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      After lots of anticipation, we finally got a start on logging last week. Though we only spent a few hours in the woods and got just a handful of logs out (ok, maybe a giant's handful, not a human handful), we somehow managed to lose a horseshoe somewhere in the forest.  Hopefully it will turn up when the snow melts.  Thankfully, our farrier, Randy, was able to come promptly to the rescue and just happened to have one of Tim's old shoes in his shed from about a decade ago, believe it or not.  Without winter shoes, the horses wouldn't get very far one the snow and ice.  Worse yet, they would likely wipe out and could really hurt themselves.  Thanks Randy!
Our beloved farrier and CSA customer, Randy Heminger,
changes a flat tire on a foggy, soggy morning as Tim stands patiently.
       Last Friday we got enough rain to swell the river and wash out all of the ice that had been forming on the banks over the past several cold weeks.  At first this seemed like a real blessing as we were previously unable to cross the river with the horses and wagon because of the treacherous conditions.  However, after a few hours of clear-flowing water and an unobstructed river crossing, an ice dam from somewhere upstream broke free and flooded the river with giant icebergs, some as big as the area of a small car and about 18" thick.  It was quite a sight - a constant ribbon of icebergs bobbing and crashing into one another, knocking over saplings on the riverbanks as they went.  

       As expected, a healthy dose of these huge icebergs eddied out in the river crossing, which now looks like a 10-car pile up!  Needless to say, we will not be crossing the river any time soon.  Instead we spent a couple of hours yesterday ferrying a recent delivery of farm supplies over the bridge by hand.
       One upside of all the rain last week was, naturally, puddles!  Ok, maybe puddles in February aren't inherently exciting, but when they freeze into gorgeous skating rinks, right here on the farm, now that is exciting!

Harvest Report

Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Beets, Parsnips, Celeriac, Kohlrabi, Turnips, Rutabaga, Daikon Radishes, Cabbage.

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Recipe of the Week

~ Roasted Celeriac soup ~

Thanks to CSA member Donna Wang for contributing this scrumptious recipe!  Just click and cook.


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