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Spring Programs

Our Spring 2021 brochure is available now! You can view and download it here on the Zatzman Sportsplex website. Spring registration will open on Wednesday, March 24 at 9 a.m. Programs are available for registration through MyRec, and are first come first serve. 
Spring 2021 Program Guide


On April 1, 2021, our membership will be returning to its normal pricing. If you purchased our 3-month 2020 Holiday Membership gift, you can activate it anytime until the end of April. We will also be introducing a new 6-month membership option!

1 Year (paid in full) - $978
1 Year (paid monthly) - $98/month
6 Months - $675
1 Month - $150

1 Year (paid in full) - $685
1 Year (paid monthly) - $68/month
6 Months - $405
1 Month - $90

1 Year (paid in full) - $450
1 Year (paid monthly) - $45/month
6 Months - $270
1 Month - $60

February was Black History Month

February was Black History Month, and in case you missed out on some of the opportunities to learn, there are some useful links and information below.

Many Canadians are unaware of the history of the Black community in our country. Our history classes often fail to mention the history of the Loyalists who came from the American Revolution, the discrimination and racism they faced, and continue to face. Many Canadians think of Black history and think of the Underground Railroad, forgetting that slavery did exist in the territory that would become Canada. The first Black History Month, later renamed African History Month in Nova Scotia was observed in 1988, and February was recognized as Black History Month across Canada in 1995 by the House of Commons.

About Black History Month
Historical Figures
Black History Month in Canada
African Heritage Month

Celebrating Black History 
Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard 

The Honourable Wanda Thomas Bernard was born in 1953 and raised in East Preston with her large family, 9 siblings, and at one point her mother's godchild, and two grandchildren. Her education started when schools were still segregated, but in the 8th grade, she was thrown into a non-segregated school, and forced to deal with racism from her school mates. That's not to say this was the first time she had to deal with racism, not even close.

She lost her father at a young age, so a large part of her junior high and high school years was dealing with racism on top of trying to cope with that loss. Luckily she had strong support from her community, and people around her cheering her on and helping her along the way. At 15 she chose to pursue higher education and started taking classes at Mount Saint Vincent University. Success was not immediate, she actually ended up failing out of school, but ultimately managed to get back in two years later. From there she earned a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and a PhD that was completed in England.

In 2016 she was appointed to the Senate, become the first African Nova Scotian woman to hold that position. She represents East Preston, Nova Scotia. The same year, she was appointed Special Advisor on Diversity and Inclusiveness at Dalhousie University and is the first African Nova Scotian to hold a tenure track position.

She was a founding member and president of the Association of Black Social Workers, a former member and Chair of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, and has served as a member of the National Coalition of Advisory Councils on the Status of Women. Senator Bernard has dedicated her life to champion anti-black racism, particularly in the criminal justice system, mental health, employment equity, as well as gender violence prevention, and health equity

She has received a Nova Scotia Human Rights Award, the Order of Nova Scotia, and the Order of Canada in recognition of her work.

Read Racism in Canada: Planting the Seeds of Inclusion by Senator Bernard. 

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Sources: BackstoryNS, Dalhousie, SenCanada, McGill


Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard: Anti-black racism
presentation to Halifax Regional Council - July 2020

Spring Workshops

Workshops are starting back up in the Spring! We are pleased to offer a number of 'back to basics' workshops for everyone, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Learn how to properly use Olympic and fixed barbells to train your upper anterior chain, leading to better core and shoulder stability, increased upper body lean muscle mass, and decreased injury potential.

Deadlifts are essential for a stable body, and for creating a solid training regimen. Learn the basics and advancements for this foundational exercise with Personal Trainer Tim Fleming.
Did you know? Improper squatting form can lead to injury, soft tissue damage, and chronic conditions. Learn how to perfectly execute this integral exercise.
Join Personal Trainer Tim Fleming for a workshop all about how to properly activate your glutes, how to train them, and how to avoid chronic conditions associated with weak glutes.
Learn how to properly activate and train your back muscles, for better training results and lower risk of injury.

Find out more information in our Spring Brochure!


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