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I kind of like the feeling of jet-lag. I got back to Chicago Monday night after six weeks away in an opposite time zone, and have been waking up naturally at 4-something in the morning the past two days. Perfect for pre-dawn early morning meditation. I'd like to keep that going. There is no substitute for the quiet energy that time of day presents.

For the last few weeks, I was studying Thai massage again with Pichest Boonthumme, staying in a quiet small guesthouse, and my daily schedule was simple. Can I bring it back with me to Chicago?

Wake up / Morning routine
Go to the market - and a temple (pictured below)
Take the bus outside of the city
Go to class
After class, go back to Chiang Mai
Get a smoothie and eat dinner
Go to sleep early
Pichest working on me one afternoon. One of the best ways to learn, to feel.
Pichest preaches in his basic English "make simple." Over, and over and over again. How many times do you need to hear it to really enact it in your life? 
He talks a lot actually. Some people come to learn Thai massage from the master only to be confused why he's talking so much and not showing massage techniques. He does both, but on his time. Be patient and wait.

He'll teach you that the "I Like, I Want! OR, I Don't Like, I Don't Want!" mindset might not be helping YOU, and how awareness of the yogic philosophy of attachment and aversion can help free you from your own created suffering.
An example a yoga teacher once gave comparing the Eastern student to the Western student went something like this:
Western student, does the pose 1 time and asks 1,000 questions, while the Eastern student does the pose 1,000 times and asks 1 question.
This has now been my 5th time to SE Asia, and I can really understand this difference now. Culturally and "mindfully" we operate in a different way.

So I go to him to remind myself to be humble. To check my ego at the door. To learn in a different way. To make my life simple. To feel good, to do good, and to say thank you and excuse me along the way. Then, when you let go of wanting so bad, somehow you learn some bodywork techniques, how to feel, and how to help people.
Inside Wat Jedlin, Chiang Mai, a temple I would sit at some mornings.
Garden Buddha Cambodia
The lovely garden Buddha outside our yoga practice space
The yoga retreat in Cambodia with Rachel Sherron and I went really well. She is a great partner and we worked smoothly together. We had an awesome group full of adventure, meaningful connection, stillness and fun. For many, it was their first time in Asia and I'm really happy that the retreat served as a hub and an impetus to visit other countries along the way. Ancient temples of Angkor Wat, motorbike led street food tours in Ho Chi Minh, a bicycle trip through the Mekong Delta, islands, elephants, Japan, India, are all a few things that participants did and visited before and after the retreat with us in southern Cambodia. And that's not to mention everything during the week we spent together.

This retreat will happen again next year WAHOO, but we are open to your suggestions of the timing. I know for some of you that wanted to come this year, the dates didn't work out. Let us know your interest as we narrow it down.

If you've never been on a yoga retreat, or would love to go to Asia, then this is an awesome option to do both with our guidance along the way.
Yoga retreat Cambodia 2018
It's easy to book a Friday afternoon Thai Bodywork appointment with me, follow the link here for booking. For any other day or location send a message to coordinate our schedules.

I'd rather spend my time helping you than doing many other things, that's the truth. I hope to see you soon.

Until next time.
Happy healing,

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