Greetings from the Midwest!

I write from St. Louis, my stopover with family on my way out west for a roadtrip and ramble. I'll be gone from the yurt for a month, which means that for a month the yurt will be left to fend for itself. That's fine. The yurt is responsible and independent.

Of more concern are the gardens and plants, as we are deep into the summer season. The kale is waist high; the cucumbers are climbing. The blueberries are blue, the beans are flowering, and the flowers are bright and laden with busy bees. The tomatoes are turning yellow and red and the hemp battles only the lilies for Most Fragrant of All. And remember those jerusalem artichokes I planted from store-bought tubers? They're six feet tall!

Amid this bounty and blossom we have found shiny and destructive Japanese beetles, new pests to us this year. Most unfortunate, and so I am crossing my fingers they don't do too much damage while they have free reign.

Anyway, here is a video for a garden update so that we can compare to what it all looks like a month from now:
I've also got all these things I got excited about reading and watching and listening to. 

For instance, there's this study finding that kids who spend time in nature become happier adults. And on a related note, this podcast from Outside about the effect on us of awe in nature.

And since it's never a bad time to receive a little dose of hopefulness, especially in light of the most recent manifestation of the festering blight on our society, here's a podcast (the Ezra Klein Show) interviewing one of the organizers of the Sunrise Movement, the young people working to address the climate crisis. And this article about young people moving back to rural America.

Under "mildly interesting," you can file this article about two more young'uns in Vermont combining sheep farming and winemaking.

Other miscellany? My goodness, this General Tso's Tofu recipe. And Berkey water filters is having a summer sale. Also I like this YouTube channel called Simple Living Alaska. And finally, this subreddit trolling flat earthers by promoting the idea that the earth is dinosaur-shaped (velociraptor-shaped, to be specific).

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Hope abounds, despite the terrible,
Kevin + Annie + Henry + Holly

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