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       Spring greetings!  I am happy to report, on this fourth day of April, that the birds are singing, the greenhouse is greening, and we are tilling the soil once again.  No matter how many times it comes around, Spring never ceases to amaze me.  And with all respect to the scientific facts of the matter, the birth of spring, to me, is first and foremost a miracle!  This season of possibility, hope, and potential is a gift to humanity and to the wild ones alike, as we move together in the epochs-old ritual of embracing the return of the sun.  Chirping, sowing, sprouting, hatching, greening, tilling, toiling - all in faith that earth will yield sustenance enough, once again.  

       The crew gathers to bless the seeds and to honor our ancestors, both recent and ancient, who have carefully cultivated their relationship with these plants on our co-evolutionary journey.  We are privileged to sow and reap for a few brief years on the continuum.  

       And to think of the bushels and tons and wagonloads of produce that might grow from these two small boxes of seeds!

      State of the Farm Update ~ Last Fall we shared with you about the state of the farm, transitions, changes, and our financial health.  This winter we've done some deep analysis, research, and lots of thinking and we've received valuable guidance and input.  

       We're excited to share more in our next newsletter.  Stay tuned!
        Ramps push up through the leaf later, among a few of last year's
seed stalks that stood through the winter.

       Summer CSA ~ We are expecting to begin Summer CSA distributions on the first or second full week in June.  We'll be in touch with more information for CSA members as the vegetable season approaches.  If you are planning on having a CSA share with us this year, please make sure you have paid your initial deposit and are familiar with our CSA Membership Agreement and CSA Member Handbook.  

       Winter Share Members ~ At this time all 10 pick-up windows are over, but you can still make up any weeks you may have missed.  Veggies will be available in the walk-in cooler until Easter Sunday or until we run out!

       Community ~  Starting Friday, April 8th, excess winter root vegetables will be available for purchase to all.  The veggies will be located inside our walk-in cooler, towards the back of the CSA barn, and prices will be listed per pound.  All produce purchases should be entered into the checkout device at the counter in the farm store under "Natural Roots Produce" --->"Custom Amount"

       If you would like anything in 25# bags, please email us.  These roots crops will be available for as long as we have any left!

       Spring Cleaning ~ I am VERY excited to announce a long-awaited, and long-overdue, big farm clean up project.  Thanks to apprentice Caralyn's exuberant passion for cleaning and tidying, we've been prompted to rent a large metal recycling dumpster to fill with decades worth of accumulated, unusable farm equipment and other odds and ends.  

       We'll get paid by the metal recyclers by weight, so the more we can fit in the dumpster, the better.  We expect that we'll have room in there for your scrap metal as well, so if you'd like to donate your metal junk to help raise money for the farm, while doing some spring cleaning of your own, bring it over and toss it in.  Just remember, this is for metal only!
Tim, Land, George, and Gus do some spring cleaning too - tilling in last year's crop residues in preparation for a fresh soil-building cover crop.

Harvest Report

Root Vegetables Available:  Potatoes, Cabbage, Beets, Carrots, Parsnips, Celeriac, Turnip, Rutabaga, and Daikon Radishes.

Austin and Tim get acquainted in the round pen, where Austin establishes himself as the 'herd leader' using natural equine communication.  Tim voluntarily (thankfully!) follows Austin's lead, setting the stage for
successful dynamics in the year ahead.

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