I have an article to share with you today, but first I want to invite you to a free coaching event next Tuesday, October 6 at 2pm PST.

Dale of JDLS Budget Coaching and I are hosting a session called Why You Don't Budget (and what to do about it).

<<First Name>> - If you've tried budgeting before but it didn't stick, feel like budgeting is not for you, or it just makes you want to run away (like me, many years ago using Mint), this event is for you.

We will show you how to make a budget that works specifically for you without boring you with all the motivational crap that's usually associated with personal finance and making budgets.

We are hosting this through Coach Connections, so go here to sign up. There are a number of events available, feel free to sign up for others as well if they look interesting.


The most frequently asked question when people learn that I retired early is "How did you do that?" I've been wanting to write that article for a long time, and it's still not done. But I do want to share with you what retirement taught me about money.

It's also my first ever article with a Buzzfeed-style clickbait heading: Four Things Retirement Taught Me About Money

- Arjun
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