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September, 2022

In This Issue:

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Garden Talk from Leadership

Roger Clark, the MCMG county coordinator, will be the featured speaker at the September 6, 6 pm meeting at the Senior Citizen's Center - and it is a double header!
Post questions on the google form at
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Email questions to
by September 2, 2022
Roger will also cover :
"Dead, Dying and Diseased Plants" (Office calls Diagnosis Review for Maury County 2022)
Roger will demonstrate how Master Gardener Coordinators and Horticulture Agents go about diagnosing plant questions and the solutions found. The purpose of the talk is to help MCMG use the knowledge to help when asked a question about horticulture.

A Word from the President
Many thanks to all of you who attended our August meeting, heard about new opportunities for service at the Family Center and Maury County Fair and helped conduct the important business that was transacted.

I am sorry I couldn't be with you. My husband Ed is over COVID but still ill with something that may, or may not, be related to that virus. More tests to follow. Thank you for your concern and prayers.

Our next meeting, On September 6, is shaping up to be another good one!
  • Melanie Edwards and Annette Wakefield will discuss results of our May Plant Sale and opportunities for next year.
  • Sunshine Chair Cay McShurley, Meeting Coordinators Shannon Reece and Stephanie Horstman and Photographer Shannon Reece will report on their work and may even suggest ways you can help.
  • You'll hear more about TN Smart Yards.
  • Roger Clark, our very own UT Extension Agent responsible for the Masster Gardeners in Maury County, is the speaker. Please come support Roger and thank him for his work.
Looking forward to seeing you on September 6!
Kathie Wilson
Notes from MG County Coordinator, Roger Clark
Contact me if you would like to ride on site visit calls. These visits will count toward volunteer hours.

Watch for an announcement recruiting volunteers to man the phone at the UT Extension Office and answer gardening questions. This will count toward volunteer hours. Attend my presentation at the September 6 meeting to learn more about this process.

I will be forming an advisory committee of Master Gardeners to evaluate how things are going with our club. If you have any suggestions of changes that need to be made, good things that should be continued, etc., please let me know.
Treasurer's Report from Bruce McShurley
Balance on July 15, 2022 was $9,581.87
We had deposits of  $148.00
And expenses totaling $1,156.04
Balance on August 15, 2022 was $8,573.83
MCMG SWAG - Last order for the year! I will be reaching out for payment before placing orders as we still have items from the first order placed back in April 2022 that have not been paid for or picked up.
If you are on the list once I receive the final pricing, I will be reaching out to those who have placed order for T-shirts, Aprons and Hats. If interested please contact Sue Nagel to place your order, (307) 640-0004.

2023 Social Event Planners - Holiday Party, Intern Graduation and Meet and Greets
2023 Plant Swap Planners

HOST A HOSTA - If you would like to take care of 5-10 hosta plants from now until the 2023 plant sale contact Sue Nagel at

MEETING VOLUNTEER HOURS - April announced you earned 1.5 volunteer hours if you attended the August MCMG meeting.

NEWSLETTER STORIES - Email newsletter stories to Belinda Moss at by the 12th of the prior month.
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MCMG Achievements

One more congratulations and thank you to George and Gail Patton as they make their move to Florida. We look forward to your visits! 
Congratulations to Master Gardener Intern Candice Gourley for submitting the winning newsletter name, Garden Talk.
Welcome to Dawn Arnold from Master Gardeners of Hamilton County. Dawn has always had home perennial gardens, as well as growing vegetables and fruits. Full-time work and caring for a spouse battling cancer never allowed time to complete MG certification. At the end of 2019 her husband passed away and she retired from VUMS after 30 years. She moved to Chattanooga to care for her mother-in-law. A MG course was available in Hamilton Conty using Zoom meetings.She completed volunteer hours at Crabtree Farms - a local city donated farm providing small garden plots for low income residents, as well as plant propagation for sales and provision of fresh food for local restaurants. Her community developed a Signal Mountain Victory Garden Facebook group as people started growing food during COVID.They swapped seeds and plants, and helped each other with growing tips.

She moved back home to Middle TN this year. She is most interested in teaching others to grow their own food, protect pollinators and wildlife, make good ecological choices and share her love of nature in all forms with kids and adults. Dawn states, "Being a MG is a perfect scenario for helping others while continuing my own lifelong learning. I look forward to working with more experienced MGs in the Maury group."
Congratulations to Roger Clark on his recognition by UT/TSU Extension for receiving the George S. Foster Outstanding 4-H Agent award.
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Volunteer for the Maury County Fair
Contact Dawn Boruff at (317)371-4204 for more information.
Photo Credit: Starla Hardin

  • Perishable horticultural exhibit take in day is Wednesday, August 31, 2-6 pm. Dawn Boruff asks volunteers to arrive at 1 pm to take in projects. Judging starts at 6 pm.
  • Volunteers are needed to man the Master Gardener Booth Friday, September 2 through Sunday, September 4. Please call Dawn at (317)371-4204 for information.
  • Non-perishable intake for home centered activities and individual youth exhibits will be Monday, August 29, 12- 6 pm. Judging that night. Volunteers should arrive at 11 am.
Senior Citizen's Center Clean Up Day
August 20, 2022
Volunteers young and .... dedicated!
Shannon Reece will be coordinating TN Smart Yard classes in October. Additional information will be provided at the September meeting.
SEED COLLECTION - Start deadheading your plants and collecting seeds - any type of plant seeds - zinnias, Coneflowers, marigolds, etc. We need to work up seed packets for the Maury County Fair and other events. We will have an opportunity to put together seed packets, date to be determined.
Questions should be directed to Kelly Raimondo (985) 320-0941 or Sue Nagel (307) 640-0004

FIELD TRIPS - RSVP to Shannon Reece if you plan to attend scheduled field trips. Dates can be found in the MCMG Calendar. Refer to the email from Shannon for details.

Watch for additional project details coming soon.
PLANT SWAP - A members only plant swap for Fall, 2022.
THE FAMILY CENTER - Supporting community gardens
MAURY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY - Landscaping at the entrance
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Each month we would like to recognize a MCMG's favorite gardening book or research-based online resource on a volunteer basis. This is our first month and we are honored to have our president, Kathie Wilson, as our first volunteer.

One of my favorite gardening books in print is Southern Gardener's Handbook by Troy B. Marden. You probably know Troy from his hosting on Nashville Public Television's "Volunteer Gardener." He also writes books, magazine articles and more. (See

Southern Gardener's Handbook is a treasure trove of information about gardening in Tennessee and nearby states. It's well organized and well indexed - two essentials for me. Although just reading the chapter "Garden Like a Pro" will make you a better gardener, you'll want to read it all! And Troy's reference sections for annuals, bulbs, ornamental grasses, perennials, shrubs, and on and on are wonderful. Headings for each plant, which is beautifully photographed, include the usual data such as how to plant, hardiness, and water needs; along with other points you want to know but don't see in all handbooks like foliage color, bloom season and texture. The opening paragraph for each specimen is "Why It's Special" and captures in about two sentences the very best of the plant. Based on his descriptions, he could have said "Why You Want It!"

I've had my copy since 2014, and I use it a lot. It's available on Amazon, but the price is up $10 from the new price at that time: now $34.99 with free shipping (you decide if it's free). But then, all books are more expensive, and I still love them. If you do, I recommend Southern Gardener's Handbook. The subtitle says it all: SELECT, PLAN, PLANT, MAINTAIN, PROBLEM-SOLVE.

Kathie Wilson 
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Gardening Sunshine

Hello September, I have been expecting you, just not this soon.
It seems like only yesterday I was frequenting the Garden
Centers and scouring the seed catalogs for inspiration.
Is it really time to start thinking about planting Mums and apple
picking? Is it almost time to build fires in the fire pit and 
soak in the hot tub? What about cooler nights and star gazing, is
that time near? Is it almost time to pull out my sweaters, light a
candle and enjoy a mug of mulled cider?
Looking at the calendar, it's telling me it is time.
Ready or not, Fall is coming. Just like summer, I am going to
enjoy what it has to offer. I am going to welcome it with
excitement and anticipation.
I hope you will join me!
Until next time,
Flower:-----Aster, Forget-Me-Not
Fruits and Veggies of the Month---Grapes, Figs, Cayenne Peppers, Chili Peppers, Tomatillos, Serrano Peppers, Poblano Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers.

Nat'l Chicken Month
Nat'l Honey Month
Nal Fruit & Veggie Month
Nat'l Potato MonthNat'l Rice Month
Nat'l Whole Grains Month
Nat'l Mushroom Month 
1--Cherry popover Day 
2-5--Nat'l Farm Safety & Health Week
2--World Coconut Day
3--Nat'l Hummingbird Day
3--Int'l Bacon Day
4--Nat'l Wildlife Day
4--Macadamia Nut Day
7--Nat'l Acorn Squash Day 
10--Farmers Consumer Awareness Day
12--Nat'l Chocolate Milkshake Day
13-- Nat'l Peanut Day
13--Nat'l Ants on a Log Day 
16-- Mayflower Day 
17--Int'l Eat A Apple Day 
18-24--Nat'l Farm Animals Awareness Week
18--Nat'l Cheeseburger Day
19-25--Nat'l Indoor Plant Week
20--Nat'l String Cheese Day
22--Fall Equinox
23--Hug a Vegetarian Day
24--Nat'l Cherries Jubilee Day
26--Oct 2--Nat'l Fall Foliage Week
26--Johnny Appleseed Day 
29--Nat'l Coffee Day
30--Nat'l Hot Mulled Cider Day

Candice Gourley
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MCMG Calendar

August 30 - Fall Gardener's Festival field trip, RSVP required
August 31 - Fair horticulture take in and judging
August 31 - Ask Roger Anything question submission deadline

September 2-4 - MCMG fair booth
September 6 - MCMG Meeting, Senior Citizen Center, 6:00 pm
September 10 - Rutherford Bounty Grape Harvest Day field trip, RSVP required
September 12 - Newsletter submission deadline
September 17 - Step Back in Time - Fall Festival, RSVP required
September 20 - Tennessee Governor's Mansion & Gardens Tour field trip, FULL

October 4 - MCMG Meeting, Senior Citizen Center, 6:00 pm
October 6-7 - UT Jackson Fall Plant Sale field trip, RSVP required
October 12 - Newsletter submission deadline
October 16 - The Gentle Barn field trip

November 1 - MCMG Meeting, Senior Citizen Center, 6:00 pm
November 12 - Newsletter submission deadline

December 6 - MCMG Meeting, Senior Citizen Center, 6:00 pm
December 12 - Newsletter submission deadline
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