Welcome to the first Grow from Seeds newsletter.

As you may know, the education and outreach department of The Gaiety School of Acting are Coordinators of an EU Erasmus+ funded project called Grow from Seeds.

The project, which will span 3 years, is based in primary schools and its aim is to promote inclusion, diversity and improve intercultural skills among pupils. 
The methodology used to deliver this education programme adopts multiple strands of creative drama (storytelling), visual arts and performing arts.

Our partners are Gilden-Grundschule (a primary school in Germany), La Transplanisphère (a theatre company in France), Kildare Town Educate Together (a primary school in Ireland) and Plan International (children's rights agency in Ireland) and Les Fougères Le Raincy (a primary school in France).
All partners had to opportunity to meet and share their vision for the Grow from Seeds project during our first transnational meeting, in Dublin, on February 28th and 29th. Please take a look at the above video to learn more about the Grow from Seeds project.

Kildare Town Educate Together, Ireland, and Gilden-Grundschule, Germany, began testing the Grow from Seeds methodology and created their first six part "Call to Adventure" story. Pupils of Kildare Town Educate Together National School worked with Seamus and Caroline, our Grow from Seeds facilitators, to create a story while working collaboratively as a group. The class created their own story after participating in two previous workshops. The result, ‘The Cowgirls Competition’, can be viewed in the video below. 

Gilden-Grundschule went on the journey to collect stories based on the Grow from Seeds methodology. Every child created their own "Adventure Story" and performed some of the sections on stage in school. The finished story, "Kickboy and Magic Mary" was presented to partners during the second transnational meeting in Dortmund.

The Cowgirls Competition – An epic tale of sibling rivalry, told and drawn in six parts, where two sisters, Kate and Kyle set themselves a challenge to see who could race around the world by horseback the quickest and get written into the Guinness Book of Records.
Gilden-Grundschule, Dortmund, hosted the second Grow from Seeds transnational meeting on May 28th and 29th. Partners had a chance to discuss the project with local politicians, Kaan Emer from the Green Party and Thomas Bernstein from the Conservative Party, along with teachers from local schools in Dortmund.
Partners got the opportunity to hear a wonderful song created and sung by the students of Gilden-Grundschule, during our second transnational meeting in Dortmund.

Grow from Seeds recently facilitated workshops at Pantin - Courtillières Park in Paris. The event was organised by Le Labo des Histoires, a national writing association based in Paris. The workshops tested the Grow from Seeds methodology and culminated in a play performed by the participants of the workshops on July 20th. Bruno Freyssinet, theater Director of La Transplanisphère, ran these workshops. 
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