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8/30/2019 Vol 2 Issue 08

Canvas Kickoff Event

This year’s election is all about personal connections. Join Tyler, Hemina, and Andrew plus State Senator Pam Iovino, County Council candidate Tom Duerr, and your neighbors for some coffee, donuts, and canvassing. Tell your neighbors why the Democratic Candidates will lead Upper St. Clair into the future as only a fellow neighbor can.

Everything you need to get started will be ready and waiting for you.
  • Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT
  • 3332 Brookdale Dr, Upper St. Clair
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Picnic & Candidate Meet and Greet

All are welcome at the USC Democratic Committee Picnic Saturday, October 27 from noon to 4:00pm. Along with the food and fellowship, this is a great opportunity to meet candidates for local and county offices.

A Safe Start to the School Year

Hemina KrishnaBachia

Security and safety are important responsibilities for the Upper St Clair School Board. 
Through participation in the township's Police Academy, and the district's ALICE school safety training I learned a few techniques to keep our families safe.   
Below is a list of a few suggestions I found helpful:
  1. Add USC emergency number in your cell phone contacts: 412-833-7500.  Dialing 911 may route the call to a different location before call is dispatched to St Clair. In an emergency, every minute makes a difference.
  2. Prominently display your house number using large numbers.  Make it easy for emergency personnel to locate your home.  If an emergency occurs at night, switch on all the lights in your home including outdoor lighting.
  3.  In an active shooter situation, such as a shopping mall, evacuate if the shooter is not in close proximity.  When escaping, do not run in a straight line.  It's difficult for a shooter to hit a person running in a haphazard manner.
  4.  If you are near a shooter, use every possible means to interrupt the shooter.  Throw shoes, books, or any other objects to stop or delay the shooter.
Our USC school security team and township police have a very good working relationship and collaborate closely to keep our children safe.
School Board carries a great deal of responsibility.  If elected, I will work hard to represent our children, our families, and our community.   
Meet & Greet
Be an informed voter.  Meet Hemina on Sunday, September 15th at 2 p.m. in the private room at Panera Bread, in the Galleria Mall.
Call to Action  
Remember to block your calendar and vote on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019!
Hemina KrishnaBachia
Candidate for Upper St Clair School Board
Facebook: Hemina4USC2019

We Need Your Help!

Steve Nance

November 5 is election day.  There are three Democrat candidates running for Upper St. Clair offices: Tyler Gellasch for Ward 3 commissioner, Andrew Zahalasky for commissioner-at-large, and Hemina Krishnbachia for School Board Director.   All three face difficult races.

We are seeking volunteers to help with their campaigns.  The number of volunteers will determine our campaign strategy and success.
  • There are nine USC school board directors, currently all are registered Republicans.  
  • There are nine USC Commissioners, currently eight are Republicans.
  • Democrats and Independents make up more than 50% of the USC registered voters.

There are lots of ways to help: canvassing, driving canvassers, phone banking, post card writing, etc., and MONEY.

It is likely that fewer than 20% of the registered USC voters will turnout for the upcoming election.  We can win by contacting and informing our fellow neighborhood democrat and independent voters and encouraging them to vote.  Each of these elections will be decided by a few votes.
Campaigns cost money.  We need yard signs and door hangers, social media sites, etc.    Your donation of a few dollars (or more) makes a big difference.

Through your efforts we recently elected a Democrat to congress (Mike Doyle) and to the PA senate (Pam Iovino) as well as a Democrat Governor and Lt. Governor.

If you are interested in joining the team, then please contact me by email ( or phone 412.854.3795.  

We need your help!  Volunteering for a few hours or even a few minutes makes a big difference.
The next committee business meeting will be Tuesday, 9/23, at the McLaughlin Run Rec Center at 7:00pm.

1770 McLaughlin Run Rd, Upper St. Clair, 15241
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