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It’s odd the things that you remember.

I remember the house where my brother and I spent many of our growing up years. I remember Fairview Elementary School two blocks from home and walking there to school. I remember the small brick grocery store where sometimes we would stop on our way home from school in the afternoon – the open cooler with a block of ice floating in the center and how you would reach down in the cold water and grab your favorite brand – maybe a root beer or a Grapette. Or the spring afternoon walking home from school hearing the haunting piano music coming through the open window of the neighbor’s house – was it someone playing or just a phonograph record?

Or the programs you would watch with your family on the black and white TV. One was the Loretta Young program. A beautiful woman, well-dressed, she would begin each show with a short introduction. One night she began with a question, ‘How would you describe yourself?’ Maybe by the work you did, or maybe your family, or your country – there are various ways you could describe yourself. Maybe how you describe yourself says a lot about how you think of yourself.

And then the story. I don’t remember anything at all about the story that night. But I do remember that at the end of the program she walked out again to talk to us, her audience, about the story – and to sort of answer the question with which she began the program, ‘How would you describe yourself?’

She said one way we could describe ourselves would be as a ‘child of God.’ What a strange answer I thought to myself at the time. Yet I’ve never forgotten her answer.

I’m glad Fr. Carey asked Chuck Holeman to share a little bit about the EFM program. You will recall he gave the homily in our June 10th service. One of the things he said when he spoke to us that morning, “I have this firm belief that we were all created in God’s image…each of us is a child of God…”

Obviously how we understand who we are – and how everyone else we encounter, who they are – has a great deal to say about how we will try to live our lives – and how we will treat others.

How would you describe yourself?

Richard Robertson

Insurance Check 

We received the check this week from the insurance company for $93,952.08! We will now be able to pay off the debt owed to the diocese for $60,299.11, $60,000 principal and $299.11 interest. We give thanks for our Bishop, Mary Jane Hodges of the diocese and the dedicated parishioners of St. Luke's, who helped in the effort to provide documentation and logistical support to see this through. Thanks be to God!

Vestry Meeting

There will be a Vestry Meeting Tuesday, July 17th at 6p in the Adult Classroom.

Birth Announcement

Congratulations to Paul and Stacia Walker! Elena Josephine Walker was born on June 26th at 10:24 am. She weighs 6 pounds 7 ounces and is 19 inches long.

St Luke's Clothes Closet

As an outreach ministry, St. Luke's opened a clothes closet this past February in the former art room in the lower level of the main building. We are open from 10:00 to 12:00 on Tuesdays. Our room is stocked with donated clothing for infants through adults, household items, shoes, backpacks, purses, toiletries, suitcases (when available), and various odds and ends. Most of our clients are referred from Park Hill Christian Church but the word is spreading throughout the community. We served 20 clients this past Tuesday. It has become necessary to limit our visitors to one visit per month and only 4 items per person. Our clothes closet in not associated with any government agency or nonprofit organization. If you wish to donate items, please put them in the tub located just outside the door of this room. (We also need large sacks with handles.) If you have any questions, please call Nancy Crow at 412-3865.

 Choir in Summer

The Choir has officially gone into summer mode.  This means that there are no weekday rehearsals until August.  If you’ve considered joining the choir, but aren’t ready to make the time commitment yet, this summer would be a good time to come in and “try us out.”  We meet at 9:30, in the choir room, to rehearse simple music for the service.  If you’d like to learn more, come talk to Rees after the service. 

Family Promise

We are in need of volunteers for the week of July 15 when St. Luke’s and Park Hill Christian hosts families.  Help is needed to prepare meals, serve meals, host in the evening, and host overnight.  If we can get enough volunteers to help serve meals and serve as evening hosts, then, we can have other volunteers just prepare meals and drop off the meals.  If you are interested in helping in any way that week, please contact one of the coordinators: Nancy Crow, Jeannie Fry, John Rhodes or Tom Simmons.

Feast with Friends

Pop up dinners have begun. We have nine Hosts so far.  What is so comfortable about pop ups is that you can have one, two, three, fifty guests.  Many people wanted to host in the past but had room for only four at their table.  As a host you provide the main entry and coordinate what will be brought by those invited.  Where and when you have your pop up breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner or picnic is up to the host.  All I ask is that the host: 1) takes into account who has already participated in another pop up (I will send the host a list of past participants); 2) sends me a list of who attends (participants can be from within and outside our church); 3) takes photos to post in our St. Luke’s Facebook page.  In reality this can be done year around.  If we had 20 hosts willing to host once during the year we could have enough dinners for everyone to attend one.  There is no dead line to sign up.  Just call Barbara Rhodes and let her know what month you want to host.



Soles for Souls

The Clothes Closet is need of shoes, especially athletic and children. There will be a bucket in the narthex the next few Sundays for your convenience. Thank you.

Camper Letters

Send a letter to a St. Luke’s Camper! Try to mail no later than the listed date, to ensure campers will receive their mail in time.

Primary, Mail by July 6:
Emily Stone

EKC and EYC Announcements

Our Breakfast Club is taking a break for the months of June and July, but have no fear- we still have some fun planned! Check out below our nextt Meet-up.


Surprise! You have been Flocked by one of your friends, as a fundraiser for EYC Camp Mitchell Scholarships!

Don’t despair…This is a fundraiser by St Luke’s EYC. A friend has paid us to place these pink darlings in your yard. This flocking is done in good spirits and is not meant to be mean. These flamingos will nest in your yard 2-4 days! You now have two options: pay to remove the flamingos or pay and relocate the flamingos to another lucky person. Again, thank you for your sense of humor and support.

St Luke’s EYC

$15 donation removes the flock

$20 removes the flock & relocates to a friend

$25 flocking insurance to protect your home from the flock

If you are unable to donate at this time,
contact us to remove the birds at no cost.

To arrange for a flocking, a flocking removal,
or for flamingo flocking insurance
Molly 501.912.8313
Dawn 501.258.0125

Outreach for the Homeless

Donations of 36 cases of bottled water were delivered between RiverCity Ministries and St Francis House. Again both were greatly appreciated. RiverCity stated they were completely out at that time. Let's keep the donations coming during this hot weather. Donations of personal care items, bleach and detergent and diapers are also needed. Riverity stated they need donations of towels, hand towels and wash clothes during the hot weather. At the present time donations of used pill bottles are no longer needed.
If the need arises in the future we will advise.

If you have any questions please contact Tommie Williams or Don Wood.


Pastoral Care

If you know of someone that is in need of pastoral care, please contact the church office.

Update Your Info

We want to ensure that you get the most up-to-date information regarding ministries and worship opportunities! We need to update our current address book in order to do so. We have created a simple form for you to fill out, which will automatically save your data in a secure spreadsheet. Click here to be redirected to the form.

Prayer List

Anne Gontermann, Helen Snipan, Betty Miller, Louis Jenkins, Gloria Holst, Kailyn, Marilyn Gay, David Martin, Steve Fanning, Jill Cox, Gene Cox, Jennie Martin, Carle, Paula Kalina, Becky Simpson, Mary Schultz, Sarah, Betty, Lindsay, Sarah Keeler, Annie Lea Shuster, Quentin, Vicki Bennett, Kevin Quinn, Sharon Fry, Ross Traa, Megan Rice, Dianne Shewmaker, Billy Wortham, Lois Waller, Rhodes Family, Pat Loomis, Abbie Parsons, Lorene Means, Startz Family, Sally Tarpley, , Bill Shepherd, Ashley, Izac Bellot, Lisa Waits, Gene DeLisa, Alex Flippin, the Neals, the Parkers, the Tafs’, Ashley Block, Missy Griffin, Sara Rains, Randy Henard, Josephine Wrenn, Donald and Sydnie Upjohn

Special Concerns: For all the men and women of our Armed Forces, especially Justin, Joshua, Tim, Matt, Doug, Brian Mahoney, Brian Mennes, Frank Tate, Alex Schimelpfening, David Liem, Justin, John Landis,
Lucas Kunce, David Jackson, Ryan Riggins, Rhase Riggins, and Derek Caro.
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