Hey hey // Wednesday!

Last week a windstorm swept through southern Vermont. Wednesday afternoon, even before the strongest winds came through, the outhouse door was stripped off (oof!). The winds only got stronger (maxing out, I think, in 70 mph gusts) and Annie was out of town, so I spent the night in fitful sleep, listening to the howl and hearing big trees crack and crash down through the surrounding canopy out in the woods, nearer than I would have liked. Maybe there was some lingering memory of our time living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, when the 2011 tornado ripped through, but this was the first time I have ever felt an acute sense of vulnerability in this little yurt of ours. But of course the dogs and I were fine.

Anyway, here's the week as told by the dogs:
"I have been cold all winter. I don't know why these people brought me here. I liked Alabama. It was hot. But spring has arrived, finally. If you need me anytime in the next six months, you can find me soaking up the sun. I might be overheating, but do not let my panting fool you. I am overjoyed."
"Is that a squirrel over there? Meh, I'll just stay here. Squirrels are fast. Oh, you want to talk about what's behind me? That's the new solar setup from PowerFilm. They're in the way of where Holly and I like to run, but they give us light at night. Light at night is magic enough to a simple dog like me. But this light comes from the sun. I don't really get it. Are we stealing the sun? The squirrel is gone now. Can I go, too?"
"Kevin's been drilling more holes in trees. Birches this time. For birch syrup. I hope I can lick the pot when he's done. Do you see that squirrel?"
Yep, the birches are tapped.

ICYMI, here's how to tap birch trees to make birch syrup.

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