Our democracy is at a crossroads. From denying the election of President Biden to supporting laws that undermine equal access to the ballot box, "MAGA" policymakers and political candidates nationwide are openly attacking democratic processes. Moreover, insurrectionists who took part in the January 6th insurgence are running for office, including for state legislatures. And, rightwing organizers have set in motion a nationwide program to recruit poll workers and county election officials who believe in Trump's Big Lie. These anti-democratic trends raise alarm bells for our rights and the future of our nation — and emphasize the importance of ensuring that policymakers with integrity fill elected offices, up and down the ballot. 

These attacks on our democracy have been reported on extensively. What may be news, however, is that these same anti-democratic tactics are also being used to handcuff climate policy. 

A new report from Climate Cabinet Education demonstrates this reality starkly. It describes how gerrymandered legislatures in North Carolina and Pennsylvania have wrested power from their pro-climate governors, blocking executive actions intended to clean up the power sector and advance vehicle electrification. At the same time, these legislatures are attacking voting rights and implementing racist policies that disenfranchise youth and voters of color.
For decades, fossil-fuel-funded interests have invested heavily to sway American politics and policy. Yet, the majority of Americans across the political spectrum are in favor of clean energy and action to address climate change. Fossil fuel industries know their policies are unpopular — which is why anti-democratic power grabs are key to their path forward.

In order to protect our climate and protect our democracy, we need to build sustained power in state legislatures, the battleground for both. As the Inflation Reduction Act sends funding to states to spur the clean energy transition, this work is more urgent than ever. 

Below, you'll learn more about the new report on Climate and Democracy, upcoming events in San Francisco and Charlottesville, and more. 

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NEW Report on Climate & Democracy
Power Grab report cover
We cannot win the fight for the climate without winning for democracy.

Anti-climate legislators have worked for decades to build power at the state-legislative level and rig the rules in favor of fossil fuel interests. They introduce hundreds of voter suppression laws, they gerrymander legislative districts, and they work to undercut pro-climate governors. If you care about climate & voting rights, it's important to understand the tactics used by these lawmakers.

Climate Cabinet Education's new report "Power Grab" goes into detail about the inextricable link between our democracy and climate.
Image of Caroline Spears with Ben Wikler (WI Democratic Party Chair) and WI Rep. Greta Neubauer
Climate Cabinet was thrilled to highlight the importance of the Wisconsin state legislature with Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler and Assembly Minority Leader Greta Neubauer in San Francisco this week. 
Oct. 6th - Join us in SF and Charlottesville. 
Looking for ways to make real climate progress? On Thursday, October 6th we're co-hosting two fundraisers to support downballot climate champions. Join us in-person, spread the word, or make a donation online! 

Virginia is a leader on climate action in the South. It was the first Southern state that committed to 100% clean energy and - with an anti-climate governor - we need candidates who will push back on any rollbacks to VA's climate victories. This starts with holding the VA senate & flipping the House of Delegates back to a pro-climate majority in 2023. That's why we are hosting a fundraiser in Charlottesville, VA for Sen. Jennifer McClellan and other climate champions.

If you're in San Francisco, join us as we build support for a key California climate champion too! 
Climate is the strongest wedge issue for Hispanic voters ☀️
Poll image, showing 59% of Hispanic voters agree with Democrats on climate & energy policy, the highest of any issue area
In a new New York Times/Siena College poll, climate was the top issue Hispanic voters agreed with Democrats more than Republicans. Climate change has a tremendous impact on health and well-being, and these climate impacts disproportionately impact Hispanic communities.  

Check out this NY Times article which breaks down all the insights about this poll.

Climate Cabinet finds great candidates running for state & local elected offices that have outsized climate impact. Donate today!
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What We're Reading: "The Shocking Amount the DNC Has Given to the Dem State Campaign Arm."

"Democrats raised $0 for the DLCC to flip Republican-controlled state legislatures."

That's not a good headline. But it is the amount of funding the Democratic National Committee, the national party, granted to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), the arm focused on electing state legislators, this year. This is in contrast to the $94 million raised by Democrats to support Amy McGrath in her failed US Senate campaign against Mitch McConnell in 2020, according to the Daily Beast.

We need to be investing heavily at the state and local level if we want to make real climate progress.

Read the full article here.
Image of Climate Cabinet team with partners and candidates at a happy hour
We're feeling inspired and energized by #ClimateWeekNYC! We picnicked with old friends, climate candidates, and our fabulous partners at Lead Locally and Climate Candidates. 
Climate Cabinet in the News
Last week, our data-driven approach to tracking policy trends across states made headlines, with the release of our new report, Critical Infrastructure Laws: A Threat to Protest and the Planet

“State legislators have a lot of power over the democratic process, over people’s rights, and over climate and environmental justice decisions.” Fisher said.

Candidate Spotlight: Sarah Anthony

In 2019, Sarah Anthony became the first African American woman elected to the Michigan House of Representatives. Since then, she has championed legislation to unlock clean energy and advance environmental justice. She led the effort to create the assembly's Infrastructure Task Force, focused on sustainable planning. 

Support Sarah's re-election campaign!

Thanks for following along! 

Together, we're building a groundswell of support for local climate leadership.

- The Climate Cabinet Team

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