Week of October 24, 2022

The Wines of Lebanon • Karam & Riachi

The Phoenicians have been producing for over 2000 years. Historically, as seafarers, they sold their wines all over the Mediterranean Basin.

The Lebanese wines are produced from indigenous grapes varieties such as Meksassi, Obaideh (both white) and Sabbaghieh (red). European varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah have been successfully planted in Lebanon for nearly two centuries now.

I visited the caves of the fabled Ksara winery in Zahle as well as smaller fine producers Karam winery in Jezzine and Riachi in Kenchara.

I particularly enjoyed the experience and education at both Karam and Riachi. Gracious host is the noble character of our Lebanese brothers.

We tasted both the classic collection as well as particular wines such as Meksassi and Faqsh (boiled wine), both made Ala Liban. Of course, the tasting experience cannot be completed without trying the famous Arak Spirit made with Anise. Also, traditional Lebanese brandy is arguably among the world finest.

Shout out to Roy Riachi and Thouraya Karam for their incredible wines and extreme generosity.

Richard Poulard Grande Reserve Blanc & Rouge

Villa Aurelia Provence Rosé

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I cannot stop raving about Lebanon, land of history, tradition, delicious cuisine, fine wines, incredible landscapes and most importantly warm people. Lebanon blends the orient, Europe and the Occident, all in one incredible scenery. History, natural landscapes, mountains, pine and cedar forests, waterfalls, beautiful beaches, Lebanon has it all! I highly recommend a visit.

God Bless America!

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