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Letter from the Head of School

Dear RIS community

I would like to provide an update on our challenging AQI situation. We have seen an increase in AQI levels this week, and our air has been increasingly unhealthy over the last couple of days. We are continually monitoring the situation while also following government announcements.
There have been local fires very close to the school this week. RIS has contacted several government authorities in an attempt to stop the burning near the school. We have also worked with the fire department to keep the fire out and try to manage the smoke from those fires that have increased the AQI on campus.

RIS will follow our AQI policy and keep students indoors when the AQI is over 200.
RIS AQI Policy
Air quality is monitored locally according to information gathered from new devices on the campus. To access the school’s primary AQI sensor through the “AirVisual” app or website, please refer to the following shared code for Admin BLDG: pf9071di

Please click below for instructions on how to set up the “AirVisual” app and how to add the new RIS AQI monitor device for the most accurate local readings.
Setting Up 'AirVisual' app
We encourage all families to provide N95 masks for our students. Masks will be available in the stationery shop. All ES classrooms have air filters, and all of our classrooms have PM 2.5 air filters in the air con units. Each unit is serviced and cleaned at least once a month by our facilities department.

RIS is also hosting SEASAC Basketball & Touch Rugby this weekend with student-athletes from eight other international schools participating. NIST and BPS are also hosting SEASAC events. In regards to the AQI levels, athletic directors and coaches from the various SEASAC schools will be discussing some options and protective measures, including the possibility of having players and coaches mask up; delaying start times until after 10:00 a.m. to when the AQI hopefully improves; or decreasing the duration of games, among others. 

We will continue to do our best to keep our community updated and our students safe here at RIS.

Thank you for your continued support.

Dr. James O’Malley
Head of School / HS Principal
Ruamrudee International School

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