Hey hey // sunny days!

The sun is rising earlier, the days are getting longer, and that temperature in the air—it is more and more tempting to disrobe, to soak up the vitamin D after long months of deficiency. We are like ants or bees when the season comes, busily getting to work, productivity less a conscious decision than a visceral impulse, an instinct, to do, to do, to do.
You too? What are you working on?
Us? It’s a lot of work—that is, the face-to-computer, money-to-bank-account work, puffing out the pocketbook for later fun in the August sun. But the days are long enough that we’re reading and listening to plenty as we cook, as we lounge, as we steal away minutes here and there for leisure and intellectual brainy supplements.

So this week we have a few recommendations for your lengthening daylight hours. (Just here for photos? Have you seen the Instagram?)
  • A memoir about running away with a sideshow, while coping with unimaginable loss. Our friend from graduate school has a new book out with FSG. Read the reviews and buy it here. Our bias is not blinding. This is a remarkable book. Look for it on the bestseller lists soon. Seriously. This will impact you deeply.
  • A memoir from Charles Bowden about his friendship with Edward Abbey, that defendant and literary savant of the American West. The book is grumpy, and so was Abbey.
  • A new podcast called Bundyville, about those crazyass Bundys out in Nevada and what their protests and idiotic constitutional views mean for public lands in the country.
  • A podcast episode of the Ezra Klein Show titled “Is modern society making us depressed?” It’s not as much a downer as the title indicates, but it has good discussion of the importance of community for personal happiness. We think about this a lot living out in the woods.
And so, and so. Fill your time with good things this spring. Get in touch, forward this to a friend.
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