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Swisscom Blockchain Academy in Vienna
Another great and instructive training has just ended at Swisscom Blockchain Academy last months! Our participants had the opportunity to deep dive for 2 whole days in seven major DLTs protocols including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, IOTA, Ripple, Libra, Stellar and Hedera Hashgraph. Our next scheduled events are in February and May next year, so mark your calendar now and save the date! More information here on the February session and the May session.
Blockchain Architecture Training is too advanced for you? No worries, we deliver on-site trainings for a wider audience with our Blockchain Foundation Trainings. The next ones are in November, January, March and May.
Swisscom Blockchain Academy landed in Vienna! Our Fintech and Blockchain experts shared their views on Blockchain applications and solutions to some of the most prominent innovation leaders in the banking industry. The event organized jointly by Swisscom Blockchain and ISN – Innovation Services Network was a great opportunity to connect with Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG who plays a central role in the Austrian economy.

Blockchain Architect Training
17. - 18. February | 09:00 - 18:00 | Zurich, Switzerland

Here is our brand new Blockchain training course for experts!

Designed by Swisscom Blockchain engineers, this training is aimed at technology engineers, software architects and developers who want to deepen their knowledge in Blockchain architecture and DLT protocols. Latest topics such as Blockchain for DevOps, how to benchmark DLTs and major Blockchain protocols analysis among other subjects, will be explained to the participants during this 2-day session. 

Discover the training agenda:

Struggling with decentralized identity wallet? We are working on a solution for you!

Swisscom Blockchain strongly believes in the potential behind decentralized identity. That is why we invested a lot of time to internally create a strong know-how in this fields in order to try to take an active role on the development worldwide. In the past year we provided two main projects based on Hyperledger Indy: one in the pharma industry and one in the retail space. Currently our Identity team is involved in various initiatives such as, an SSI protocol build on top of the NEO Blockchain, an Identity Think tank. These will take place next year with a broad range of key players in the Identity space.
More interesting news are coming up in the space of enterprise identity management.
The big news we'd like to share with you today is that, during our path in the identity space we realized that there was a lack for a specific service which is necessary to completely fulfill the SSI vision.
That is why we started to build up an internal solution. The name is not defined yet but for simplicity reasons let's call it "MYSELF HUB" for now.
MYSELFHUB is a cloud agent for decentralized identity which supports different protocols in the space of self-sovereign identity and allows users to manage and control their decentralized identity simply with REST API. Anyone is entitled to have its own "alive" (24/7) cloud agent which acts on his behalf in the digital world (implementing agent to agent capabilities), and allows you to control the incoming requests (accept credential, share credential) simply within every web or mobile application (edge agent) built on top of our cloud service. Like that you can create your edge agent and connect it to MYSELF HUB easily by deciding where to store your credentials (in the edge wallet or in the cloud wallet) and leverage the secure agent-to-agent communication layer provided by MYSELF HUB infrastructure.
Right now MYSELFHUB is capable to support Hyperleder Indy protocol and DID method and it can be easily connected to multiple private Indy instance (and Sovrin too). It is enough to upload the genesis block of that network (one component of MYSELF HUB has been released open-source and contributed as a possible improvement of the Hyperledger Aries project!). On our roadmap we already have a list of additional protocols which we are going to support. Thanks to the SSI standards out there, most of the them require the same type of integration and our architecture is ready to provide multi-tenant support.
MYSELFHUB it is a horizontal component that can play an important role on providing a set of out-of-the-box capabilities to companies which are already leveraging SSI technologies but are struggling with the complexity of managing the security of the user wallet. Especially the off-chain, asynchronous, agent-to-agent protocol.
Blockchain and Digital Assets - Foundation Training
27. - 29. January & 23. - 25. March | 09:00 - 18:00 | Zurich, Switzerland

Start with a solid understanding of blockchain and crypto fundamentals. If you are not sure about what makes a blockchain unique, what tokenized assets are or how smart contracts differ from a lawyer's contract, this is the right course for you.

Find out more about this training here:

Corporate Training

We work with a wide range of corporate clients too. From top tier banks to pharmaceutical conglomerates, Swisscom Blockchain Academy has delivered trainings to +500 participants at a national and international scale.
What are you waiting for? Contact us now and speak to one of our Academy managers. Hand in hand, we will structure and design a tailormade training that will suit your needs from a technical perspective or consultant standpoint.  

Meet our team members

Noah is a mediamatic and a part of the multimedia team. He leads the design team and is responsible for design assignments and marketing activities.

Prior to his apprenticeship, he completed his upper secondary school with a second degree and began his apprenticeship at Swisscom AG in summer 2017. Noah is now in his third year as a mediamatic and has a year to go before completing his training.

He always has a great interest in technology and design. He knew from an early age that he wanted to work in this industry. In November 2018 he started a project as a video creator at Swisscom Blockchain and took over the design team in July 2019. Noah is expected to lead the design team until the end of January 2020, when a new Swisscom Blockchain apprentice will take over.

When Noah joined the team, he came with the goal of promoting Swisscom Blockchain's YouTube channel. With the help of various videos about the Blockchain industry and promotion videos for the Academy Trainings, he has made the YouTube channel roll with the help of the multimedia team.

Feel free to contact Noah, if you want to learn more about our YouTube Channel or to collaborate with us:

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