I swear, it wasn't a clickbait subject, but first I have a video to share with you today because one of the things you must start doing is thinking about money in terms of value [buying power] rather than dollars [Federal Reserve Note].
  • The money you have in your bank account? That's an investment in the dollar.
  • Get paid twice a month? You're dollar-cost averaging into the dollar.
  • Buying an apple? You're trading your Federal Reserve Notes for something real.

This concept was incredibly difficult for me to wrap my head around because I've been so accustomed to thinking of all things in terms of dollar value. Even when it doesn't really make any sense.
How much gas did you put in the car?
> $50

If you log into your investment account, the first thing you see is a big number showing you how much your investments are worth in terms of the dollar.

But even in the seven short years since my graduation, the fiat dollar has lost 10.5% of its buying power.
Any money that you keep in[vested in] dollars decreases in value over time.

Of course it does. We know that this is due to inflation, which is, as we have been told, an economic inevitability.

But that's just not true. Inflation is simply a feature (not a bug) of the fiat dollar system. There exist systems without inflation.

Just as a mutual fund has investment fees, the fiat dollar system has inflation, an invisible erosion of your hard-earned buying power.

You're told you have to beat inflation.

Heck, I've told you this before. But what I did not realize was that as long as you are playing the fiat game, you cannot. The only way to truly beat inflation is to leave the game. Disconnect from the server. Stop playing.

And never come back.


No joke.


Whenever you buy something, or make an investment, with the intent of converting it back to dollars after it's increased in value, you're still playing the game.

Retirement accounts are a great example. Today, you're trading your dollars for partial ownership in companies [stocks] and obligations to repay debt [bonds].

When you retire, are you going to take your partial company ownership and debt repayment obligation paperwork to the store and trade it for groceries?

No! The cashier will tell you to get lost! That paper is worthless here!

You first gotta convert those things back to dollars, then use that to buy your groceries.

And what happens when you convert back to dollars?

What happens when you re-enter the system?

Does inflation have a partner in crime?

This video explains:
Watch it directly if it didn't load properly:

And now, going back to the subject of this email....

Is the Earth flat or round?

It's the topic of my current research project.

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Till next time.

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