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       Hello Winter CSA Shareholders.  This week is the first week of our winter share distribution, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 16th.  Please read the information below, even if you have been a member in past winters, to get all of the important details on how this works.  

       In addition to your winter share allotment this week, you are invited to come to our 
Thanksgiving Market, this Sunday, November 21st, right here

       We will have more of our own winter share veggies and greens for sale as well as squash and sweet potatoes, collards, chard, spinach, and possibly parsley.  Like last year, the CSA lawn will be full of local crafts people, farmers, herbalists, and artisans selling their wares.  Stay tuned for more information on this special event!


The Scoop on Winter Share
       When?  You are welcome to come any time, starting Tuesday, November 16th.  Produce will be restocked every two weeks (though ideally nothing should run out in between re-stockings).  We invite you pick up veggies at a steady interval of every other week.  We'll have veggies available through March.  Come day or night - really, any time.

       The important thing is to SIGN IN on the clipboard inside the winter share walk-in cooler, on the table to your left, EVERY TIME you pick up vegetables.  This helps us all keep track of how many times you've come.  Your allotment is 10 pick-ups total.  That said, if it's more convenient for you to come on a different schedule, say only once per month rather than twice per month, and to take two pick-ups worth of veggies, that's fine.  Just be sure to sign in for two pick-ups-worth of veggies on the clipboard.  Half share members in particular often find this schedule works well for them.

       Where?  Winter share pickup is inside the walk-in cooler in the back of the CSA barn - shown to you when you came for your squash and sweet potatoes.   The light switch is outside the door.   To open the door again from the inside, when you're ready to leave, just PUSH the knob until the door opens.

       How?  Please bring your own bag.  Our regular season CSA share bags work great, but other bags can work just fine too.  When you come, just head straight through the farm store to the walk-in cooler in the back.  If it's dark, there are light switches just inside the sliding doors on your right when you first enter the barn.  When you get to the walk-in cooler, the light switch is just next to the door handle on the outside.  (Just above the light switch is a digital thermometer.  Don't worry, the switch has nothing to do with temperature control in there).  You'll find all of the veggies in your share available inside.  The metal shelving unit on the left is back stock for the farm store, so nothing on the metal shelves is part of the winter share.

       How Much?   Your allotment each time is 6 pounds total for a half share, and 12 pounds total for a full share.  There is a scale that you can collect your veggies on and then transfer them to your bag.  Please weigh the total amount of produce you select all at once, rather than weighing veggies in bits and adding them up in your head.  

       There may be limits on some items, so please read the signs as you select your produce, just like regular share.

       The weight limit applies to all of the root vegetables and cabbage.  For the first pickup or two there will likely be some combination of leeks, lettuce, and kale in the share.  These items, to the right in in the walk-in, in green crates, are a bonus on top of the roots and do not need to be weighed and counted as part of your allotment.  

       Anything Else?   Please remember to turn off the lights and make sure the door closes fully when you leave.   The walk-in cooler door should latch closed on its own, but occasionally it doesn't.   If the cooler door is left ajar, all of the produce and back stock for the farm store could freeze and be ruined.

       The farm store is open for self-service year round, so you can shop when you come for your veggies, or any other time.

       We'll send you a newsletter every other week with farm news and recipes.

       Please email us at with any questions, and enjoy your veggies!

              ~ David and the crew

Harvest Report

In the Share: Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Beets, Celeriac, Turnips, Rutabaga, Watermelon Radish, Daikon Radishes, Cabbage. 

Bonus this week: Kale, Leeks, Lettuce, and, believe it or not, Peppers!


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