Hi old and new friends,

I hope you enjoyed our time together on Saturday at Tejas, learned a few things, and are inspired to try new approaches to your practice.

Keep reading...because at the bottom of this message I have a special offer for you!

Some concepts to keep in mind when you’re practicing:

  • Don’t do too much too quickly. Go slow.
  • Do a little bit at a time and work your way up from lighter to stronger pressure.
  • Observe and feel how some parts of your body may only be able to withstand pressure for one breath, while others parts you can stay for many minutes.
  • Think months, not days for change, especially with the stubborn parts of your body. Be patient with yourself, and remember that change takes time. 
  • Use the exercises we did as stand alone practices, or weave them into your workouts, yoga practices, and daily self care routines.
  • For sequencing ideas, go from outer to inner, inner to outer, top to bottom, bottom to top, and small movements to bigger movements to help keep you organized.
  • The practices I shared with you in class can be used as preventative maintenance,  giving yourself regular “tune-ups” (practicing to keep your body supple vs treating something after you are already experiencing discomfort) OR use them to treat problem areas in your body where you have pain or restrictive mobility.

Links I mentioned I would share with you:

  • Self massage and joint mobilization book - David Wells $12.95 on Amazon

Possible tools for self massage with props:
Various sports and massage balls, blocks, rollers, tightly rolled yoga mat, water bottle, corners of walls/desks/furniture, the back of a chair, a bed frame post - you get the idea. Use your creativity to figure out how to use an everyday object as well as your specialized tools. Get yourself in a comfortable position, relax your body as much as possible, while keeping sustained pressure and most importantly breathe and be present. That’s it. The more you do it, the more you will get the hang of it. And if you need a little help you can always schedule a bodywork session and let me do some of the work.

Yoga Retreat in March
As I announced at the end of class, we still have a few rooms available for the yoga retreat in Cambodia, March 3-9. Because you took this workshop I want to offer you a $100 discount - we’re looking for a few more people willing to take a leap of faith and join us on this great adventure to Southeast Asia. Many of last year's participants traveled for their first time to Asia, and used the trip as a starting point to explore other countries along the way (Vietnam, Japan, India, Bali…). It’s a good gateway trip to visit this part of the world! You get to spend a week relaxing, practicing yoga twice a day, warming up during winter, eating fresh food, and regenerating.

Sign up by January 31st.

As one person said last year: "Amazing amazing. You both were so incredible throughout the retreat. Great balance of yoga, group time, and space for outside adventures. Both your teaching styles complimented each other so well. Great job, seemed like you had been leading retreats for years! Hugs."

Yoga retreat pictures, info, and registration here


Thanks again for participating. I’d rather help you than not, so always feel welcome to reach out to me!

- Pierce

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