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       This Thanksgiving we found so much to be thankful for that we couldn't even fit all the gratitude in one day.  Rising to the top of our list, though, was you!  We are so grateful to you, our friends and neighbors, who make all of this farming and food possible.  We rounded the mountain at the back of the farm on our gratitude walk on Thanksgiving day and, as I looked out over the hills and valleys to the north of us, I was deeply moved by the exquisitely beautiful patchwork of wild lands, community, and agriculture that color our landscape.  How we shape the land around us is an expression of the people who inhabit it and I feel blessed to call this gentle, abundant, and well-tended landscape my home, where farms, people, and the wild ones are deeply supported.  

       Thanks to all who joined us at our Thanksgiving Market a week ago Sunday.  This was our second year of hosting this fun and festive community gathering and it was a beautiful way to mark the transition between fall and winter, celebrate a year well travelled, and to celebrate one another.
Will, Mo, and Maggie mulch our garlic crop,
while Tim and Gus salivate over the cover crop that is just out of reach.
       In this week's share, in addition to all the winter staples, we still have an abundance of greens.  Primarily we have lots of kale, but you may find some lettuce, Swiss chard, and other green surprises in the share.  

       I'd like to offer my apologies for any confusion around popcorn in the share thus far.  There will be popcorn offered as part of the winter share, but at the moment, the popcorn on display in the farm store is available for purchase to any customers, but is not included in the winter share.  We usually wait until the fresh greens are no longer available (and for more popcorn bags to arrive at the farm) and then we'll bag some up to include in your winter share.

       As you may have noticed, our egg price has increased recently.  This is a direct result of feed prices increasing.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.
Maggie, Land, and Tim spread hen bedding on a hayfield.

Harvest Report

Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Beets, Parsnips, Kohlrabi, Celeriac, Turnips, Rutabaga, Daikon Radishes, Cabbage, plus kale and other greens.

Recipe of the Week: Roasted Kohlrabi

courtesy of our dear neighbor, Hillaree Haberle

4 kohlrabi bulbs (or 1 of the big ones from this year’s crop)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced (or garlic powder)

salt and pepper to taste
1/3 cup Parmesan cheese (optional)

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Peel kohlrabi, and slice into 1/4” pieces, and cut in half if you want smaller pieces.  Toss in olive oil, garlic, salt, and d pepper. Spread onto a baking sheet in a single layer. Bake until browned (about 15-20 minutes).

You can remove from the oven and eat as is, or sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top, and put back into the oven for about 5 minutes.

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