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Welcome to your mid-Winter newsletter

Hope you're keeping warm. It has been a tough year and we are all looking forward to getting back to the beach and trails. 

Your CICA executive has been busy on a number of fronts over the last few months.

To start, we reached out to Mayor Bill Weber and Kevin Williams, CAO of Lambton Shores, on a number of issues. 

  1. Street lighting
    A request for additional lighting along Army Camp Rd was made two years ago.  What is the status of this project? Further, the minimal number of street lights throughout our community is a safety concern. Are there plans for installing additional lighting in Ipperwash?

    "Funding was included in the 2020 budget in the amount of $38,000 for various safety and intersection lighting projects, including this one.  Originally the project was planned to be simply completed by an electrical contractor, however, because of the complexity of installing an actual service for the lights and the layout plans required by Hydro-one, it has necessitated us engaging the services of a Professional Engineering firm. Once the design, and ultimately an approved layout from Hydro One is obtained the construction can revert back to an electrical contractor.
    There are no plans to install additional lighting beyond this project."

  2. Design Plan
    What are the next stages and timelines for Ipperwash?  Our understanding is, the Information kiosks that were purchased and they were to be installed this summer. What are the additional budget items for Ipperwash such as trail beautification or playground equipment that we can share with our membership?

    "The information Kiosks have been purchased with the plan being to have them installed at the time of the sidewalk installation at Ipperwash/Parkway.  The construction will include a new sidewalk from the MNR lot to the top of the hill on Ipperwash. The sidewalk will be bordered on the MNR side with large amour stone to function as a small retaining wall for the sand, and as a ledge for pedestrians to sit on. In addition the parking lot on the other side of Ipperwash Road will be excavated back to the property line and again, armour stone will be installed to create a definitive edge to the parking. This will also create deeper parking spaces and allow more room for pedestrians. The existing community sign on the corner of Ipperwash and Parkway will be replaced with a new kiosk incorporated into the new sidewalk. The design work is done and the project will be tendered before the end of the year with construction starting once weather permits in the spring.   There are 3 signs…the corners, Arbour Acres, the end of Army Camp.  There is no trail or playground project planned.  The playground is contingent on access to the crown parcels and that access continues to be denied."

  3. Sidewalk/ bike paths along East & West Parkway Dr
    Parkway Drive is used daily by pedestrians in Ipperwash, year round.  Often these walkways are covered with sand making it very difficult to cycle or walk especially with strollers/wagons and impossible for wheelchairs without people using the traveled portion of the roadway. This is also dangerous for motorcycles cornering in close proximity to pedestrians. Further, rain saturates and pools in these locations, creating temporary new hazards. Again making it impossible to navigate and forcing residents to walk on the road which becomes a safety issue as you can imagine.

    "We will work out a more frequent sweeping schedule for next summer, although there will always be times that the wind will have blown sand back in."

  4. Garbage containers
    Many residents collect garbage daily left on roadways and along the edge of the water in Ipperwash. It is important that there be garbage containers accessible year-round.  At a minimum, the three road accesses to the water should have multiple containers to assist with garbage capture. When can we expect these?

    "Year round garbage cans cannot be adequately maintained.  For sure last year was not good with the associated problems at the MNR lots.  That said, we agree that we can place more receptacles on a seasonal basis."

  5. Crown lands

    1. Confirmation of communications with Infrastructure Ontario with Lambton Shores pertaining to the crown lands in Ipperwash.   

    2. We would also like to confirm any formal steps taken by Lambton Shores to ensure preparedness for potential opportunities of stewardship and/or ownership of any or all crown lands in Ipperwash.

      "I have previously shared the information I have. Communications with IO continued throughout the summer as demonstrated by getting action on maintenance of the parcels.  MLS has requested a delegation with the Minister of Infrastructure at the January meeting of Rural Ontario Municipalities to further support our position that we should be considered as the next steward of these public lands.

      What is the status of what was the boat launching at Army Camp Road and the shoreline? This year unlike other years it was pretty much impossible to launch a boat due to the big chunks of concrete and chunks of trees in the way. Plus I did not see grading done closer to the water. We did observe a contradiction in signage. Near the water there is a municipality sign stating “boat launch only”. Then at the corner of Army Camp and the Parkway the signage arrow for boat launch points down the Parkway towards Ipperwash Road. Are we, who have cottages off Army Road, expected to use only the boat launch at Ipperwash Road?

      Water levels and erosion affected the slope and landing area that has previously existed where road meets water.  The signage was installed in an attempt to minimize conflict between folks trying to launch boats and folks from using the area as a beach.  Although none of the 3 road allowances are technically boat launches, the best suited and defined area is the one at Ipperwash Road."

      Kevin Williams
      Chief Administrative Officer
      Municipality of Lambton Shores


We recently sent out a survey in regard to the disposition of the Crown Lands. We received more interest from you and non-CICA members than any other topic in our history.
We had 525 responses, which demonstrates how important this topic is to all of you.
Our members, along with the other respondents, treasure what the area offers:  access to a wonderful beach and the additional access to nature offered by the trails.
An overwhelming majority of you wanted to see the lands either owned or managed by some form of public government or Authority.
The vast majority of the respondents also do not want any non-public group to gain control of the lands. Access to the lands and beach was of prime concern and importance.
Privatization and or development whether commercial or residential were opposed.
Numerous suggestions for public or public interest groups were mentioned on who could best control the lands:  Lambton Shores, the Province, MNRF, the Conservation Authority were the top choices.
CICA is going to approach the various public bodies with these results and will work toward finding a solution that preserves access to what the area offers.  As things develop, we may send out additional surveys on focused topics.  Many respondents, for example, indicated that charging for parking in at least some of the lots would be an acceptable way to support continued access or, perhaps, improvements.  As ideas develop concerning the use, we’ll keep you informed and ask for feedback.

A more detailed report of the survey is available for CICA members, here.

 Crown lands UPDATE 

Stage 1 and 2 of the Infrastructure Ontario (I/O) disposition process has concluded of and an update has been provided.
[Read more about next steps for the crown lands in Ipperwash]

CICA has been in constant contact with stakeholders of this process and will continue to monitor to keep our members and community informed.

MNRF Stairs Leading to Beach

Due to the erosion and storms, some of the stairs leading to the beach were damaged and or in an unsafe state.  We reached out to Infrastructure Ontario to see if they could repair them.

They sent their crews out and closed off two of four sets of stairs for safety reasons.

They have assured us that weather permitting the stairs will be repaired and reopened. We will monitor this and remind them if needed.

Virtual Information Evening - March 24, 2021

Centre Ipperwash Community Association is pleased to invite you to a virtual information evening on March 24 th Thursday at 7.00 p.m. The topic will be water levels in Lake Huron and strategies to prevent erosion of the beach.Our guest speakers will be from St. Clair Region conservation Authority. Jessica VanZwol and Emily DeCloet . The presentation will be 30 minutes with a 15 minute question and answer period following the presentation.Come and meet your Centre Ipperwash Community Association executive and find out what we have been up to over the winter. Hope you can join us for this informative evening. We have limited capacity for this event so please sign up early.
[Sign Up Here]


Fair Electricity Pricing
Hydro One Networks has written to all 147,649 seasonal class electricity customers to explain how they will be moved to one of the three residential density-based classes. The notice includes Hydro One's estimate of your average monthly electricity use over the past 12 months, in kWh, so you can compare your new estimated rate at the same consumption level. 
It is the approximately 78,000 seasonal customers moving to the Low Density (R2) class that will see the largest bill impacts, with total bill increases of up to 100%. The seasonal rate class may be eliminated as early as January 1, 2022.

1. Check your notice, and if you think your classification is incorrect, call the Hydro One Networks Customer Service line: 1-888-664-9376. Areas with 100 or more customers, and at least 15 customers for every kilometer of power line used to supply energy to the zone, are intended to become "Medium Density" but FOCA has already heard of cases where the designation on the Notice was incorrect.
2. Contact your MPP
Although the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is an independent public agency, FOCA encourages everyone to contact their Ontario Member of Parliament to provide first-hand feedback to our politicians about the negative impact of this change on your household budget. More than 1,200 actions have already been undertaken by you and your fellow waterfront property owners, including:
  • emailing the MPP of your seasonal property 
  • calling the MPP of your seasonal property (speaking notes provided) 
  • emailing the MPP of your permanent residence.
It only takes a moment to input your address and use the online software to automatically find your MPP. We have provided a template message to make it quick and easy. (Pro tip: customize the subject line and first paragraphs to ensure your message gets read!) 
Join over 1,200 other concerned citizens and take action, here:
FOCA continues to post background on the subject, here: Electricity webpage

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