Greetings fellow wanderers,
For a minute there it seemed like spring—we had three days of sun and nearly 50 degrees. Much of our snowpack melted and our dirt roads became comically muddy.

Luckily in the mountains we still have a solid 3-4 foot base, and the temperatures have dropped again, which means here at the yurt we have a nice layer of break-your-hip ice.

We have more winter left, though I admit I have no idea what the groundhog said. I prefer to step onto the porch in the morning in my bare feet and reassess each day.
But the brief thaw served as that gentle reminder that sugaring season is fast approaching. I am particularly excited for this year as we hope to try making maple candy for the first time—that is, evaporating past the point of syrup and into the magical realm of little blocks of glucose and sucrose that melt in your mouth and disappear all too soon.

They say “no news is good news,” but I regret to share that there was some news recently: a study found that climate change bodes poorly for the beloved sugar maple, since the Northeast’s normal snowpack helps insulate the tree’s shallow roots and, surprise, we’ll be getting less snow. Significantly less snow, in fact, by the end of the century.
Of course, sugaring season is not the only reason to be thinking about climate change. At this point it seems fair to say that everything we do will be affected in some way, if it is not already being affected.
The so-called “Green New Deal” offers some hope, if only for job creation and the economy, but the omission of developing new nuclear capacity is significant. It is a hard pill to swallow, but it seems, from the evidence, that we need to include nuclear power in the vision of a carbon-free future.
Here are a few items that have affected my thinking:
Anyway, I’ll be curious to know if you have any thoughts on the Green New Deal, or climate change, or nuclear power, or maple syrup, or anything. Drop us a line—you know where to find us.
And forward to a friend if you’d like. We’re trying to reach as many people as we can from this little yurt :)
Cheers, and charge on,
Kevin + Annie + Henry + Holly

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