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10/31/2019 Vol 2 Issue 10

Election Day is next week, on Tuesday, November 5th. Thank you for all the work you have done!

There are great Democratic candidates for you to support. This local election is very important for Upper St. Clair.

Find your polling place:

A Message from Our Ward 3 Commissioner Candidate Tyler Gellasch

I am Tyler Gellasch.  I am running for Commissioner for Ward 3, and I ask for your help. 

Our government exists to protect and promote the welfare of its community. When our governments tax and spend, they establish our priorities. 

The most important question any government official can ask is how they can help you. What are the priorities the USC Township Commission is setting? Are they yours? 

My Commissioner has never asked me what I care about. Or how he can help. But after talking to so many of you, I’ve learned that it isn’t just me. Many of us have never met our Commissioner. Or if we have, we somehow never got around to discussing our priorities, and how the Commission does - or doesn’t - reflect them. I am running to change that. 

November 5th is an important election. Come join our effort to ensure that our Commission better reflects the priorities of our whole community. 

Meet Our At Large Commissioner Candidate Andrew J. Zahalsky, M.D

  • Resident of the Pittsburgh area for 17 years
  • Resident of Upper St. Clair for 6 years - Values the Community
  • Married with 4 Children - Values the Family
  • Respected Oncologist - Values People
  • Co-Owner of a Real Estate Management Company - Experienced in Township Planning and Preserving Property Values
  • All 4 Children are in the Public School System - Knows that the Quality of our Schools is also Key to Preserving Property Values
  • Coaches a Middle School Robotics Team - Values STEM Education
  • Tax Payer - Knows the Value of Money and Opposes Tax Increases
  • Dr. Zahalsky believes in good governance, with equal protection for all people under the law, and that laws should be applied fairly.
  • Dr. Zahalsky believes that politicians should be moral and trustworthy, but that the American ideal of Liberty should prevent the government from legislating morality for others.
  • The truth is important, as is thinking through the impact of all legislative actions.
  • Above all, Dr. Zahalsky strives to follow the directive: "Do not do unto others as you would not have them do unto you."

Meet Tom Duerr, Candidate for County Council

Tom Duerr grew up in Bethel Park as part of the generation of people who are moving out of Southwestern Pennsylvania because the quality of life and opportunities afforded to past generations aren’t what they used to be.

While his sister and many of his peers left, Tom came home after attending Pennsylvania State University with the intent to work on shaping his community into one that retains and attracts people.

Since coming back to the region, he has led voter outreach efforts during electoral wins in the last three election cycles. During that time, Tom spoke to thousands of voters spread across Southwestern PA while working with the Clinton, Lamb, and Iovino campaigns. Talking with these constituents and working with these candidates, Tom gained tremendous insight into not just how to be an effective candidate and elected official, but also a better understanding of the issues facing the people in the region. Property taxes are too high, employment opportunities are fleeting, infrastructure is crumbling, and landslides are commonplace because the climate is changing.

Tom’s work spans four counties, urban communities, rural communities, senior citizens, young adults, upper class, and working class. Tom has a better understanding of the issues that the people of Southwestern PA face today than any other candidate.

Tom is running for County Council because it’s his opportunity to make a positive impact on the community that made him the person he is today.

Loyal, hardworking, and passionate, Tom Duerr is the type of person Allegheny County Council needs to advocate and fight for the people of Bridgeville, Bethel Park, Mt. Lebanon, & Upper St. Clair.

Get Out the Vote

Looking for volunteers on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5th!

Join fellow USC Democrats and participate in our

GET OUT THE VOTE campaign. We will be calling Democrats in the USC community to remind them to get to the polls before they close. We will meet on Election Day from 2:00 - 6:00 PM at a central location. Bring your phone and a laptop. We will provide the phone list! One hour or four, whatever time you have to volunteer will help us to get voters to the polls to support our local Democratic candidates.

Please contact Jodi at for more details!!!!

Election Night Celebration

Tyler Gellasch is hosting an Election Night Celebration at the The Yard at the Galleria from 7:30 to 11:00 PM.

Meet, Greet, and Eat a Huge Success!

In addition to beautiful weather, the Upper St. Clair Democratic Committee hosted a wonderful social to meet our Democratic candidates.  Candidates and Elected Leaders included Rich Fitzgerald, Congressman Doyle, Tom Duerr, Dr. Andrew Zahalsky, Tyler Gellasch, Bethany Hallam, Mary McGinley, and Stephen Zappala. Possible future candidates included Sabrina Koebel, Billy Caye, and Sharon Guidi.  Allegheny County Chair Eileen Kelley commented that USC Dems had a marvelous event!

The event was a success because of
  • Committee people who donated money when the Township refused to allow us to charge or solicit donations including a basket raffle!  We thank you for your generous support
  • All those who donated food and children's coloring books, crayons, balls etc.
  • Committee members who came at 9:30 a.m. to set up and cleaned up after: Deb Allen, John Laukaitis, Bernie and Jason Fincke, Fran Campbell, Terry and Blaine Aiken, Jody McClelland, Jess Vishner and Kate Mazzocco
  • Members who made the homemade pierogies at Deb Allen's home
  • Darcy and Paul Battista (Mt. Lebanon) who set up the 19th Amendment display including cake and straw vote; Linda Binek (Mt. Lebanon) who donated a basket and Sean McCurdy (Moon Township) who donated a door prize.
Many thanks to our $200 sponsors:  Rich Fitzgerald and Theresa Avick.

And finally, thank you to all those who came to our Meet, Greet, and Eat.
The next committee business meeting will be Tuesday, 11/28, at the McLaughlin Run Rec Center at 7:00pm.

1770 McLaughlin Run Rd, Upper St. Clair, 15241
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