Hej everyone! It’s been a while. I know we’re all agreed that this has been one intense year! 

Carl and I have been locked away at home since the pandemic began, in our own self-imposed isolation. In the past, we traveled a lot, tending to go somewhere basically every month. This October marks us being home in Sweden for one full year, for the first time ever! It’s been interesting. We’ve been focusing on a lot of creative projects and in getting to know the land better. We’ve taken several little day trips and a few overnight trips to various islands around Stockholm, as we live in the midst of an grand archipelago, which has been lovely. 

Over this summer, I wrapped up my new book Scansion in Psychoanalysis and Art: the Cut in Creation, forthcoming from Routledge. It is scheduled to be released on November 17, 2020, and is available for pre-order!

We’ve also recently released our albums Switching and Mirrors via Bandcamp, music created from poems from my first book of cut-up poetry Switching Mirrors, which has recently been published in paperback, available wherever you love to get your books online! 



There are still a couple copies of the special deluxe edition of Switching Mirrors that comes with a limited edition signed print, which I would be happy to collage on for you so that it becomes a one of a kind original work of art! You can order one HERE from Trapart.

Trapart is having a HUGE SALE right now where prices on everything are slashed! We recently downsized Trapart headquarters so we’re clearing out as much as possible. I even put all my original art on sale so you can grab a large collage of mine for only around $100! I’d love for one of my pieces to find a happy home in your home.


The bulk of my time online is spent creating content for our patrons over at Patreon. I really enjoy the more intimate setting and the feedback from the community. Every New and Full moon, Carl and I release another chapter of the book we are writing together titled The Exquisite Corpse for our 10 & up patrons. We take turns writing chapters, and I’ve been integrating cut-ups into the story. This is my first time writing fiction and I am loving it. I’m inspired to write my own Burroughs-style adventure once this project comes to fruition. I’ve also been collecting together poems to be compiled into my second book of cut-up poetry, inspired by the release of the Switching Mirrors paperback. Patrons get sneak peeks and behind the scenes looks at these creative processes and works in progress, as these various projects come together. We also post a monthly playlist of the music we've been listening to for all our patrons!

For our 23 & up Patrons, we have Magic Mondays every week, where Carl and I share our various magical practices and how we integrate magic into our daily lives. 



Last year, around Yule time, we sent out a specially crafted gift to our 23rd Mind & up patrons, complete with personal photos and a CD created especially for this occasion, compiling tracks from our various albums + many unreleased tracks. Currently we are beginning to conceptualize the next 23rd Mind Yuletide CD. So if you want in on this, be sure to join us over at Patreon!

Once we reach 69 patrons, we’re going to create our own 23rd Mind zine. We talk about this on the latest episode of 23rd Mind TV. We’ve just released the 6th episode of 23rd Mind TV, which you can view at the Trapart Film YouTube channel. 23rd Mind TV has been made possible by our Patreon patrons, so many thanks to our patrons! In this episode, we discuss the multitude of projects we completed this summer, as well as review some fantastic work our friends are creating. Check it out!

I have been SO busy with Rendering Unconscious podcast in recent months. Rendering Unconscious reached 100 episodes! And now is up to 115! My 100th guest was Andrew McLuhan, grandson of Marshall, who founded The McLuhan Institute and is working hard to further the McLuhan legacy as The Medium is the Message more now than ever. 


I’ve also been a guest on some other wonderful podcasts, including Dr. Robert Beshara’s Kimetic means of production, Projections Podcast with Mary Wild and Sarah Cleaver, A Healthy Mind with Dr. Katherine Marshall Woods, and Art Matters UK with Ferren Gipson.



My poetry was set to music and turned into an album called Mothertripcutups by Musiconceptime, and I collaborated with Douglas Lucas for Sound 23. Also, Carl and I contributed a track We crossed over to the compilation Pandemic Response Division curated by Michael Esposito, as well as the original mix of Unconscious Sexuality to a comp by Hidro Recordings. 

I’m sure I’m leaving some things out from the past couple of months, but that seems like enough for now! Will try to be in touch again before the year is through. In the meantime, stay in touch through Patreon and social media! Here are links to my website, twitter, instagram, facebook, as well as Highbrow Lowlife, Trapart Film’s YouTube channel, and Trapart Books, Films & Editions.

See you in the digital sphere!














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