

Please let us know if you have changed address, phone numbers or email addresses so that we can keep in contact with you.

The Parenting Place for Parenting Tips

Three easy stopping cues to help you wage war against square eyes

Screens can be a great parenting ally when you need a guaranteed way of keeping kids distracted long enough for you to do literally anything you want, for as long as you want. The challenge that families face now is managing how much screen-time we should let our kids have. Or, looking at it from another angle, how much screen-free time can we give our kids?

. Read more here
Lunch Menus

School Parent Network Friday Only Lunches - NEW Order Forms

Order Forms Here

Please use these order forms from now on as some of the prices have changed.  Place order forms and money in a sealed envelope in the Blue Post Box in the administration foyer before 9am. Correct money is always appreciated. Change of less than $1 will not be given. Change of $1 or more will be returned to your children in the Friday lunch basket.


Friday Lunches


If you have ordered your child’s lunch through Kindo and then for some reason they will not be at school for lunch that day, you can cancel the order and the payment will be credited to your account.  You must do it before 9am on Friday though.  To cancel the order, go to “My Orders” on Kindo and select “cancel” next to the order.  If you do not cancel the order, we cannot do it for you and we cannot credit your account.

If you have ordered your child’s lunch by placing an order form and money in the blue box in the office, and your child leaves school before lunchtime, we are unable to refund the order or carry it over to the next week. This is because the food would have been ordered from the supplier and paid for.”
Community Notices

 Have you thought about becoming a board member for your school?

Board of trustees elections are coming up this year and there is an information evening at Waikanae School on March 18th.

Kapiti Run For Youth

Sunday March 31st

Kapiti Fruit and Vege Co-op.  
The co-op is a partnership between Regional Public Health, Wesley Community Action and local community organisations to see good quality fruit and veges made available to our neighbourhoods at reasonable cost each week.

Books At The Beach - Saturday 16th February

Migrant Connect Workshop - 9th March

Dirt School Kids Fun Bike Race
The “racing” is set up for kids to have fun on a bike, with lots of adult encouragement and support.

Free Heart Foundation Information Session for discussion on medications -
  Tuesday 12 March, 5.30 – 7.00pm
Te Newhanga Kāpiti Community Centre,
15a Ngahina St
Speaker: James Westbury, Community Pharmacist

Crawshaw Music School Information

Kapiti Music Centre Trust Information

English Lessons
Kapiti and Horowhenua for adult migrants and refugees
2 hour classes
Individual tuition by trained volunteers for 1-2 hours per week
 These services are open to permanent residents and holders of work visas. They are FREE.
Contact David at English Language Partners Horowhenua Kapiti Inc.
Ph (06) 368 6062 from Horowhenua and Otaki
Ph 0800 639 5494 from Kapiti
Upstairs NZ Post Building, corner Queen and Oxford Sts, Levin

 After School Care & Tuition

After School Art Classes

Info here

The GO Club is here!

The GO Club is back for Term 1! Kicking off on Tuesday, 5th of Feb we offer a fun, exciting after school STEM club for girls Year 2 - 8 in Paraparaumu and Paekakariki! Over 2 hours of science and technology based activities and crafts, we also provide a light afternoon tea.
For more info and to book now at
We build girls up!"


sKids Kenakena - 

  sKids Kapiti/Kenakena specialises in delivering quality before school, after school and holiday programmes. We strive to create a fun and safe environment that our kids just love! Limited places available for term 1 and we are now taking bookings for term 2.  For more information on our action-packed summer holiday programme, run from Kapiti Primary School Hall, please call Jools Da Silva on 021 0254 3249 or email


FunZone Kenakena Information (Click Here)

 ‘Letting Kids Be Kids’

. For information go to or contact us on 0800 543 9696.

            New After School Care

              OPEN NOW

      (Kenakena School Hall 3-7pm) or 0800 5439696             

Annette’s Place

Annette’s Place offers one-on-one weekly teaching in a quiet place with the parent present. Just right for those children who require special care in order to learn or just need a bit of extra teaching time. This service is available for children aged 4 to 8 years. They may have a diagnosis, such as dyspraxia or autism, or may be prematurely born, or may just be having some difficulties with learning or fine motor skills.

Annette has had many years’ experience and is well qualified. She offers a free initial consultation. Contact her by phoning    021 2997 456   or emailing

As this is a school community newsletter, please let the school office know of any successes that your child/children may have had outside the school.   We are only too happy to share their achievements.

The Board of Trustees in no way validates or endorses services/products advertised.


12 Donovan Road, P.O. Box 1441, Paraparaumu Beach

Phone: 04 298 4011  Cell: 027 7818315

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