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From now on, I'm naming my Thursday emails as Thursday Vidz Tipz, a short to "Thursday VidzMak Tips", haha. (I thought it would be fun!)

Today I want to share the 5 FREE Instagram tools that will help you boost your Instagram presence even if you’re handling 2 jobs and a business, in short, you’re too busy to use Instagram!

But hey, you still need to promote your business, right?

So, let’s use these tools that will cut your promotion time in half so you can focus on the more important business-related tasks.

(These are not the usual tools that you see in every random article. The tips below are awesome and WILL help you cut your promotion time on Instagram in half, I promise!

At the end of this email, I also share how I use these apps to make my whole week free of Instagram stress!)

1. Buffer (Web/Android/Apple)
Schedule Instagram posts directly - no manual posting required

This app has become my all time favorites! I hate remembering to post every single day on Instagram - I’m not a social media geek per say.

With this app, I can pre-create whole week’s Instagram posts and schedule them in it, and it takes care of it WITHOUT my intervention at all. That’s cool, right?

Ironically, I haven’t had a chance to schedule this week’s posts so I have been hiding from Instagram this week. Ooops!

2. Preview (Android/Apple)
Plan your visual theme before-hand to “preview” how your feed will look on your Instagram profile.

Aah! I’ve been in love with this app ever since I got my hands on it. It helps me “preview” my Instagram feed theme even BEFORE I post to Instagram so my feed always looks the way I want it to be.

And I think it looks pretty good now. Have a look...

3. Tailwind
Find post-specific hashtags as you right your captions

I just found this little “hack”, and I’m loving it ever since.

If you’re looking for better hashtags on Instagram and HATE researching them manually (I know how time-consuming it is!), Tailwind is gonna be your best friend.

Seriously, it’s such a relief when you don’t have to research for hashtags for every single post.

Tailwind suggests hashtags as you write your caption and it filters those hashtags according to the categories it belongs to (in short, how "big" the hashtag is).

These are the categories: niche, good, best, and competitive.

So, a while ago, I wrote this post about how to get the maximum reach on your post by combining right proportions of big and smaller hashtags. But you had to research those big and small hashtags manually.

Now since you have this amazing tool, you don’t have to research manually anymore, but you still need to combine the right proportions of big and small hashtags.

So, if you want to increase your post’s reach on Instagram and by using Tailwind's recommended hashtags, go read this post once.

The only thing you're looking for in this post is the proportions of small and big hashtags.

Once you've got that, you just need to use Tailwind's hashtags and since it also shows you the categories, all you need to remember is this:
  • Tailwind's Best hashtags are big hashtags,
  • Tailwind's Good hashtags are small hashtags, and
  • Tailwind's Niche hashtags are post-specific hashtags.
  • You don't need Tailwind's Competitive hashtags because anyways you are going to get buried into those, but if you want to, just use 2 or 3, not more than that.

(It will become less confusing once you go through tailwind and the post I mentioned).

Even though this tool is not completely free, you can get a free month by clicking here and it’s free until you schedule 30 posts on Instagram. Since we are not scheduling our posts through Tailwind and only using it for hashtags it’s pretty much free forever! 

4. StoryArt (Android/Apple)
My favorite story app. Templates to create beautiful stories.

If you want to make your stories look really professional and branded, this is the perfect app for you.

One of the reasons why I love this app is because even though you are creating stories in a different app, it doesn’t take much of your time!

It’s easy and time-saving and the stories still look pretty! That’s something that you don’t see everywhere, right?

5. Snapseed (Android/Apple)
An awesome (and still free) photo editing app

Ok, I don’t usually post many pictorial pictures on Instagram, but I still use this app when I want to remove an unwanted object from the background, or when I want to whiten the background of my pictures.

This app really comes in handy for doing some cool editing to your photos, without learning photoshop. And it’s super fast to do all those things, once you get the gist of it.

How I use these apps altogether to save time…
  • I sit on weekends, and think about all the topics I want to cover in the next week.
  • Shoot pictures, or collect some from this stock photo site. If editing is needed, I use Snapseed.
  • Create the text-overlay images in Canva Android app. (Ooops! Another tool slipped through my tongue!)
  • Put all images in Preview, and check my Instagram feed.
  • Then, I go to Tailwind, add a random picture and start typing the caption. As I type the captions, Tailwind suggests me hashtags and according to the niche, good and best hashtag proportions as explained in this article, I keep adding the hashtags as I write my captions. You also have an option to save hashtag groups in Tailwind.
  • Then, I copy my caption and hashtags from Tailwind and paste it in Buffer and then schedule them to go out everyday.

That’s it!

All these take barely 2 hours, sometimes even less. But then I’m completely free for the whole week.


With these 5 tools, you can save your time, and still create awesome-looking valuable content for your Instagram, and still be present on Instagram. How cool is that, right?

What's your favorite Instagram tool? Do you have a more efficient way of posting to Instagram? Hit reply, I’d love to hear about them.

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There are many helpful blogging tools, but one tool that has instantly increased my website's conversion rate is a notification bar!

You don't need a fancy-dancy notification bar that peels off money from you every single month.

When you're starting out, you only need a simple notification bar that can get you subscribers to increase your conversion rates.

I use this notification bar (which is free) and it has immensely increased my website conversion rates.

This is how it looks currently on my website:
notification bar

The best part? It does not slow down my site at all!

Do you have any other efficient tools? Hit reply and let me know, I'm an "apps & tools geek" and I love to try them all!

See you soon.


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