Today, we want to start by saying thank you.

Thank you for being a part of this cycle with us. It was our biggest yet. We researched more than 5000 races and supported 60 priority downballot candidates with fundraising and climate advisory services. These 60 candidates represent some of most critical climate races of the year. With your help, we invested early in candidates that helped to flip two statehouses — Minnesota and Michigan — and helped stop anti-climate supermajorities in their tracks in Arizona and North Carolina, held the state senate in Colorado, and built downballot power in Arizona. 

In these states, we are thrilled to welcome Climate Slate leaders into leadership positions. In Arizona, Andres Cano has been elected as leader of the State House Democratic Caucus and Mitzi Epstein as Senate Assistant Democratic Leader. In Michigan, two-time Climate Slate member Darrin Camilleri will bring his talents to the role of Assistant Majority Leader in the State Senate. This is what bench building looks like. We are thrilled to see how these champions continue to lead in office. 

We are exhausted, exhilarated, and already moving forward after last week's election. Keep reading to learn about our support for Davante Lewis, running in a climate-crucial Dec. 10th Louisiana Public Service Commission race, and our look ahead to the Virginia state legislature races in 2023. 

We are so proud of our candidates. And of being a part of this journey with you. 

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These midterm elections saw huge climate victories all across the country. We saw pro-climate legislators flip state legislative chambers and gain governing trifectas. This is incredibly important to passing bold climate policies in 2023 and beyond.

That's why we're hitting the ground running and raising money for:
  • Davante Lewis: Climate Slate candidate running for Louisiana's Public Service Commission in a runoff election. The PSC oversees Louisiana’s gas and electric utilities, as well as transportation and pipelines – so it is key to have a champion for clean energy and ratepayer protections in this office.
  • 2023 Virginia Candidates: we're throwing down to help climate champions re-take the majority in the Virginia State Legislature. This is critical for defending Virginia's climate leadership in the South.
  • 2023 Local Climate Leaders: we'll be working to elect climate mayors and city councilors to cities with key climate opportunities across the US – some as soon as April.
The best part is: new donations get matched up to $10,000! Early money helps candidates build strong campaigns. This is the moment where your money makes the most impact

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ICYMI: Big Climate Wins!
Images of climate state winners by state
Candidate Testimonial
"I have never seen the amount of support like I've seen in the last week from a national endorsement like yours. Because of the support received, we are better prepared to connect with voters and have the resources on-hand to win in 2022." - Andres Cano, Rep. AZ HD-20
Climate Slate in Leadership Positions
Image of Climate Slate candidates in leadership positions
Investing in good diverse local leadership is incredibly important. Not only can we begin to make real progress towards addressing the climate crisis, but we also build a stronger bench for the future.

Climate Slate candidates are always looking to lead their communities and several were just elevated to leadership positions in their legislatures:
  • Andres Cano was elected to head the Democratic caucus in the Arizona state House of Representatives.
  • Mitzi Epstein was elected to be the Senate Assistant Democratic Leader in the Arizona state House of Representatives.
  • Darrin Camilleri will serve as Assistant Majority Leader for the Michigan State Senate. He will be the highest-ranking Latino and first-ever Maltese-American to hold a leadership position in the Senate.
This is what building the bench looks like.
CCE: Tackling Climate Webinar
It was great to see some of you on Climate Cabinet Education's "Tackling Climate" webinar yesterday, with LCV Education Fund and The Lawmaker Network. This event equipped newly elected leaders with resources to succeed as climate champions in state and local office.
Climate Cabinet in the News 🗞
What We're Reading: "The Midterms’ Surprising Lesson for 2024: Court the Climate Voter"

In these midterm elections, "climate" was tied with "crime" as one of the top issues for voters. More and more candidates running for office are realizing that running on climate is a winning message.

Read the full article from the New Republic here.
Climate Slate image
The work of electing 2023 candidates starts now! Help climate champions hit the ground running with a donation to the Climate Slate now.
Help Elect Climate Leaders

Candidate Spotlight: Davante Lewis

Davante is a Louisiana native and long-time advocate for working communities, having worked to pass legislation to increase the minimum wage and protecting student loan borrowers. If elected to the Louisiana Public Service Commission, he will champion clean energy, green jobs, anti-corruption reforms, and prioritize initiatives that promote economic development.

Support Davante's campaign!

Together, we're building a groundswell of support for local climate leadership. Thanks for being with us.

- The Climate Cabinet Team

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