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Brock Update 3: This time a Quadtrac on wheels!
Welcome to Stock Update 3! At 4998.9 hours, if anyone wants to buy this 'Quadtrac on wheels' before the hours hit the big 5000, there’s still a good engine hour left! There’s 26 other machines to scroll through, thanks for viewing and enjoy the long weekend!
2010 CASE Steiger STX 435 HD tractor
C/w 4999 hours, rear linkage & PTO, 5 scvs, Continental 900/60 R38 tyres, Reg FJ10 TNX, see video
1999 CASE 9380 Quadtrac
2011 LEMKEN Jewel 8 VT
2018 FARMET Fantom Pro 1250 12.5m trailed stubble cultivator
C/w front & mid depth wheels, hydraulic levelling paddles, 5 rows of sprung auto-reset tines @ 190mm spacing, levelling discs, DRR double soil packer, hydraulic brakes, 450-675 hp requirement
2014 HE-VA 10.2m Swing-Roller horizontal fold
C/w 500mm / 20" breaker rings
2009 HORSCH Sprinter 4ST tine drill
2005 AMAZONE Catros 7500 7.5m disc
2011 TWOSE 10.3m rolls
C/w 22" breaker rings
2012 AW Lo-load 20t Turf Trailer
C/w front bogey, hydraulic brakes, 24ft/7.5m centre deck, 7ft/2.1m front deck, 6ft/1.8m rear deck, 9ft/2.7m deck width, 560/60 R22.5 floatation wheels
2015 HE-VA 8m Disc Roller
2008 VADERSTAD Carrier 420 Super 4.2m disc
2001 VADERSTAD RST 830 8.3m Rexius Twin Press
C/w Raptor tines, hydraulic levelling paddles
2012 McCONNEL PA 5155 5m hedgecutter
Linkage mounted, XTC joystick controls
SIMBA 6.6m Cultipress
2000 KVERNELAND PB100 6 furrow auto-reset
2015 GREGOIRE BESSON DXRV HD 4.8m Discordon
C/w 9 hydraulic auto-reset tines with new metal, auto-lube, 740mm Emopacker, ball hitch, Opico Air 8 seeder
2000 SIMBA 3.3m Cultipress
C/w rigid tines, hydraulic levelling paddles, DD rings, hydraulic rear drawbar
2009 HE-VA 4m 7 leg hydraulic folding subsoiler
BLENCH 6m hydraulic folding pigtail
2003 KVERNELAND 4m Tineseeder
C/w track eradicators, 1 owner
2011 SIMBA 4m X-Press mounted rigid disc
C/w Pro-active discs, revolving hubs, disc angling, DD Lite packer
LYNX 6m Streamline C front press
2003 KUHN HR303D / 2005 Venta LC302 3m powerharrow drill combination
1982 BRIMONT Dump Trailer / Grain Trailer
Sprung drawbar, sprung axles, auto-tailgate, removeable extensions, 445/65 R22.5 super singles
2014 GREAT PLAINS SIMBA 3m X-Press + ST Bar
C/w 5 auto-reset low disturbance tines, Pro-active discs, DD Lite packer, manual disc angling
McCONNEL 3.7m 7 leg Shakaerator
2013 AMAZONE ZA-M 1501 fertiliser spreader
2002 VADERSTAD Carrier 500 5m Disc
C/w steel ring packer, rear lights
2017 MZURI Rezult 7.5m Straw Rake
C/w Techneat Terracast Duo seeder with hydraulic fan, front discs, hydraulic tine angling
2010 LEMKEN Euro 8 6 furrow (5+1)
2013 AMAZONE Cenius 4002-2T trailed stubble cultivator
2002 VADERSTAD Carrier 425 4.25m disc
C/w cast ring packer, rear lights
2017 TEAM Alpha 1000 12m mounted sprayer
1000 litre capacity, manual fold/hydraulic lift boom
2011 COUSINS Sidewinder 12.3m horizontal folding rolls
HORSCH Joker 8 RT disc
2005 KVERNELAND CTS 4.5m Stubble Finisher
Auto-reset tines & subsoilers, Cracker Packer
1997 KUHN EL-105 Power Tiller, 105cm width
C/w front depth wheels
MISC-AG Horstine Twin Air
VADERSTAD TD400 4m Topdown
MISC-AG 10m trailed pigtail cultivator
C/w track eradicators, 4 rows of tines, 3m transport width, 4.5m transport height, hydraulic depth wheels
2007 KVERNELAND Accord 4m I-Drill Pro combination drill
C/w Q-fit tines, Cracker packer, hydraulic fan, pre-emergence markers
1999 CASE 9380 Quadtrac
2011 LEMKEN Jewel 8 VT
2014 SUMO LDS 5m 10 leg auto reset low disturbance subsoiler
C/w front discs, Multipackers, new points
2009 MASCHIO Aquila 6m Powerharrow
C/w Q-fit tines, tooth packers, hydraulic depth control
2009 HORSCH Sprinter 4ST tine drill
VADERSTAD TD400 4m Topdown
2013 NS Plus 2311 4.8m Tinedrill
C/w front cultivation tines, hydraulic fan, pre-emergence markers, due in
2016 GREGOIRE BESSON SPLMW-B9 8 furrow on-land/in-furrow semi-mounted plough
C/w hydraulic vari-width, AR8 bodies, just arrived
1999 CASE 9380 Quadtrac
2011 LEMKEN Jewel 8 VT
2000 COUSINS 12.3m Sidewinder horizontal fold rolls
C/w 22" breaker rings
2017 BROCK Sub-V 4.5m 7 leg trailed subsoiler
C/w 700mm DD packer, integral tool boxes, can be used with packer raised or with reduced packer pressure, currently set up with 5 legs
2009 HORSCH Sprinter 4ST tine drill
The following items have either come into stock or are ‘due in’ but are not yet pictured on the website:
• 11008576: 2010 HE-VA 4m Combi-Lift + Disc Roller c/w 7 subsoiler legs with hydraulic depth control, 2 rows of discs with hydraulic depth control, soil mats, steel ring packer, Combi-Lift & Disc Roller can be sold separately if required
- find out more >

• 11008585: 2013 HORSCH 8m Sprinter ST c/w Dutch Openers, Muller controller, 11750 Ha, 1 operator from new
- find out more >
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