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The following article is by noted spiritual writer and Catholic priest, The Rev. Ronald Rohlheiser and I commend it to you for reflection.

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The great prophets taught that God favors the poor and that consequently we will be judged, judged religiously, by how we treat the poor. The prophets coined this mantra (still worth memorizing): The quality of your faith will be judged by the quality of justice in the land; and the quality of justice in the land will always be judged by how orphans, widows, and strangers fare while you are alive.

Orphans, widows, and strangers! That’s scriptural code for who, at any given time, are the three most vulnerable groups in society. God not only makes a preferential option for the poor, but God is in the poor. How we treat the poor is how we treat God.

This is very apropos today in the face of the refugee and immigrant issues we are facing in the Western world. Millions upon millions of people, under unjust persecution and the threat of death, are being driven from their homes and homelands with no place to go and no country or community to receive them.

As Christians, we may not turn our backs on them or turn them away. If Jesus is to be believed, we will be judged religiously more by how we treat refugees than by whether or not we are going to church. When we stand before God in judgment and say in protest: “When did I see you a stranger and not welcome you?” Our generation is likely to hear: “I was a Syrian refugee, and you did not welcome me.”

This might sound naïve, over-idealistic, and fundamentalist. The issue of refugees and immigrants is both highly sensitive and very complex. Countries have borders that need to be respected and defended, just as its citizens have a right to be protected.

Admittedly, there are very real political, social, economic, and security issues that have to be addressed.  But, as we, our churches, and our governments, address them we must remain clear on what the scriptures, Jesus, and the social teachings of the church uncompromisingly teach: We are to welcome the stranger, irrespective of inconvenience and even if there are some dangers.

For all sorts of pragmatic reasons, political, social, economic, and security, we can perhaps justify not welcoming the stranger; but we can never justify this on Christian grounds.

Not welcoming stranger is antithetical to the very heart of Jesus’ message.  - Ronald Rohlheiser

The Deacon's Dirt

Where do we find wisdom?

We hear a lot of words, there are experts without number – yet where do we find real wisdom?

Surprisingly maybe on page 3D of Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Monday morning (July 9, 2018).  For that’s where I read Sharon Randall’s column, “Do your best, be kind, and [the]rest falls into place.”  I recommend you find it and read it even if you have to retrieve Monday’s paper from the trash.

“We never need to search for conflict. It will always find us. But to understand and resolve it, we need to begin by finding peace within ourselves and offering it to those around us. Here is how we can do that.”

And Sharon Randall offers some excellent thoughts.  Especially in these days I encourage you to read her column.


Richard Robertson

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There will be a Vestry Meeting Tuesday, July 17th at 6p in the Adult Classroom.

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St Augustine Society

Join the young adults (20s/30s/40s) for a Grill & Chill Cookout on Saturday, July 14, 6pm. Hot dogs & all the fixings will be provided. BYOB and a side to share! Ashley, Molly, & Daniel will host at their home, 707 Jefferson Street in Jacksonville. Questions? Email Molly 

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School Supply Drive

 The St. Augustine Society is continuing our evangelism efforts by hosting a ‘Back-to-School Ice Cream Social’ on Saturday, August 11. In addition to hosting our own students and teachers, we will be reaching out to families from Amboy Elementary School and other NLRSD students/teachers. Our goal is to invite folks in for a final summer sweet treat, and send them home with supplies for the new school year. (…& information about our church and ministries!) There will be a drop-box in the Parish Hall through August 10, and we would appreciate any of the following items for the children: Pencils, Spiral Notebooks, Pocket Folders, Loose Leaf Paper, Crayons, & Safety Scissors. For our special teacher supply table, the following items would be appreciated: Pencils, Dry Erase Markers, Copy Paper, Ink Pens, Sticky/Post-It Notes, Disinfecting Wipes. If any ministry group would like to make a monetary donation for us to purchase needed items, please contact Molly Higginbotham. A big thanks in advance to St. Luke’s for helping us minister to the students and teachers within our walls and beyond!

St Luke's Clothes Closet

As an outreach ministry, St. Luke's opened a clothes closet this past February in the former art room in the lower level of the main building. We are open from 10:00 to 12:00 on Tuesdays. Our room is stocked with donated clothing for infants through adults, household items, shoes, backpacks, purses, toiletries, suitcases (when available), and various odds and ends. Most of our clients are referred from Park Hill Christian Church but the word is spreading throughout the community. We served 20 clients this past Tuesday. It has become necessary to limit our visitors to one visit per month and only 4 items per person. Our clothes closet in not associated with any government agency or nonprofit organization. If you wish to donate items, please put them in the tub located just outside the door of this room. (We also need large sacks with handles.) If you have any questions, please call Nancy Crow at 412-3865.

Family Promise

Looks like we are all set for the coming week!  Thanks to all that have volunteered to help host starting this Sunday, July 15. Our guest families will be in the parish hall through Sunday morning,
July 22
nd at 7:00 a.m.


Feast with Friends

Pop up dinners have begun. We have nine Hosts so far.  What is so comfortable about pop ups is that you can have one, two, three, fifty guests.  Many people wanted to host in the past but had room for only four at their table.  As a host you provide the main entry and coordinate what will be brought by those invited.  Where and when you have your pop up breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner or picnic is up to the host.  All I ask is that the host: 1) takes into account who has already participated in another pop up (I will send the host a list of past participants); 2) sends me a list of who attends (participants can be from within and outside our church); 3) takes photos to post in our St. Luke’s Facebook page.  In reality this can be done year around.  If we had 20 hosts willing to host once during the year we could have enough dinners for everyone to attend one.  There is no dead line to sign up.  Just call Barbara Rhodes and let her know what month you want to host.



Soles for Souls

The Clothes Closet is need of shoes, especially athletic and children. There will be a bucket in the narthex the next few Sundays for your convenience. Thank you.

EKC and EYC Announcements

Our Breakfast Club is taking a break for the months of June and July, but have no fear- we still have some fun planned! Check out below our nextt Meet-up.

It’s time for a summer check-in!

We’ll meet in the Parish Hall this Sunday, July 15 at 10am for donuts before the 10:30am service. We’ll be discussing our reschedule date for our end-of-summer trip to 3rd Realm & Larry’s Pizza as well.


Surprise! You have been Flocked by one of your friends, as a fundraiser for EYC Camp Mitchell Scholarships!

Don’t despair…This is a fundraiser by St Luke’s EYC. A friend has paid us to place these pink darlings in your yard. This flocking is done in good spirits and is not meant to be mean. These flamingos will nest in your yard 2-4 days! You now have two options: pay to remove the flamingos or pay and relocate the flamingos to another lucky person. Again, thank you for your sense of humor and support.

St Luke’s EYC

$15 donation removes the flock

$20 removes the flock & relocates to a friend

$25 flocking insurance to protect your home from the flock

If you are unable to donate at this time,
contact us to remove the birds at no cost.

To arrange for a flocking, a flocking removal,
or for flamingo flocking insurance
Molly 501.912.8313
Dawn 501.258.0125

Outreach for the Homeless

Donations of 36 cases of bottled water were delivered between RiverCity Ministries and St Francis House. Again both were greatly appreciated. RiverCity stated they were completely out at that time. Let's keep the donations coming during this hot weather. Donations of personal care items, bleach and detergent and diapers are also needed. Riverity stated they need donations of towels, hand towels and wash clothes during the hot weather. At the present time donations of used pill bottles are no longer needed.
If the need arises in the future we will advise.

If you have any questions please contact Tommie Williams or Don Wood.


Pastoral Care

If you know of someone that is in need of pastoral care, please contact the church office.

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