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Change Food - Revving up for the New Year

Apologies for dropping off the radar for the past six months or so, but we're back with changes and updates - and beyond exciting, groundbreaking news.  Please read on!

Whole Healthy Group LLC

2018 saw the launch of Whole Healthy Group LLC, a for profit social impact marketing company founded and headed by Change Food founder Diane Hatz.

Whole Healthy Group incorporates the ideals of Change Food while expanding beyond food to include body, mind and spirit.

This has happened for several reasons...


Change Food works toward a healthier food system for people, animals & the planet.  Whole Healthy Group works to create a regenerative world for everyone.


Reasons include:

1.  Business is changing.  More and more for profits are becoming B Corps, incorporating social good into their bottom line. Hybrid for profit/nonprofit models are becoming more common.

2.  We walk our talk. Change Food has been exploring and highlighting the growing for profit food space, especially the influx of hundreds of millions of dollars into food tech and new food businesses.  We believe that these changes are changing the role and makeup of the food movement - and we are evolving with it.  

3.  Fundraising is a bitch.  Fundraising is hard - and takes a lot of time, which is extremely difficult for a small team of 1 or 2.  You find you're spending less time on your programs and more and more time trying to raise money.  We concluded it was taking too long to secure adequate funding to be successful, so we're exploring other options. 


The Goal

This new relationship between Change Food and Whole Healthy Group will allow Change Food to be the beneficiary of Whole Healthy Group, and that, together, both entities will become a stronger force in creating a healthy, safe, delicious, fair food system for all.  It won't solve all our funding challenges, but it will provide much more freedom and flexibility. 

We're also excited to be at the forefront of creating a for profit/nonprofit hybrid social enterprise in the food space. 


And Now the BIG News!....

Through Whole Healthy Group, Diane has been working with Participant Media since August to develop an 18-month national food campaign with the movie studio.  If you don't remember who Participant is, they're the movie studio behind Food, Inc., Fast Food Nation, An Inconvenient Truth and many other social impact films (RBG, Green Book, The Help, Lincoln, Roma - the list is endless!)

We haven't been able to share any information until now - and we're excited to announce to you first that we'll be starting our three-month pilot and campaign planning efforts beginning in January.  

And even though we aren't exactly sure yet how Change Food will work into the food campaign, we'll have a solid presence all throughout!

Unfortunately, we can't say much more right now, but, starting in January, we'll begin putting our plans into motion.  And we'll be able to share much more with you then - including how you might be able to get involved.  Participant has committed to launching a strong, wide-reaching campaign, and we'll utilize Participant's networks to bring more sponsors, partners and funders onboard.  In order for this campaign to become a longterm reality, we will need to bring on many supporters, financial and otherwise.

We're so excited and humbled at this opportunity. Yeah! 

Stay tuned for so much more!!!


Other Change Food News


Because we're currently focused on working with Participant and creating the most impactful campaign possible, we've pulled back on many of the projects we'd been trying to build/launch until we know how Change Food will fit into this campaign.

So, at least for now, there will not be (through Change Food):
  • Events, large or small 
  • Eating Real or other video shows
Also, if we go silent a little while longer, please be patient.  We'll update you here in the newsletter and through our social media as much as possible, but we might be a little slow to start because of all the planning. 

Want to invest in Change Food
and our involvement with the Participant Food Campaign?
  You can donate anytime,
and/or invest a small, monthly amount on our Patreon page ($1, $2, $5 a month)

We'll be updating our Patreon page shortly to bring it in line with the work we'll be doing in 2019.  There you'll be able to find behind-the-scenes updates on our work.
Any support is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

As the year draws to a close, we want to thank you for doing your part in trying to make the world
a better place

Please drop us a line any time.

Happy Holidays!

Diane and the Change Food Team

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