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Dear Members
Welcome to June’s newsletter which will give you our latest news and hopefully give you some Arts Society creative ideas and information to keep you engaged during these curious times.
As restrictions seem to be easing, the committee are continuing to look into what we can provide for you over the coming unpredictable months. We are not confident that our venue options will be open or even if open, will be able to cater for large enough numbers because of social distancing. This creates a dilemma for us in the short term and possibly the long term. 
We will keep a close eye on this situation but in the meantime, we are exploring the real possibility that we will try to deliver the remainder of our 2020 programme via online technology. We appreciate that not all of our members can access the technology to do this but it may be our only option in the short term.
On a personal note, from my own experience please let me reassure you that the technology is really very straight forward once one overcomes one’s initial scepticism. I know of many people, including myself, who now use apps such as Zoom, quite proficiently to communicate with friends and loved ones. We also know that a large number of Arts Society lecturers are very happy to deliver their lectures together with all their visual aids using online technology.
 We will keep you closely informed of any progress on this front and please rest assured that we want to do whatever we can to continue to provide you with an ‘Arts Society Maidenhead’ programme to complement the excellent offerings from the national Arts Society. Please look out for further updates over the Summer.
The committee members join me in sending our very best wishes to you all and hope that you and yours continue to keep safe and well.
Marsha Carey-Elms
The Arts Society Maidenhead 


‘A quiz to help you get through Lockdown!’
A general Arts and Crafts quiz this month from Norma 

1.   What is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cut-outs onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other decorative elements?

2.   Name the art and craft of applying small pieces of coloured wood veneer to furniture to form a decorative pattern-inlaid work?

3.   Which popular hobby and form of sewing is counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches are used to form a picture?

4.   Scrimshaw is the name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings made into which material?

5.   Which French word for "false", often used in fashion, describes something made to resemble something else?

6.   What name is given to the art of knotting string in patterns to make decorative articles?

7.   Which Japanese term means the art of paper folding?

8.    The jewellery firm House of Fabergé was founded in 1842 in which European city?

9.   What name is given to the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush?

10.What material does the craft of Ikebana use?

(Answers at the end of the newsletter)
Have you been following The Arts Society Connected Lectures at Home?

There is a new lecture every fortnight and this one by Nicola Moorby, entitled
 'An Artist of Note; Turner and the new £20' is quite fascinating. I had to stop the lecture to go and find a note so that I could look at each of the features she was describing. Like most people, I already knew Turner was featured on it and The Fighting Temeraire but there is so much more to discover. Highly recommended!  

The latest lecture is by Marc Allum on the 'Anatomy of Collecting at Home' in which he chooses three favourites from his extensive, eclectic personal 

Look out for 'Aboriginal Art - recording the Dreamtime' by Rebecca Hossack on the 16th June. The Arts Society communications have lots of interesting articles and links - this is all part of your membership.



- not in any special order 
- links will open the resource in a new window

1. National Garden Scheme
The NGS have put a series of virtual garden visits online for everyone to enjoy.  You can view these for nothing, but even a small donation will help nursing organisations which are struggling to survive with reduced funds.  Marie Curie nurses receive their largest individual annual donation from the NGS. 

2. The National Theatre 
The theatre releases a new play weekly, at 7pm on Thursday evenings. 

3. Social Distancing Festival is an online artist’s community made to celebrate and showcase the work of the many artists around the world who have been affected by the need for social distancing that has come about due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). ​ 

4. Bucks Art Weeks 2020has been sadly cancelled this year but you can explore work by the artist who were due to be exhibiting in their expanded gallery.

5. The National Theatre 
The theatre releases a new play weekly, at 7pm on Thursday eveningsLink

6. Metropolitan Opera has launched 'Nightly Met Opera Streams' Link

7. V&A Pandemic Objects 
The V&A have many online resources. This one is an interesting editorial project that had compiled and reflected on objects that have taken on new meaning and purpose during the corona virus outbreak. Toilet paper becomes a symbol of public panic, convention centres become hospitals …

8. The Design Museum Explore the digital Design Museum, stories from brilliant designers and architects..

9. Versailles Museum Visit the virtual exhibition. 

10. The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden is offering a schedule of free broadcasts and live contentLink


Another quiz!

Can you identify these food and drink brands from a single letter? This was compiled by a friend of my eldest son and is used with his permission. If you are holding family quizzes during lockdown, it could be the tabletop round for the evening. 

(Answers at the end of the newsletter). 
Answers to Arts and Crafts Quiz 
1. Decoupage; 2. Marquetry; 3. Cross stitch; 4. Bone or ivory; 5. Faux; 6. Macramé; 7. Origami; 8. St. Petersburg; 9. Calligraphy; 10. Flowers.
Answers to Food And Drinks Quiz
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