Week of October 31, 2022

The 2022 World Cup of Soccer is coming upon us on November 20th in Qatar. This is by far the biggest sporting spectacle in the world. Countries from all continents play through rigorous qualification matches to reach the final 32 elite that have the privilege to compete in this tournament.

By now, you are probably wondering what does the world cup have to do with a wine newsletter?! Well, I am happy to tell you that, to a smaller extent apart from England, all the other seven winners are traditionally wine producing countries!

Europe, Italy (4 times), Germany (4), France (2), Spain (1), England (1)

South America Brazil (5), Argentina (2), Uruguay (2)

Now, don’t you think you that wine has something to do winning the World Cup! LOL. Even if you are not a fan of soccer, I invite you to watch these games from a different perspective. Start cheering for the nation where your favorite wines are produced and, of course, drinking the wine while watching. For those who prefer Italian wines, I am sorry to tell you that Italy did not make the cut for this tournament. As for me and the sake of my country, I am going to switch to Napa & Michigan wines during this tournament.

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October marks the autumn foliage in Michigan. It is an incredible season of natural beauty, colors and landscape. My wife and I make the traditional trip to upstate Michigan. Apple cider & donuts are tasting snacks favored by many. For me, I prefer to visit and taste wines from many boutique wineries of old mission peninsula. Notwithstanding, the wines from chateau Chantal and bowers harbor are my favorites, all the other wineries are fantastic!

God Bless Michigan & America!

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